Fan Fest 2019

Usually for me Dodger baseball season begins with Fan Fest. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go because I had to work the night before. For some reason it always is extremely hot. Although there were these negatives, I decided to go because we always do have fun!!

The group was small this year. It was only Norma and me. The others had other plans that superseded Fan Fest. Go figure. We had prepurchased tickets to get selfies and autographs. It was not that difficult to buy these vouchers. Usually they sell out in the first few minutes. I thought that maybe fans were not that interested. The selfies were only $25 which I think is a deal and the autographs went up to $30 which I think is a little pricey. However, as usual, Fan Fest was horribly crowded. Wall to wall fans. I didn’t run into very many people I knew.

Of course there were lines everywhere. BTW I’m wearing Matt Kemp’s Mothers Day hat. I looks a little big but it did keep the sun off my face.

We arrived at 9:30 just as the parking gates opened. There was a huge crowd already there. First stop was the selfie line. We found out it was located at the furthest point of Fan Fest..a little bit of a trek. Kikè’s selfie vouchers were sold out within minutes. He is very popular.

I actually decided to try for a Kikè selfie because he hasn’t always been very nice to me. The last time I took a selfie with him was on my birthday last year. I only get a selfie with him once every other year. Inexplicably he asked me last time “How many do you need?” I thought if I paid this time, he had to at least be decent to me.

I decided I would ask him to take the selfie.

For someone who takes selfies all the time, why would he actually have a finger in the shot? I told him I thought I blinked and asked him to take another shot. Good thing since I didn’t notice that big finger in the first shot. I’m sure he rolled his eyes at me. Love you Kiké. Nice fake smile.

Considering I paid $25 for the selfie, it shouldn’t include a freaking finger. You can tell he wasn’t that happy.

I had gotten Norma a voucher too. Their picture looks much nicer than mine since he had a less fake smile.

We ran into fellow Dodger fan and good friend Cindy.

She had been able to purchase a selfie and autograph with her heart throb Chris Taylor.

And thank you Cindy for the delicious banana bread.

We also ran into our buddy Crystal who was able to snag a Baez jersey for a mere $60!! Great job Crystal. She was kind enough to bring us Diet Cokes while we stood in the selfie line. You rock girl!! She also bought me Austin Barnes pants. Now I have a complete outfit: jerseys, hat and pants. I can come to a game totally decked out as Austin Barnes. JK.

Here is Norma standing in one of the autograph lines. I chose not to purchase any vouchers for autographs since I rarely get autographs anyway. Why bother? She got vouchers for David Freese, Steve Yeager and Edwin Rios. She teasingly says that he is her cousin.

Nice autographs.

I also wanted a Max Muncy selfie since he is very quiet and rarely takes pictures or signs autographs. This pic is probably my favorite of all my player selfies. What a sweetie he is!

I also got vouchers for Chris Taylor selfies since he too is quiet and rarely takes pics. He always is sweet.

Isn’t this a sweet pic of Chris and Norma?

We were told after the Kikè selfies not to ask the player to take the selfies for us. I guess he complained. Great job Kiké. However Chris kindly pushed the button on my phone for this selfie. Thank you Chris.

Love Norma’s selfie!!

I have to say that the highlight of Fan Fest for me was seeing Dave Styles. Everyone knows I have a huge crush on him.

I saw him very far away on the Fan Fest stage so I started to text him. I told him I was standing at the fence. I saw him looking around.

He was looking at his phone. I was hoping he would wave to me since he can’t really pay attention to me when he is working.

To my surprise he made his way off the stage and actually came over and talked to me.

And took a series of selfies!! What a great guy he is. After a few hugs he had to go back to work. Thank you Dave!!

By the time we finished with selfies and autographs, we were ready to leave. It was a very hot, tiring day but we left very happy. It was another fun Fan Fest in the books. I told Norma I would treat her to dinner.

I got the biggest hamburger they had complete with onion rings and mushrooms.!! Heaven.

