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We Got This

What were they saying right before game 4 of the World Series? They told Yu Darvish “We got this for you” in support of Yu after the derogatory gesture and comment by Yuli Gurriel in game 3. And they did with a score of 6-2. Congratulations Dodgers!!! Two games to go!!

Thank you Jon Soo-Hoo for the pic.



Following up on my previous post…Gurriel was suspended for the first 5 games the beginning of NEXT season. It sounds like a bunch of BS. It’s a punishment that was given because otherwise if nothing was done, there would be a lot of outrage.  The punishment should be now while his racist gesture is still fresh in everyone’s mind. The commission felt it was wrong to punish the rest of the team. What the hell does that have to do with anything? That is what matters when someone does something like that during the WORLD SERIES?  Why even bother?

It does teach kids that it is not that bad to do something hurtful like this because next year you will be punished when you forget exactly what you did wrong. It sets a bad precedent.  As my sister who is a teacher says, it’s like giving a kid timeout next month for something he did today. Prejudice displayed in a public event like this in a family sport is very sad especially when those who are responsible to right this wrong simply pay lip service. I have lost all respect for the officials. Obviously you have never felt the hurt of being made fun of because of your origin. 

What is particularly sad is that Gurriel does not really seem repentant. He’s just sorry he got caught.

We want to thank the commission for their support.

Being Disrespected

It’s unfortunate that all I can take from the 3rd World Series game is the disrespect that Yuli Gurriel showed Yu Darvish after hitting a homerun in the 2nd inning. He was seen in the Astros dugout making a slant-eyed gesture and mouthing the words “Chino” which translates to China-man or “Chink.” Of course the MLB has to react somehow to this prejudiced gesture by some sort of sanction. Yu stated that he was angry by the disrespectful gesture. Garriel responds by saying he didn’t realize he was making the gesture which is even more disconcerting. So this is the way he thinks? There is a large population of Asians in Texas which makes it even more troubling. He also says he played in Japan. I imagine he only went there for the money even though he disrespected those who were paying him the big bucks. His apology was disapppointing if not halfhearted. It was something he was probably forced to do by Astros management. Unfortunately the damage was done. Yu Darvish stated that we should just put this incident behind us. Hinch the Astros manager states that Uriel is remorseful. Yeah, remorseful that he was caught. Right!!

I’m not upset just because I am Asian. I don’t condone prejudice no matter where it is directed. Leave it to some folks to look at this outrage as liberalism or on the other end conservatism. It was simply and pointedly, a gesture of racism. I remember as a child being called a Chinaman and have seen that slant-eyed gesture directed toward me. It is very hurtful.

The rumor is that Gurriel might get a one game suspension. Big deal. With the appeal process, this one game suspension won’t happen until no one remembers what happened. Kevin Pillar and Matt Joyce were sanctioned for 2 games for using anti-gay slurs. Unfortunately this anti-Asian gesture and comment by Gurriel was seen around the world because it is the World Series. If the MLB simply turns its back on this incident, I will have lost total respect for those officials. Asians tend to be a quiet group. After all, during WWII, Japanese were herded into concentration camps simply for being of Japanese decent. They were US citizens living in the US legally. They cooperated because the Japanese respect authority. There was no protest, just obedience. They gave up all their belongings and land. The US just started to give reparations to those still living but unfortunately many are deceased. Asians will not loudly protest the Yuli Garriel gesture but we won’t forget.

The Dodgers are behind now with the Astros winning game 3. The guys have to put these first games behind them and try to figure out what happened. The offense needs to wake up. Cody Bellinger is acting like a rookie in the World Series. Maybe they should start Andre who has some postseason experience. I would even trust Adrian Gonzalez who always was the bread and butter man but unfortunately he is on DL and not part of the World Series roster. The key is that the offense needs to step it up. The Dodgers have showed that they are the better team with the best record in baseball. They have had home field advantage. They need to win another game in Texas and bring the series back to LA. It doesn’t seem possible, but are the fans in Minute Maid Park louder than the fans in Dodger Stadium?? Come on Dodger fans!!

GO DODGERS!!! Bring the series back to LA where we love you!!

