A Good Day

After being sick most of the week, I feel blessed that the week actually ended up wonderful.

I was able to reheat the steak dinner my sister had brought me and ate 1/2 of it.
Good news today. Chase Utley has signed for one year with the Dodgers taking less than he could have gotten. I know Corey is happy about it.

Welcome back Chase!!

Good bye to Brett Anderson who went to the Cubs and also to Jose De Leon who is now with the Rays.  The Blue Jays signed JP Howell to join former Dodgers Russell Martin and Darwin Barney. 

We’ll see how Spring Training goes. Pitchers and catchers report on Valentines Day.

Thanks for stopping by. Never take your health for granted!  

Fan Fest 2017

Fan Fest 2017 was truly exciting.  Norma and I always look forward to the event every year.  It’s a preview of the coming season.  We always are happy to be back at the stadium.

There was a very long line.  Free always brings everyone.  There were lines everywhere. There was a record setting 28,967 fans in attendance.

But Norma and I were both excited and happy to be at Blue Heaven on Earth.

It was a gorgeous day.  It did get a little hot in the autograph lines but I was so distracted, it didn’t matter.  Everyone knows I don’t do well in any heat.

We were lucky enough to be able to get tickets for Rich Hill’s line.  He was friendly and nice as usual.  He remembered me which was a plus.

Gorgeous Trayce Thompson was in the same line so we were able to get his autograph too.  He signed on the sweet spot.

And of course I had to get a selfie with him.  The Selfie Police were there to tell us not to take selfies but I couldn’t resist.  He remembered me and told me he liked my cover.

He must like sushi.

Our next goal was to go to the Yard Sale.  We checked it out but the line was unnervingly long.  I told Norma we should go get our jersey and autographed ball grab bags.  Last year they sold out of the jerseys.

A very sweet girl named Giovanna helped us.  I asked her to pick the jerseys and ball for me.  By the way, all proceeds of the grab bags and also the autographs went to the Dodger Foundation.  I got Norma’s jersey for her.

We were hungry so we stopped at Tommy Lasorda’s Trattoria for some pizza.  Delicious as usual!  While we were eating Norma told me that for her 50th birthday the Dodgers people had surprised her with an autographed Rafael Furcal ball while she was on the field.  She told me he was her all time favorite player.  

After she ate her pizza, she opened her ball grab bags.  She had bought two.  One was a player we had not heard of but the the other one was Joc Pederson.  Very good ball.  Then she opened the jersey grab bag that I had bought her.

Would you believe…it was an autographed Raffy Furcal jersey.  I almost started to cry.  How could that happen?  

I had to go back and thank Giovanna who had picked the grab bag for us.  What a good luck charm she was.

I still had two more autographs to get.  Those were the only tickets we were able to get.  How all these people who actually sell autographs on EBay are able to get many tickets, is anyone’s guess.  They were there in full force with their backpacks full of stuff to sign.  Of course there had to be people who cut in line which is very unfair.  These people tend to be cheaters in life anyway.

I was able to get a ticket for a Kenta Maeda autograph.  I already have a few but I wanted to say hi to him.  He, of course, remembered me, his number one and first fan when he came to the Dodgers.

How could I resist a selfie with Kenta?

There was a little time until my last autograph.  We went to the third base club.

It looked empty.

There was a nice picture of a young Eric Karros.  His autograph was the last one on my list.  I had a mission in mind.  I was getting the autograph for my good friend Veronica.  Eric is her very favorite Dodger.

I had to take a peek at my poor seat.  When will they ever fix my pitiful seat?   It looks worse and worse with every season.  Nasty.

Sportsnet had their own little stage.  They were interviewing players.  Logan Forsythe is our new 2nd baseman.  This is our first glimpse of the former Ray and Padre.

Sportsnet interviewed Adam Liberatore and Chris Hatcher who are coming back.  We weren’t sure who this last player was.

We all recognized Ross Stripling.
And Baseball Head with his new mascot
I was nervous because I was going to be in close proximity of my favorite…Shawn Green.  He will always and forever be my favorite.  He was paired with Kenley Jansen so it was impossible to get a ticket.

Kenley and his interesting hair.  Apparently he had it done this way for his wedding.  Okaaaay.

