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The Good and the Bad

The Dodgers were back in town again on Tuesday. We were happy to see them again after a long road trip to the far reaches of Mexico. They returned licking their wounds as they have so far this season. They’re minus Clayton and Corey. Add Yasiel and Hyun-Jin to those out and it certainly spells disaster.

The day was really nice…it was already shady. The Dodgers were on the field stretching, tossing balls and batting.

Matt must have noticed my “The Matt is back” shirt. He gave me that side-eye, not really looking, look.

Not sure what I think about Kike’s pants. Maybe they’re Mariana’s.

Add those popular leggings that they wear, it’s a different look for sure. Whatever it is, it seems to make him effective at the bat.

So the day started out pretty well but it went downhill from there. It was a good day for my friend Cindy and then it wasn’t.

Take note of the jacket she is wearing. Someone stole it. Cindy had left it at her seat and forgot it. She went back to get it and it was gone. Later on guest services Lisa told us that some guy with 2 kids had claimed it was his. Lisa had her doubts but let him take it. How can someone steal something with his kids watching.

At the dugout, Ross stopped to talk.

So did Austin. He gave me an awesome smile. He took a selfie with Cindy as he had promised. Thank you Austin.

Isn’t this one of the cutest selfies you’ve ever seen?

I told Justin that my son had just returned from deployment and he gave me a big grin and told me to tell him welcome back and thanks for his service. Justin is wonderful.

And then the most wonderful thing happened. As Walker Buehler went into the dugout, he tossed his batting gloves toward Cindy. She bent to pick them up and a nasty fan hit her face and tried to grab the gloves. Seriously….why hurt someone to get something that wasn’t even meant for you? I was upset. I couldn’t get over what happened. I never can understand these “fans” who will step on kids, knock them down, and cause bodily harm to others just to get a ball or to get close to the players. Get over it.

Cindy gave me one of those precious gloves.

Alex Verdugo or Dugie as I like to call him took a selfie with me

Good to see a couple of my favorite people.

And Dugie added his autograph to my ball. I almost forgot to tell you.

Not sure why I only took one picture of the food. Here is the Korean beef lettuce wrap which was absolutely delicious. I think Crystal was distracting me.

I took a shot of a group of guys who happened to be posing for a tattooed guy. Of course the tattooed guy threw insults at me like “Oh your lens is dirty.” I’m sure my picture was better than the one he took. I just don’t understand people who have tattoos all over their faces. How do they get a job unless they are tattoo artists?

Cindy and Valerie

One of the nicest photographers around. Aha tables are turned.

I almost missed seeing Yasmani walking out to the field. He must have wondered what was wrong with me.

Oh there she is. He is so unaware that I’m taking his picture.

Rich…who didn’t have such a good game after coming off DL.

Matt kept giving me the side-eye. He definitely saw my tee shirt….I think.

He had his hair in braids. National Anthem time

LAPD chief Charlie Beck, always a friend of the Dodgers, threw out the first pitch. Maybe he should have kept pitching.

It’s Suuuuueeee!!!!

Here comes Rich and Yasmani.

First pitch. The first inning went badly. Paul Goldschmidt walked. AJ Pollock hit a 2 run homerun. 0-2. The Dodgers were already behind. I settled in for a long night. Steven Souza whom we would hate later on, singled to center but thankfully was left on base.

In the bottom of the 1st inning, Chris Taylor walked

And stole 2nd on a wild pitch. He got a little dirty for his effort.

Dugie was called out on strikes. I kind of like this picture tho.

Matt Kemp singled driving in Chris Taylor. Uh….what did you say? 1-2. Everyone was left on base with Joc grounding out.

In the 2nd inning, Nick Ahmed walked but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, the Dodgers were out in order.

In the top of the 3rd inning, Chris Owings hit a solo homerun to center. 1-3. Steven Souza singled to left and went to 2nd on a Rich Hill balk. We all groaned. Just what we needed. Everyone was left on base.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Yasmani did what he does best.

Bamm…..he hit a solo homerun. 2-3.

In the top of the 4th inning, Ahmed singled and then John Ryan Murphy hit a two run homerun. 2-5. David Peralta singled but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 4th inning, Matt was able to hit a single but was left on base.

In the top of the 5th inning, Souza walked, Marte walked with Souza going to 2nd. Souza was caught stealing 3rd base but ran Max Muncy down in the process.

It was a dirty play. We were all upset. Cindy said she realized why I hate the D Backs so much.

The guys were all angry but no one started a brawl. Maybe that’s what everyone needs. A good clearing-the-field incident.

In the bottom of the 5th inning Tim Locastro walked and Dugie singled.

Yasmani also singled scoring Tim Locastro. 3-5.

Cody doubled, scoring Dugie. 4-5.

I don’t know how many D Back mound visits there were but there were many.

I wonder if they’re telling secrets.