Crashing Back To Earth-Game 2

It was another blisteringly hot day for game two of the World Series. I was hoping for another win. After all the Dodgers had the better team. What a shock when everything that went right during the season went wrong. I have a difficult time writing this blog when the Dodgers lose, but after all, this is the World Series.

I was surprised at the price of parking. I suppose all the prices were jacked up for the World Series. But $50 for general parking is really unreasonable. My parking was $100 but thankfully mine was prepaid. I wonder if Frank McCourt decided the prices. What a mistake to let him keep the parking lots.

The Fox team was blocking my view again. Magic made an appearance from his busy schedule to let us know he was alive. I was already not happy since I had just spent 30 minutes in a kiosk line hoping to purchase World Series pins. Apparently the stores were out of World Series shirts, pins, and only had limited sizes of caps (children’s) and shirts (small). Whoever does the purchasing for the Stadium was not being realistic about how fast the items would go. I was able to find a World Series sweatshirt possibly because at 100 degrees, no one was interested in that particular item. Go figure.

The best part of the game is always the families. Baseball and Dodgers are something that children and parents can agree on. Baseball always brings the best of people together. We all share a love of the Dodgers. Some of my best friends are those wonderful folks I met at the Stadium.

I was having a problem taking pictures because the Fox crew was always in my way. I decided to go to the club to eat since that usually puts me in a better mood.

The ice display for the 2nd game was as amazing as the one for the 1st game. This time there were crab legs. Yum!!

I helped myself since everyone else seemed to think Dodger Dogs were the way to go. There seemed to be shrimp in everything. I didn’t mind since I love sea food.

There also was tri tip.

It was a challenge but I was able to get a few shots of Rich Hill warming up. I took these pictures over the heads of the Fox crew who had amazing fluffy hair and big heads.

Believe it or not, the television crew was still blocking my view. I guess Chris Taylor got shoes with his number on it thanks to being named co-MVP of the NLCS with Justin.

I can’t believe how much stuff was strewn around the field by the TV crew. Frustrating when you are trying to get just a couple of good shots. Some of the crew sat right in front of me on the gate which usually is precariously waiting to fall apart. Great!!!

They finally packed up their stuff and left. This cart kept backing up onto the grass which I’m sure infuriated the grounds crew who painstakingly keep the field looking spectacular.

Several veterans were introduced who had done so much for our country. Thank you for your service. Justin went out to personally thank them.

I barely caught the flyover.

I had a better view.

To everyone’s surprise, Vin Scully made an appearance to throw out the first pitch. He deferred to Fernando Valenzuela who happily obliged. Steve Yaeger caught the ball.

Vin had a captive audience.

I almost missed Rich and Austin walking from the bullpen to the dugout.

I can’t forget a picture of Ryan with the A Rod autograph he was able to snag.

From there the day went downhill.

First pitch by Rich Hill. He was taken out after 4 innings. Dave probably went to the bullpen too early.

In the 1st inning, the first Astro up to bat, George Springer walked but was left on base.

Mr. Kate Upton, Justin Verlander, kept the Dodgers hitless as he said he would.

The game was so exasperating, I found the drug sniffing dog to be more interesting. I was hoping he didn’t find my extra strength Tylenol to be too annoying.

I was telling Sergio who was sitting next to me that it would be Joc who would mess up Mr. Upton’s perfect game. Sure enough, Joc made it a tie score. 1-1 by hitting a solo homerun. In the 6th inning, Corey pulled the Dodgers ahead with a 2 run homerun. 3-1.

It went downhill from there thanks to the usually stellar bullpen. Kenta did ok only allowing a base hit before being taken out by Doc. Tony Watson kept the Astros in check and was replaced by Ross Stripling who immediately walked Gonzalez. Stripling was quickly replaced by Brandon Morrow who made the score 3-2 with a ground rule double. He was replaced by Kenley who was expected to make the last 6 outs. We all know that Kenley is the closer. Why wear him out in the 2nd game of the World Series. Questionable use of the bullpen…unfortunately Kenley blew the save which is unusual for him. There was a homerun and a double which tied the score. Oh wonderful.

