Watch Out Cubs

I’m such a creature of habit. I like to form some sort of routine. I’m definitely developing one this season.

My first stop after going through the new Centerfield gate is to go directly to the area above the bullpen.

There was Clayton Kershaw. Always polite. He asked me how I was and that he was glad to have fans back. He will always be one of my favorites.

Phil…probably the only reliever other than Kenley and Joe Kelly that I recognize.
View of an empty bullpen
Still empty
Gift from Chico

Francisco one of the batboys…yes the famous Chico…but I always call him Francisco gifted me with a ball. I never ask but he always gives me at least one ball a season. The amazing thing is that I actually caught the ball when he threw it to me being the great athlete I am.

Dodger food. Amazing!!!
Help yourself!!!
Some delicious salad
Pasta salad beyond wonderful
Some peanuts to go
Chico and Will
I get the feeling Will knows that Austin is my favorite catcher. 😦
In seat chefs salad!!
Tony the cat guy throwing the first pitch
Dave my boo also known as Dave Styles
Let’s hit a home run guys!!!
There’s always a camera guy around my seat, not good if you don’t really want to be seen,
Blueberry cheesecake for dessert

Finally the Dodgers have started to win. The final score with the Cubs 6-2.

It was a good day. I have good feelings about this. I wonder whether the club is missing the zaniness of Kike and the comraderie of Joc. There doesn’t seem to be the enthusiasm and laughter in the dugout as when Kike was part of the team, Joc was always selfless in the joy he showed for his teammates’ successes. I miss both of them.

Thanks for stopping by. More to come. This was an abbreviated blog.

Go Dodgers!!!

Bellinger Bobblehead Day

Not to say that these two are bobble heads, but I thought I would start this blog on a happy note.

This losing streak has me totally mortified. Being swept by the Padres was humiliating enough but the no-hitter by the Cubs totally deflated my balloon.

Season ticket holders are able to enter the stadium 2 1/2 hours before game time. Security lets you cross over into what is the stadium if you hold those treasured baseline tickets. But after a couple of steps other folks tell you that you can’t go any further. Meanwhile people are waving to me from the club. Like a naughty child I point in their direction and say loudly that they are calling me. They stand pat and shake their heads.

I decided to go with the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I went to the bullpen.

This shirt actually made me laugh. I was watching Kenley warming up.

I’ve known Kenley many years. He waved and asked how I was.

Dodger ice cream truck
View from outside the stadium
The right field gate where I usually make my exit
I finally was allowed to walk past that dotted line to the club where I met the beautiful friendly servers.
It was Chinese food in the club
Add two kinds of fries…not sure where that comes in

But no matter whether the Dodgers win or lose, what makes it all worthwhile are my Dodger family.

The best barista ever
The Barrett boys
Robert and his girls
Pat and friends
Can’t forget my favorite family
My heart Austin

Is it good that he recognizes my voice when I yell at him when he’s up to bat? I’m thinking on that.

Walker Buehler who was undefeated until this fateful day
First selfie of the season
This is when you want a selfie really badly but are afraid to ask
The Bobblehead himself
The legend Albert Pujols
Another fabulous Dodger family
That screen that covers my section totally ruins my pictures!! National Anthem time.

I’ve retired my camera completely since the pictures I take with it are even worse than with my iPhone.

I love watching the starting pitcher and catcher walk from bullpen to dugout
You can feel the excitement building. Yea Austin!
First pitch….damn net
Have to comfort myself with some delicious nachos
And a Brooklyn dog (all beef hot dog). The jury is still out on the Dodger dog. One of the chefs thought maybe putting bbq sauce on the Dodger dog might help. I’m going to try that next…..maybe not. The Brooklyn dog was good.
Danny and Sergio, my seat mates

We’ll try again Cubs. We will come back. I hope.

Thanks for stopping by. More to come. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog.

Go Dodgers. This losing streak won’t last.

Reopening Day 2021

Dodger Stadiun

It’s hard to believe that it actually has been 2 years since I’ve been at a game at Dodger Stadium. I hadn’t missed a game in 12 years and then Covid happened. Covid changed everything.