Fan Fest is always the first taste of baseball season for Norma and me. It was well worth going. For those who have never attended, you are missing out. Next Dodger event for us will be Spring Training which is just around the corner. We will be going in March. I’m looking forward to seeing newly acquired Russell Martin and Dodger killer AJ Pollock. I still think the Dodgers got him so he wouldn’t continually mess us up. I’m not looking forward to the ugly heat of Arizona.

Thanks for stopping by. This blog will be in full swing soon so please keep checking. Also thanks again for all your support over the years. I appreciate you!!!

Love you Dodgers!!!

Almost Time!!

It’s the beginning of the 2019 season. Fan Fest is tomorrow. Who’s going? Amazingly there are still autograph sessions open which is unusual. It’s usually sold out in the first couple of hours.

There are new events to take part in: a selfie station where you can have a selfie with a Dodger for $25. I thought I would get a ticket to get one with Kikè so he can ask me again how many I need. This time I am paying so he can’t say much. I also got tickets to take selfies with Chris Taylor and Max Muncy, the shyest Dodgers.

I really didn’t think there was a need for me to get any autographs since that really isn’t my thing during the season anyway.

There will also be a giant yard sale in Lot G. That should be interesting to see what junk they are trying to unload. Cash only.

I wasn’t planning on going since I’m working the night before. I’m not happy with the off season trades. Matt Kemp made the season’s best comeback and then was relegated to the bench amidst grumbling that he wasn’t so good. How do they know if they never let him play? And they traded one of my favorites: Yasiel Puig, a guy with a huge heart. Does everyone know how much he did for the LA disadvantaged kids since he didn’t go all over the media with it. His very fun charity event: the poker tournament, raised money for the children and wasn’t over the top expensive to go to. He had his Wild Horse Foundation because he truly cares, not for the publicity. I will miss his hugs and enthusiasm. Let everyone think what they want about him, but I know what he really is about. Have a bang up season and kick the Dodgers’ butts. I really don’t care anymore. And good bye to Alex Wood who will always be a favorite. I will still treasure that jersey that I wore every time he pitched. And there goes would be back up catcher Kyle Farmer. Not sure what that was about.

And getting Pollock is a good thing? Only if he plays as well WITH us as AGAINST us. And that probably means there will be no Bryce Harper in our future.

I’m going to Fan Fest with Norma. We always have a great time. She’s getting selfies with Max and Chris with me and autographs with Steve Yeager and David Freese.

I wasn’t going to go to Spring Training either. But I think I will since Russell Martin is back. If everyone remembers, I bought my blue car in 2008 on Russell’s birthday and its original license said ❤ RUSL55 until it was stolen from the Dodger Stadium lot the year he was traded. I then got the license plate ❤ DRE16 which it still is today.

Hope to see everyone at Fan Fest on Saturday. It starts at 10:00am.

The event is free. It’s always fun.

Not So Merry

I have not been this devastated over a trade as I have with this one involving my faves: Kemp, Wood, Puig and Farmer. Last time they traded Kemp, I almost gave up my season tickets.

I have realized by now that baseball is purely a business. Apparently there is no room for believing that the team is your Dodger family. My heart is breaking but there is no place in baseball for attachments to any player. No one is exempt. I remember a few years ago I came to opening day and didn’t recognize most of the guys on the field.

Good bye again to my heart and soul Matt. We had a fun season….

And please don’t lose that caring spirit of yours Yasiel. No one realizes how much of your heart you gave to the kids. You certainly didn’t do it for the publicity. I’ll miss your yearly poker tournament to benefit the kids. Love you so much.

So Christmas will not be so jolly. My heart is torn apart.

Thanks a lot Dodger owners.

Now That The Season Is Over

Baseball season is over. The next few empty months loom ahead of me. Spring Training seems very far away. Fan Fest is still two months away. There are several thoughts going through my mind.

I’m forever grateful that Clayton has decided to stay with the Dodgers. I seriously had my doubts that he would leave the only team he has ever known.