Josh Fields replaced Kenley and immediately served up a pitch resulting in a homerun to Jose Altuve. The Astros pulled ahead 3-4. Correa also hit a homerun. 3-5. Back to back homeruns. Take him out. Wait…have the relief pitchers been used up? Gurriel doubled so the outfield was mixed up a bit with Tony Cingrani replacing Josh Fields who made a mess of things.

The Dodgers were not giving up with Yasiel hitting a homerun to left center field making the score 4-5. We are now in the 10th inning.

With Kike singling and scoring Logan Forsythe, the Dodgers were able to tie the score. 5-5.

So then there was an 11th inning. Out comes Brandon McCarthy who has not pitched for months. Poor Brandon. He allowed a single and a homerun which brought the score to 5-7. Charlie Culberson was able to hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the 11th making the score 6-7. There was still hope.

The Dodgers looked glum, tired, and unhappy. Kikè was watching in disbelief.

Yasiel struck out to end the long tortuous 4 hour 19 minute game. there was a sellout crowd of 54,293 who watched this horrific game. I couldn’t wait to get out of the Stadium. Many fans had already left so getting home wasn’t a problem. The Dodgers and Astros play Friday. They both have won one game each. Many have told me it was the best baseball game they had ever seen. For me, it was one of the saddest. There has been so much Astro love. As they always say…let’s turn the page and win 3 more games to bring the pennant to LA. GO DODGERS!!!

World Series Game One

It was the day all of us Dodger fans were waiting for. The Dodgers had played their hearts out all season for this moment. It was Tuesday…game one. Tickets had been going for exhorbitant prices. The seat behind me was selling for $4500. I was amazed there actually was someone sitting there.

I should have been more excited but I was actually in a bad mood. It didn’t help that I had worked until 8:00AM that morning. It was a long, unpleasant 12 hour shift for me. There was a last minute hustle-bustle to end that night so I drove home exhausted. I was waiting for street sweeping so I could move my cars to the other side of the street. It’s always musical cars for me. Someone told me I needed a car-nanny to help me. Of course the street sweeper came later than usual. I was like Pigpen with that cloud of doom over my head.

It was already hot. I was anticipating a steamy hot, sweaty, stinky day. I left the house a little after noon for a game that started after 5.

When I got to the stadium, I saw that the gate where I usually waited was barricaded off. Great. I parked down the street. The sun was already very hot. I sat there with my fan going. Thank you Crystal. That USB fan has saved my life numerous times.

I saw that there were no cars parked up that street so I decided to take a chance and go back to the gate. To my chagrin, there was a line there of cars going almost to the freeway exit. If I was in a bad mood then, I was about ready to have a huge blowout meltdown. I got in line. I always like being first. After all I had left the house 2 hours before the gates were to open.

By the time I got in the stadium, I was not happy. Security had ransacked my purse so I had to fit my wallet back into it. I checked into baseline club as I usually do first. I am a creature of habit so I had to go through my usual routine. I hurried to the closest stand to get my World Series pin. There was already a long line. I got almost to the front when I found out there were no pins. I hurried to the next one. The line was very long. That was true with all the stands. I was really grumpy by then. I went down to the dugout.

You can imagine how happy I felt to see this blocking my view. There was just too much stuff going on. I hate crowds anyway. I decided to go up to the club and stew in my bad mood.

There was an amazing ice display. Seeing all that shrimp put me in a better mood. A delicious shrimp cocktail goes a long way in my book.

It is the World Series. I was trying to get myself in a better mood.

The food was pretty fantastic. Along with the help-yourself shrimp cocktail, there was herb marinated tenderloin with bacon brandy mushroom sauce. The Spanish roasted chicken with saffron rice was delicious. No Dodger dog for me.

My friend Crystal tried to cheer me up but I was having none of it. I told her my World Series pin plight and she gave me her pin. I was embarrassed and tried to give it back. She told me she was trying to make my day better. Do I have the best friends or what. She did ask me where my fan was since I did look a bit hot. My face must have been bright red and my clothes were already plastered to my body. I decided it was time to leave the air conditioned club and make it out to the field. It was the World Series after all. I told myself to get a grip and get going.