The last time I had seen a game in person was Spring Training 2019. We had been able to catch a couple of games before they closed it down permanently.

Tuesday was the reopening of Dodger Stadium. They expected a packed stadium. Unfortunately they weren’t totally prepared. Security at the auto gates didn’t realize that season ticket holders were allowed to enter 2 1/2 hours before game time. I had gotten a ride with my friend Crystal and walked up two hills. My knee was screaming in pain. I heard later on that fans were waiting at the gate for 2 hours to get in. Many were angry because by the time they got in the stadium, they had run out of the bobble heads.

We entered through left field pavilion center field which a new entry point. I heard later on that the ballpark app wasn’t working well and wouldn’t show tickets. I had been told that it would be smart to screen shoot your ticket and parking pass. The guys at the gate told me that screen shots don’t always work. Unfortunately the internet isn’t very reliable at the Stadium.

I finally made it in. There was a Justin Turner Bobblehead giveaway that day that made the crowd even worse.

I decided I didn’t want to stay in center field and walked to my seat. There I saw Trevor Bauer walking from bullpen to dugout.


Trevor actually stopped to talk to me. I commented to him that I had a tee shirt to wear when he pitched that said the shirt wasn’t an advertisement. He laughed about that. He was very nice and friendly.

I’m glad they issue wrist bands now. There were too many freeloaders who sneaked into baseline section.

I decided it was a good time to eat. I have always liked Dodger Stadium food,

I wasn’t disappointed. The chicken and tri tip was delicious.

The fruit cups were delicious, fresh and cold.

I always like the salads especially the wedge salad which was one of the 3 salad choices.

I went back out to the field and saw Austin Barnes in the dugout. He recognized me and asked how I was. Everyone knows that Austin is my favorite player.

This season I also decided I like Trevor Bauer and Mitch White, both pitchers. For some reason I have always liked catchers starting long ago with Russell Martin.

The in seat food is limited. The first day they at least had salads. On the left is the CPK BBQ chicken salad which is wonderful. In the middle are the nachos which is at combination of the two types of nachos they used to have: with chili, pico de gallo, cheese, jalapeños. The combination actually is pretty good. I always like the fruit cup and usually get two diet cokes.

Julio Urias pitched the first game.

This is kind of the view I get from my seat. The netting really puts a damper on my pictures. I can only use my iPhone since my camera focuses on the netting so pictures turn out very blurry.

I have to get used to seeing people out in public places without masks on. I think I was the only one wearing a mask other than the employees.

I was happy to see my seat mate Danny. I of course hadn’t seen him in two years.


I had a nice conversation with Francisco or Chico as everyone except me calls him.

Julio Urias and Will Smith
Will Smith in the bullpen
My favorite servers
Albert Pujols

I didn’t take many more pictures this game but the Dodgers were actually able to win this game with the score 5-3 against the Phillies.

My boo Dave

Always glad to see Dave Styles, onfield personality. He’s always hurrying from place to place but knows I need to have a selfie with him. Thank you Dave.

The second game was the next day Wednesday. Crystal and I saw a horrible accident on Stadium Way close to the gates. A car had hit another car which sent it out of control into 3 cars eventually hitting a tree. The noise of the cars being hit was horrible. I hurried to the driver to see if he was ok. A Dodger employee had gotten there first and told me he had it under control since he was an EMT. I told him I was an ER nurse so he backed up and let me check the driver. He told me he was ok, just mad. He hadn’t lost consciousness and looked ok. He’s a lucky guy. I heard that 4 cars had to be towed.

It was another giveaway day, this time a Mookie jersey. I don’t really like giveaway days. It brings all the worst fans.

Bryce Harper and Trevor

Fans were yelling at Trevor while he was having a conversation. I personally think that’s rude. A fan even sent her kid up to the front to beg for an autograph. No autographs allowed because of Covid. Trevor glanced at me a few times. He must have remembered me from the day before. I understand baseball etiquette. Fans left grumbling about how unfriendly Trevor was.

My faraway selfie😂

Kershaw was pitching. I wore my new Kershaw shirt. I had put my new away Austin jersey on over it. I happened to see Austin on the field warming up.