I’ve followed him his entire career and have seem him develop into one of the finest human beings ever. I knew that money wouldn’t send him to another team as it did Zack Greinke. I also have noticed that he has a set routine every game. Do you remember when the game didn’t start exactly on time when the other pitcher and manager walked across his path? He had a complete meltdown. That’s typical Clayton. I just couldn’t see him starting with another team. He has many charities going in Southern California along with Kershaw’s Challenge in Africa. I think he will be a Dodger for life.

There always are changes in staff. Usually there are huge changes in the team. Manny Machado seems to be headed to the Phillies. I always did like Manny no matter how down the media and fans are toward him. I can only say that he was ALWAYS nice to me. he always gave me special attention even to the point he would stand in front of me and pose for pictures before every game.

At first I thought it was my imagination but he would stop right in front of me while I took pictures. He would often look right at me and freeze in position while I took a shot. None of my pictures were ever blurry because he would throw in slow motion.

And when I took a selfie with him, he had the sweetest smile. By the way, he took this selfie for me.

The Manny I know…thank you for the autograph. After several months…I did ask him to sign a ball for me. He looked surprised. Maybe because I don’t get autographs anymore. The ball had been in my purse unsigned for most of the season. He almost looked grateful. Maybe he thought I didn’t like him. He would stop everyday in front of me waiting. If you can look at these pictures I took of him and still not like him, whatever.

So when people speak evil of him, I can only shake my head and say “But you never knew him like I did.” Good luck to you Manny. You will always be one of my favorites.

I’m sad to see my very favorite Chris Woodward leaving the fold. It is a good move for him since he will now be the Rangers new manager. I will miss his wonderful supportive wife trauma nurse Erin. Good luck to him and his family. My pictures won’t be the same without him blocking my view.

And Turner Ward will have to be kissed by another player since he is going to the Reds. It is a good move for him too since he will be closer to his family. Godspeed Turner. Puig will miss you.

I always can count on the Dodgers to be ignored during awards season. Even though they did go all the way to the World Series for the second year in a row, there was not one single Golden Glove award. Although Puig made all those spectacular catches and played excellent defense, once again he was ignored.

Walker Buehler is up for National League MVP. If he doesn’t get it, I totally give up on all those idiots who vote or decide.

My opinion about the World Series. MEH.

These guys walked right past me, actually brushed against me. Whatever. Not impressed.

I won’t make any negative comments because I’m not like that. I wasn’t as down on Dave Roberts as all the other fans were during the games. That being said, bullpen choices and Kenley pitching two innings in the final two games were beyond not good. The Dodgers should have won more than 1 out of the final 4 games. The Saturday game? I’ll never speak about that again.

I will miss my Dodger friends. They are what made the season best.

What can I say about the most wonderful folks on earth? I love you guys!!

Lately I’ve been taking care of a new addition to the family…my new kitten Poppy. She is a handful but will keep my mind off the huge emptiness in my life with no baseball.

Thanks everyone for following me during baseball season. I appreciate all your support and words of encouragement. I still have a lot to say about the World Series but thought it would be best to let everything settle first.

Last of all…Dodgers..I’m proud of all of you. Two World Series in a row. What can I say? Not many fans can say that they have even attended one World Series game. I went to all of them. No matter what the final outcome…you are the best. Austin..I love you. My ST jersey is washed and ready to go for Spring Training. See you all soon.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll post often and keep you informed of what is happening. Dave Roberts is on the verge of signing a long term contract. Winter meetings are in the future. Will Ryu be signed again by the Dodgers? He wants to stay. More news coming.

World Series at Dodger Stadium

Here we go!! Dodgers are home and it’s going to be HOT!! The Dodgers love hot weather and seem to do much better when the rest of us are steaming. Dave is going to bring out the hot hitters finally to match with a right handed Red Sox pitcher. Maybe we’ll finally see some Dodger offense.

It’s my second round of World Series games. We went all the way to game 7 last season. I’m hoping we can go all the way this year. The Red Sox are a tough team but the Dodgers have grit. They will keep grinding until the last at-bat.