Shawn gave me a big smile.  Sigh.  That made my day.
Back to business.  Eric Karros.  I had my ball.  I had my mission.  I know they weren’t personalizing balls and that he particularly didn’t personalize balls but I had to make my friend happy.

Mission accomplished.  Of course I had to be a blubbering idiot.  “Please personalize it for Veronica.  You are her very favorite.  Of course I like you too but she loves you!!”  

Eric was sitting next to Yasiel Puig who was late as usual.  Next to him is the Selfie Police.  Yasiel acknowledged me and gave me a big smile.

Grant Dayton was paired with Eric Karros so I had to have a selfie with him.

One last pic of Eric Karros for Veronica.  

By this time we were all tired.  Poor Norma had gone into work before we left for the stadium so she was exhausted.  Thank you Norma for waiting for me to get my last autographs.

It was a good day.

CJ and Norma

Norma with two of our favorite ushers:  Glenn and Reggie

We decided to go to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  I haven’t been to a Cheesecake Factory in years, the last one in Virginia Beach.  The menu is huge.  It was difficult to pick what I wanted.

The hibachi rib eye steak and asparagus tempura caught my eye.  it was delicious.

Norma had one of the chicken dishes.

Mika had an avocado and chicken salad
CJ had a macaroni and cheese hamburger.
We had started out with a spinach dip which was marvelous.  And the bread……!
Norma ordered a slice of cheesecake to go.
It was a long day but it was one of the best.  We can’t wait until Spring Training when it will really look like baseball.

Thanks to all the Dodger staff who worked tirelessly to make this event so much fun.  Thanks to Norma for driving and being such a good friend.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by  and have supported me.  I appreciate all of you.  GO DODGERS!!

Fan Fest-Getting Ready

The day is finally here!!!  I always think of Fan Fest as the first glimpse of the baseball season.  It starts at 10:00 so everyone try to come.  Print up your free tickets before coming.  I don’t think there are any autograph tickets left but no harm in looking at the Dodger website to see.

I’m going with my friend Norma.  It’s much more fun going with a group.  We have tickets to get autographs from Rich Hill and Trayce Thompson.  I was lucky to get other tickets for Kenta Maeda and Eric Karros.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a ticket to get Shawn Green’s.  I usually am able to get one but he was paired with Kenley Jansen.  It was an impossible dream.  I have to confess I tried for Eric Karros because his table is next to Shawn’s so I can at least say hi to him hopefully.

Fan Fest is usually a lot of fun.  The weather is predicted to be mild and not blazing hot so it will be even more fun.  Norma and I like going to the “rummage sale” which features jerseys from past players for a small fee and tee shirts selling for $5. They also usually have a grab bag with balls and jerseys from past and present players.  Everything is cash only so bring plenty of money.

I’ll write a blog entry tomorrow with plenty of pictures so please stop by and check it out.

Brett Anderson signed with the Cubs.  Hopefully he does well with them.  The key for him is to stay injury free.  Bye bye Morgan.   One of my favorites Jose DeLeon  was traded to the Rays for Logan Forsythe who will play second.  I know Corey will be missing Chase Utley who had become his mentor.

I’ve started the countdown for Spring Training.  It’s just around the corner.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate all your support even on the offseason!!

Christmas Greetings

Thank you to my Dodger reps for the Christmas gift.  These tumblers are something I can actually use!!

Christmas is just around the corner believe it or not.  Was it just Thanksgiiving?  

Glad to say that both Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen have signed.  I give Kenley a lot of credit considering he did not take the most money.  He went to the team where his heart is.  I will always love him for that.  It probably swung in the Dodgers favor when Justin and Scott Van Slyke attended Kenley’s wedding in CuraƧao during the Winter Meetings.

A sad note was the death of Alan Thicke one week ago.  Why does it seem that such tragic things happen around the holidays?  He died of a rupture of the aorta which is sure death.  He was doing what he loves most..playing ice hockey with his youngest son. I remember seeing him at the celebrity softball game this year.   He is pictured to the left of Jamie Foxx.

Also prayers for Carrie Fisher who suffered a massive heart attack today while flying from London to Los Angeles. So so sad!!!
Merry Christmas to everyone.  Spring Training is just around the corner.  Hope everyone has a great and joyous Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by!!!