Austin and Chico
Warm ups

He noticed I was wearing his away jersey and gave me a thumbs up. He knows I wear his jersey when he catches.

Clayton Kershaw
Kershaw warming up

The food in the club was amazing. Beer can chicken which had the most delicious smoky BBQ flavor. The shrimp was mouthwatering and what could I say about the tri tip???

They had taken the salads off the in seat menu. Not happy. Pretty much all they had was the nachos and Dodger dogs.

the new not improved Dodger dogs

I had to try the new Dodger dog. I ate half and decided I didn’t like the texture or the flavor even disguised with catsup, mustard and relish. Please bring back Farmer John.

National anthem time
Clayton and Austin
First pitch

The Dodgers could not pull off a win or score runs against the Phillies. It was a game that was hard to watch.

Final thoughts. I was apprehensive about returning to the stadium. The only place I am afraid of is on the concourse where the food lines are very long and loud. I rarely saw a mask but I definitely wore a mask going up the the club,

There are a few glitches ie with the ballpark app. All in all it was good to be back. I was happy to see my friends especially two of my favorite Dodger friends.

Cindy and Robert

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I’ll try to write my blog as often as I can. I appreciate you


My baby says hello BTW. Have a great day! Go Dodgers!

Bye Bye Ross

This is a very sad time for me saying good bye to one of the nicest Dodgers I’ve met. He always has a big smile and time to chat. This pic was taken by him during FanFest when I happened to run into him. It is one of my favorite pics. Good luck Ross. I’ll miss you and Shelby.

I Love Joe Kelly

Joe and I

All I can say is that I love Joe Kelly. I didn’t see the game because I was working but I heard he did to the Astros what all Dodger fans were waiting for.

He’s the MAN.

I remember when I talked to him last season. He was so funny. I asked him for a selfie. His reply was “What’s YOUR name?” Then he took this selfie with me.

We Dodger fans have been hating on the Astros for a long time. I think Joe finally made us feel a little better.

Should I get a Joe Kelly tee shirt? He is now my favorite Dodger!!!

GO DODGERS!!!! Thanks for stopping by.

The Beginning of the End

I’m not going to FanFest for the first time in many years. I’m working the night before and the night after and I’m not willing to be a walking zombie. I really have no interest in going anyway.

That said, I’m also probably not going to Spring Training either.

This blog is probably going to end since I won’t be taking many pictures because of that net. I’ve been reassured that the net has been revised but probably not enough to take any pictures worth printing.

I want to thank everyone who read my blog. I met many kind, wonderful fans. I appreciate your time and consideration.

It’s time to renew my contract for my season tickets. The price has gone up considerably. They did hint that I might have to give up my seat for another one. I mean really????

It has been one disappointment after another the last few years. The prize seems light years away although they scoff and say yes but they always win the west.

The management let Ryu get away. They didn’t even make an offer. Rich Hill, one of the nicest guys ever, also is gone. And their excuse..,but he’s old. The big acquisitions so that the Dodgers can finally achieve that goal never happened.

Spring Training is around the corner and the Dodgers are a mere shadow of what they were last year. So what will the owners say?? They are building. They’ll bring up minor leaguers and cross their fingers.

I love the Dodgers but the last few seasons have been heart wrenching. I see the look in their eyes. How many more lost seasons will there be? Love you all. Thanks again!!

At Any Cost

It’s just too bad that a team will do anything to win the pennant. Yes it’s nice to win the World Series, but at any cost?

Osuna was a pariah. No one would touch him after spending most of a season on suspension for throwing his girlfriend down some stairs.

And now he is on a World Series team. Hmmmm. It’s interesting how many people are against the Astros for this. Add on the comments made by one of their management team about how glad they are that they acquired him. And then the apology that really wasn’t.

I’m still fuming about Gurriel’s racist gesture directed at Asians. No sanction. No comment. Whatever. I think all non Asians probably forgot about it.

Just couldn’t resist having him pose for a picture with me with all eyes on him last year. He was probably cringing inside.

So the Astros will do whatever it takes to win the World Series.

At least the Dodgers won’t lose the World Series this year.