The Fox team was blocking my view. All I could hear was Papi! Papi!

Papi was feeling the heat.

There were rumors that Adrian Gonzalez was in Italy but in truth he was in the SportsNet studio as part of the postgame show. Never listen to the media.

Then I heard everyone screaming A-Rod. Geez, can you guess who else was there?

I couldn’t see anything except the backs of the Fox crew. Were there enough of them?

Of course my buddies Norma and Donna were there. Nice shirt, Norma. Nice cup of booze, Donna.

Had to include the required selfie. Mika had no idea I actually was able to sneak in a kind-of pic of her. Hehe. It was 1 hour until game time so the stadium was filling quickly. We all were hot and sweaty but I was in a better mood.

This was my view of the field. Not happy.

But my team had made it to the World Series for the first time since 1988. I had to be happy.

Mika had brought the cutest cookies!!

Clayton came out to stretch and do his usual routine but the media was blocking my view.

Austin has earned the starting catcher job. I love Austin.

Co-MVP of the NLCS Chris Taylor was stretching. I was getting a bit perturbed with everything blocking my view.

I was able to get a few shots but not many. For those of my friends that I growled at, I am very sorry but it wasn’t the best day for me.

It was interesting to watch the Fox television crew fold everything up. One of their carts wouldn’t start so they had to push it off the field. Oh well…!

I shouldn’t have been thinking bad thoughts about them but they were blocking my view. I really didn’t wish this on them. Really.

One of my favorite parts of special events like this is player introductions. Security and media were in my way.

There were the AL champs, the Astros. I don’t dislike the Astros except maybe ex-Dodger Josh Reddick who has badmouthed the Dodgers, his former teammates and Dodger fans. Do you think that Dodger fans are forgiving for that bad talk? Better believe they hold grudges.

The big US flag is exciting to see.

Player introductions: Doc

The players looked so calm.

National Anthem

I can’t believe I actually was able to get this picture!! It really caught the excitement of the crowd.

They came out to stretch one more time. It was starting to feel like a game like any other. Corey even signed for a few lucky fans.

It was appropriate that Jackie Robinson’s widow was there.

The umpires are still looking for Vin. I wonder about their eyesight.

Getting the crowd fired up were the flag runners: Ken Jeong, Rob Lowe and George Lopez.

One of my favorite families

The best pitcher on earth along with possibly the best catcher on earth.

And everyone just has to get in my way.

Wonderful Champ Pederson announced the beginning of the game. Great job Champ.

First pitch by Clayton was a strike of course. The Astros were out in order. The crowd already were on their feet.

In the bottom of the first inning, with the first pitch, first player up Chris Taylor hit a solo homerun. 1-0.

I was sitting by Norma hoping to get better pictures. But do you think that anyone wanted to sit? I went back to my seat. At least I could run to the front to get my shots.

Justin struck out, Cody and Yasiel ground out. End of that memorable first inning.

The Astros were out in order in the top of the first inning.

Kike singled but was left on base.

Astros ace Dallas Keuchel was not having the best day. Yes, you.

Not-fan-favorite Josh Reddick singled but was left on base. Oh well!!

Austin Barnes singled

Expert bunter Clayton hit a sacrifice getting Austin to 2nd base. But both were left on base with Chris Taylor hitting into a double play. Uh oh, no good.

In the top of the 4th inning, to our dismay, Alex Bergman (who is he?) hit a solo homerun. It was the only run allowed by Kershaw who has been allowing homeruns. No walks, just homeruns. 1-1. This tied the game. In the bottom of the 4th inning, the Dodgers were out in order. Huh???

In the top of the 5th inning, the Astros were out in order. Thankfully Reddick struck out. What a pill he is. If he thought the Dodger fans had booed him when he was a Dodger (which I really don’t remember), he caught their displeasure every time he was up.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Corey singled to center field but was left on base.

In the top of the 6th inning, the Astros were out in order.

I was busy in the club with the World Series cake.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Chris Taylor walked and then Justin hit a 2 run homerun to center field scoring Chris. 3-1.