It was super cold in Boston. The Dodgers aren’t really used to that cold weather. Back in LA where everything is familiar, the tide will turn. Bring out our young rookie Walker Buehler. He is due for a huge game. I predict that the Dodgers will win this game. Don’t give up hope. The Dodgers have scraped their way this far. They are not going to concede this time. We have the homerun hitters, the spot-on starting pitchers, the best closer in baseball. And WE ARE HOME where Dodger fans are the best in all of baseball. No one can argue that since Dodger Stadium has broken every attendance record ever.

We’ve got this one.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have a blog tomorrow with details of the big win. GO DODGERS!!!!

Thoughts About the World Series

Not to be a real downer but the World Series so far has me down in the dumps. I didn’t even watch Game 2 because I could have predicted the outcome. To tell you the truth, although I am a true Dodger fan, I am surprised they have gotten this far. I was surprised after all that they won the Western Division. They have been consistently inconsistent all season. That is true even into the World Series games, sad to say. It probably has to do with the constantly changing lineups. It took half a season for them to get used to playing with each other. And then the bullpen seemed to be losing many games until they got it right. Many times the relief pitcher and also the starting pitcher was left in the game until it was just too late.

I really do love my Dodgers but watching them take all these blows in the postseason has really been torture. They have been able to pull off the wins when it was important but I think this is the end of the road for them. The Red Sox have been consistently good all season. The Dodgers have been able to see in the last 2 games how difficult it is to beat the best team in baseball.

The Dodgers come back to Dodger Stadium on Friday. I’m hoping they can win at least one game. It would be terrible for everyone’s morale if the Dodgers get swept.

My thoughts: why not leave the players in when they are hot? Why keep changing the lineup? Why start Ryu on the road when he is better at home? Kershaw has been horrible in the postseason. Considering he hasn’t really been himself all regular season, why put him out there to set him up for more postseason failure. I love Kershaw but why make him the number one pitcher in the World Series? I predict that he will not be a Dodger next season. He’ll be on a Texas team. Why Brian Dozier? He hasn’t been all that great in the regular season. The owners should have gotten Verlander when they had the chance. They should have made the extra effort and gotten the missing pieces for a better bullpen. The odds and ends are not consistently good. The only relief pitchers who seem to be good are Baez (yes, Baez) and Maeda (who is a starting pitcher). I love Alex Wood but he’s not a relief pitcher.

You put all these missing pieces together and you do not get a World Series championship team. And then have the Dodgers play the best team in baseball, and you get a dismal outcome. I predicted that the Dodgers would not win a game in Boston. It’s cold and the Dodgers are not good in the cold. Hopefully the heat in LA will help them play a little better so they don’t embarrass themselves. The way the games have gone in Boston, hopefully the Dodgers have not lost their spirit.

Keys to winning: let the hot players start the game. Forget this lefty-righty business. The other teams are wise to the sabermetric @#$$% that the Dodgers love to use. It’s obviously not working against a great team like the Red Sox. If the starting pitcher obviously is having issues, take him out before it turns into slaughter. If the pitcher doesn’t have control, he won’t get it miraculously before it’s too late. That’s been obvious. Don’t be switching the players in mid-game for whatever reason. It’s not working. Do not substitute Grandal for Barnes for any reason. So Barnes isn’t hitting but neither is Grandal. The Dodgers can’t afford to get any passed balls.

The only reason I look forward to the games at Dodger Stadium is because I’ll be glad to see my Dodgers one last time and also I’ll be able to say good bye to my friends. I’ll miss them until baseball season starts again.

I’m proud of my guys for getting this far so if winning the World Series is not in the cards, it’s an accomplishment to even play. We’ll all be there in our Dodger blue with our rally towels and our loudest cheers to support them. It’s been the best season ever for me. I’ve met new friends and continued friendships with the best Dodger fans on the planet.

Please stop and say hi to me if you do happen to see me.

World Series at Dodger Stadium…a dream come true. Two seasons in a row. One of these days the Dodgers will get that trophy. No matter what….I love the Dodgers.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I will have a great blog on Saturday morning. See everyone soon. GO DODGERS!!!