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A Few Thoughts

I’m surprised that Yu Darvish has not been signed yet since he was purported to be the top free agent pitcher. He may go to the Twins who need him but I still have my hopes that the Dodgers can get him back. Fans still blame him for Game 7 of the World Series but the offense in that game wasn’t the best either. The Dodgers had a great season with all players contributing. This coming year will be even better.

Adrian Gonzalez has signed with the New York Mets. I know he’ll be happy there since he will be able to start. We’ll miss him though.

Fan Fest is just a week away. I’m having some issues printing up the tickets but am able to pull them up on my Ballpark app. Maybe that’s what they want.. to totally get away from paper. Everyone should try to go since it is a free event. Not sure who will be autographing but my guess is that Puig definitely will be there. Justin doesn’t usually take part so I don’t see it being any different this year. I’m hoping to see Trayce. I have new tee shirts with number 47 and his name. Hopefully he doesn’t change the number again. He is taking part in the Dodger Community Caravan which takes place the week after Fan Fest so I’m hoping he’ll again be part of the autograph sessions.

With Fan Fest and the Dodger Caravan so close, that always means that Spring Training is also just around the corner. We are going to games a couple of weeks earlier than usual so it shouldn’t be as hot. Last year it was horrible. I can’t stand the hot weather especially when there is virtually no shade. I already have my plane ticket and my hotel room so I am committed. No turning back. Rumor is that Camelback has put in shady areas. Hopefully that isn’t just a rumor. I spent a lot of time trying to find a respite from the stifling heat. The main draw of Spring Training is the batting practice before the game. It still is cool since after all it’s only 9:00AM. It’s actually the first real look at the players.

Here’s a few pics from Spring Training 2017.

Thanks for stopping by. As baseball season gets closer, I’ll be writing more. Thank you for all your support during the season. It makes my blog worth writing.

Just Thinking

Spotted in LA area is my all time fave Matt Kemp.

With him are Magic and Kenley.

and who is this at Dodger Stadium? Still considered trade material but a girl can dream!!

Seven years ago with Donnie.

I still have high hopes that Yu will sign with the Dodgers. I wish everyone would stop thinking he was the sole reason that the Dodgers didn’t win the World Series. Come on!!!

I can’t believe that Spring Training is right around the corner!! Where did the time go?

Don’t forget Fan Fest coming soon. Congrats to Joc and Kelsey on their recent nuptials.

Don’t hold your breaths anymore. Arbitration eligible players all have one year contracts: Wood, Joc, Kik√©, Cingrani, Yaz, and Fields.

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Forty days until catchers and pitchers report to Spring Training.

Nineteen days until Fan Fest.

When will the guys finish vacationing and getting married to start working out and getting ready?

Those who have tied the knot: Justin Turner, Joc Pederson, Ross Stripling, Alex Wood. Lots of partying and celebrating.

Who’s ready for baseball?

Winter Meetings

So here comes the fun part. The Winter Meetings. We’ll see what the Dodger owners want to do. I didn’t think that there would be a lot of action as far as acquiring any big stars. The key is to NOT disrupt the chemistry that the Dodger team have. Stanton or Ohtani would have been huge distractions. The owners are not stupid. The Dodgers have a great team already. I could never understand why teams who did well chose to trade everyone except to get rid of big salaries. The Yankees needed Stanton because even with big guy Judge, they couldn’t get to the World Series. And the Angels took Ohtani knowing about his bum elbow. They also got nowhere even with super star Trout. It takes more than one player to get a championship. The Dodgers are a team without huge stars, a team who actually like each other.

I think that probably they will be looking for some relief pitching. Brandon Morrow is gone. Yu Darvish may still be signed by the Dodgers. There are a lot of rumors going around that he was tipping off his pitches during the World Series. That could explain his fall from grace. I heard that it was due to the slick World Series balls. Well whatever…that’s water under the bridge. Not sure whether our injured SP’s will be back. Congratulations by the way to Scott Kazmir on the birth of his baby boy. That was under the radar. Also congratulations to JT and Kourtney who are now honeymooning in Dubai. Interesting choice of destinations. From Cabo to Dubai.