In the top of the 7th inning, Altuve finally was able to hit a base hit but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Chris singled which was the hit that took starting pitcher Keuchel out.

In the top of the 8th inning, Brandon Morrow replaced Clayton Kershaw.

The Astros were out in order in the 8th inning.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, the Dodgers were out in order but they were feeling a victory.

Kenley came out in the top of the 9th inning to close the game.

Dodger fans were in a frenzy of course.

With that last out to Yasiel…the Dodgers win the first game. Notice Yasiel’s tongue. Hehe.

And the Dodgers take game one of the World Series. Clayton probably pitched one of the best games of his life, striking out 11 and not walking anyone. They only have 3 more games to win it all. The Astros will send Justin Verlander to the mound. The Dodgers have only lost one game in postseason. They are hot. They are hungry. The Dodger pitchers including the bullpen have been amazing. The key to the wins is the Dodger manager Dave Roberts. He has been very smart in his use of pitchers, not wearing any of them out. They are all fresh with only Brandon Morrow and closer Kenley Jansen being used in game one. I believe in the small ball and raising the pitch count. It is a bit difficult against good pitchers. The Astros have some of the best hitters in baseball so hopefully Rich Hill can contain them.

It will again be very hot in Los Angeles. Dodgers are very good in hot weather. It will be 96 degrees.

Game 2 of the World Series coming up!! It would be nice to see the Dodgers sweep the Astros in the World Series. But then again, we have the best team in baseball!! Go DODGERS!!!

Getting Ready for the World Series

I took a little jaunt to Dodger Stadium on Saturday to buy some more postseason gear and also to get a glimpse of the stadium itself.

To be sure, the field looked glorious!! I started to feel that excitement building up.

I could feel a lump in my throat as the tears started to well up in my eyes. This was what all of us Dodger fans have been waiting for. It’s been a long time coming. The last time that the Dodgers won the World Series in 1988, I wasn’t even a Dodger fan. My love of the Dodgers developed during the time I had a bad case of pneumonia and spent 5 months at home recuperating. Most of that time was during baseball season. I had to stay in bed part of that time and didn’t want to watch soap operas. I watched baseball instead and learned the game. I had the opportunity to actually go see a Dodger game live thanks to my good friend Marynell who helped me love the Dodgers. She was a stadium doctor and gave me a ticket to the game. We did spend part of the time running around the stadium drinking root beer floats and eating Dodger dogs. Thank you Dr. J. Those were some of my fondest memories. I treated myself to a field section ticket on my birthday. I was marveling at how beautiful and exciting Dodger Stadium was. I saw my first Dodger crush Shawn Green on the field. In those days, there was no baseline seating. I was able to run all the way to the front row of seating and actually get close to Shawn. I was able to talk to him. There it was….the beginning of my love affair with the Dodgers. From there it became a part of my life.

Many years later, I became a season ticket holder, first on field level front row third base side by the foul pole, later in the baseline club. Baseline started out as a mini plan with many tickets purchased here and there through stubhub. In those days, I sat in Dugout Club quite often. I was able to meet many celebrities including Rob Reiner and Alyssa Milano. Tommy Lasorda is a fixture in Dugout Club. Then I was allowed to purchase a full season in Baseline Club. I’ve had my season tickets in Baseline Club for many years. It’s the best place to sit in the entire stadium.

So the World Series is the culmination of everything for me: the years of going to Spring Training, of the wonderful friendships I have made at the stadium, of the relationship I have developed with many of the Dodgers. It is like a dream come true.

Without the Dodgers, I never would have met one of my besties: Norma, the best veterinarian on earth

My beloved Dad never would not have had to put up with my undying enthusiasm.

I would not have had the thrills and excitement of a walkoff.

I would not have met my super crush of all time: Mike Bolsinger

I would not be friends with Amy

I would not have met the best wives and girlfriends ever

I would not have realized what a wonderful family sport baseball really is. Is there another sport that can boast that?

It brings people of all nations together

It makes everyone smile

It makes all our differences not so important.

We all watch together

We all celebrate together in the victories.

Because we all have a common goal….to WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!

GO DODGERS!!! See everyone on Tuesday when we beat the Astros!!!