Although the Dodgers got close, the Dodgers would still lose the game in 11 innings. I stuck it out until the 10th inning. The Dodgers are not known to win in so many extra innings and i made the decision to leave. I heard on the radio that Yimi allowed a 3 run homerun in the 12th. So glad I left. Final score was 5-8.

On Wednesday, the Dodgers again face the D Backs. Why are we always playing the D Backs? I can’t stand them. Our Alex Wood (Yes, I’m wearing your jersey Alex!!) 0-3 (through no fault of his own) ERA 3.83 faces Patrick Corbin 4-0 ERA 2.15. Geeeeeez. I have my fingers crossed the Dodgers turn this all around.

Thanks for stopping by. Poor Cindy. We’re going to keep our eyes out for that man who stole her jacket. GO DODGERS!!! Wednesday is Justin Turner bobblehead day. I dread it. I hate bobblehead days. So crowded and it brings out the worst people. Fingers crossed that nothing else happens to poor Cindy. See everyone soon.

Oh Well!!!

After the great no hit game on Friday, the loss on Saturday was a cruel reality check. The bullpen again tanked. Out came Josh Fields who seems to allow batting practice for the opposing team. Rich Hill is still having finger problems so won’t be pitching on Sunday as expected so Ross Stripling will be on the mound instead. That took him out of the bullpen. That left only Josh Fields and Dan Hudson to lose the game, giving up the lead in the 6th inning. It’s become a sad fact that the bullpen loses games.

Hopefully the Dodgers can beat the last place Padres in the final game of the 3 game series in Mexico. They return to Dodger Stadium on Tuesday to face their foils, the D Backs. It will only be a 2 game series but both Colorado and SF are on 4 and 3 game winning steaks perspectively so the Dodgers could be left far behind. Ross Stripling, coming out of the bullpen, will start against Eric Lauer who will be making his 3rd major league start.

Thanks for stopping by. Go DODGERS!!!

Walker Buehler’s Day On

Rewind back to Fan Fest 2018. January, 2018. Walker Buehler…the Dodgers number one prospect. Not sure at this point how good he would be. My first impression was that he was very polite. Definite plus in my book. Second impression was that he looked like he was still in high school.

Fast forward to Friday in Monterrey Mexico. He pitches a not-hitter going into the 7th inning. Manger Roberts has no qualms pulling pitchers out of history making games to assure a Dodger win. But history was still made. It was a combined no hitter, the first in Dodger franchise history. It was also only the 12th in MLB history. And this was the needed boost that the Dodgers needed on their comeback trail.

Dodger started out the road trip 11 games behind those D Backs. Everyone thought that the Dodgers would sink into oblivion. Then they were able to divide the series with the number one D Backs. Shocker. What is going on?

History was made on a rainy evening in Mexico. Bad news had followed the Dodgers, the last being the loss of pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu with a horrible groin injury that would put him out until after the All Star Break. He had been actually the Dodgers number one pitcher. News had just broken that shortstop Corey Seager would be out for an indefinite time with that dreaded Tommy John surgery. The bullpen had tanked on a number of occasions. Puig was out with hip problems. The Dodger offense had taken a break. The team seemed to be in turmoil. But the Dodgers are known to be the Comeback Kids. They did not disappoint the fans.

Whatever transpires during the rest of the road trip truly doesn’t matter because the Dodgers had shown the world that they were not throwing in the towel no matter how bad it seems. There was a major reshuffle of players with several being called up from Triple A. Enter Dugie or Alex Verdugo who has come out to the Bigs hitting like no one would believe. Matt Kemp continues to thrash those non believers with a strong bat. The announcers love to comment about his age and how he can’t run like he used to. Show those guys, Matt. Shift quiet Chris Taylor to shortstop. Add either Chase or Austin to 2nd base. Yes, Logie is still on DL. Austin…I may have to wear your jersey every game since I promised you I would wear it every time you started. The autograph on the number will probably fade but I know you will sign it again.

That is why I love my Dodgers. They are scrappers and fighters. They DO NOT give up.

My morning started out with a snag. My Starbucks was dark. Electrical problems. I am a creature of habit so I was stressed. I went to another Starbucks in Signal Hill. Nice!!! One of the baristas came over and asked if I was ok and whether I needed water. Maybe I was panting as I was typing this blog. I love you Starbucks.

My son is returning from a 7 month deployment. Something to be thankful for.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!!


What is going on with this season? Corey being out for the rest of the 2018 season was the most recent stab in the heart.

The Dodgers are limping along losing more games than they are winning.

But during the season there always are slumps and losing streaks. I would much rather have a winning steak at the end of the season.🤷‍♀️

Thanks for stopping by. You are my inspiration.

No Words

Rich Hill has a middle finger infection. Matt is nursing a sprained quad. Puig has a sore hip and ankle, Kikè had some mystery illness. Corey was pulled after a couple of hits. Ditto Cody.

What can I say when the Dodgers can’t seem to win.