And So It and He Goes

  It was inevitable that this would happen.  Yesterday Matt Latos was DFA’d.  In case you don’t know what that means….”designated for assignment” means they made room for someone else on the roster, that someone being Carlos Frias who was on 60 day DL.   He can fit in as a starting pitcher, relief pitcher or anything else.  Apparently Latos asked for a meeting with Mattingly, Honeycutt (the pitching coach) and Andrew Friedman.  He has been less than happy about how things were.  I think that everyone was less than happy about how HE was.  He was supposed to be the economical 4th pitcher that was obtained before the trade deadline.  He was so bad that he was sent to the bullpen.  From the bullpen, he lost the 16 inning game by allowing a homerun.  That was the final straw.

I kept thinking that the Dodgers needed to do something like maybe put him on DL.  How could he be so bad if everything was ok physically.  They kept putting him out there just to humiliate him even more.  I started to feel sorry for him.

But apparently he was not the most popular pleasant guy in the clubhouse.  During the last few days of the regular season when it already is tense, it  isn’t the best thing to have a malcontent in the locker room. Latos was not the most popular guy in his last couple of organizations. The Dodgers in the past have not dealt well with those who cause strife among the guys.  I won’t bring up any names but we all know who we are talking about. 

I wish Matt Latos the best of luck but not with the Dodgers.  It was never a good fit.  

The remaining games will have to be all about our aces Kershaw and Greinke.  Donnie will be using 4 starting pitchers for the remainder of the season:  the aces, Brett Anderson and Alex Wood.  Hopefully they won’t be worn out by the postseason when even more, every game counts.  It does help that we have the top contenders for the Cy Young.

The magic number is 10.

Thanks for stopping by.  WordPress seems to be working today.  Sorry about yesterday.  I was able to add a few pictures to yesterday’s post but it took hours.  GO DODGERS!!!

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