It’s almost Christmas…Fan Fest is just around the corner. Mark off January 27 on your calendars. Hope to see everyone there.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays everyone.


Next wedding up is JT and Kourtney. She finally gets a ring on her finger!! The wedding will take place in Cabo. So far Ross Stripling and Alex Wood have gotten married this off season. Next will be Austin Barnes and Joc Pederson.

Last word on Stanton is that he wants to go to either the Yankees or Dodgers. He doesn’t want to go to a team who is still going through the re-building process. I don’t blame him. It must be frustrating to be all-star caliber and yet not be on a winning team. Who knows what Ohtani wants. He’s been meeting with every team and still hasn’t given an indication of the team he really wants to go to. Stay tuned.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. To me, it’s still only off season.

Thanks for stopping by!! Congratulations again to Mr and soon to be Mrs. Justin Turner. Love you both.

Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day

Saturday was Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day.

We go every year just because. I had to work the night before and the night after the event so I knew I would suffer for it. but I really didn’t want to miss out. There are always pictures and a self guided tour.

It was a nice day…not too hot so I was already happy about that. I was planning on treating for food but I inadvertently forgot my debit card and money when I changed my phone wallet.

It was just as well because the sodas were $9 and the cheeseburgers were $8. I’m not sure how much those awful cheese nachos were but probably in the same price range.

We had pictures taken with the Western Division trophy and Silver Slugger trophy.

Donna, Norma and I go to most of these events together. We always seem to have a blast.

I ran into Sammy Wong..the guy in charge of all the special events. He is one of my favorite people. Hi Sammy!!

There were already quite a few fans there.

They were handing out pictures at the special event check in. Only one per couple. What if you didn’t have a plus-one? You get half a picture?

The grass which I’m used to seeing in better condition looked pretty sorry.

We had pictures taken at 2nd base.

We then went to the visitors dugout. That was a different experience.

We went on the self guided tour.

It’s always fun to check it out again.

The inside batting cage

The Dodgers workout area

The sports medicine trunk

My lonely seat waiting for baseball season to begin again.

Left field pavilion. It really is a long way from here to home plate. Puig and Joc make it look so easy. The wall towers over us.

Views from inside the bullpen. It’s fun seeing what the relief pitchers are doing during the game….graffiti on the wall.

We left after only a couple of hours. I was hoping to get a little nap before I had to go back to work. It was worth going. I had hoped to do a little shopping since there was a pretty good discount. Everyone got a 20% discount and with our MVP card, there was 20-30% more off. I didn’t see anything I wanted. There were no kids or baby clothes, no key rings or pins. There also were no World Series apparel. I had forgotten my debit card anyway. I really didn’t miss it.

We always enjoy the special events because it seems like such a long time until baseball season. The next event is Fan Appreciation Day on January 27. Hope to see everyone there!! It’s free to everyone with free parking.

I hope you are having a great off season. Happy Holidays to everyone. Thank you Amanda for helping us out with the tickets to the event since someone (ME) didn’t print them out on time. I appreciate everything you do for us.

I got a new charm for my necklace. Do you see the little blue heart? It’s right next to the LA. Of course..that’s where my heart is..since I do love the Dodgers.

This week we should find out if the Dodgers will be lucky enough to acquire either Stanton or Ohtani. I have my fingers crossed. I know everyone was down on Darvish because of his performance during the World Series but it all had to do with those slick World Series balls. It’s hard to throw a slider. Ok ok kill me with those anti-Darvish comments. I still like him no matter what negative comments you throw at me. It appears that the Padres are the favored team for Ohtani and the Giants are the favored team for Stanton. Our rivals.

Congratulations to Ross Stripling and Alex Wood on their recent nuptials. Coming up soon…Austin Barnes and Joc Pederson.

Thanks for stopping by!!!