Bye Bye Ross

This is a very sad time for me saying good bye to one of the nicest Dodgers I’ve met. He always has a big smile and time to chat. This pic was taken by him during FanFest when I happened to run into him. It is one of my favorite pics. Good luck Ross. I’ll miss you and Shelby.

I Love Joe Kelly

Joe and I

All I can say is that I love Joe Kelly. I didn’t see the game because I was working but I heard he did to the Astros what all Dodger fans were waiting for.

He’s the MAN.

I remember when I talked to him last season. He was so funny. I asked him for a selfie. His reply was “What’s YOUR name?” Then he took this selfie with me.

We Dodger fans have been hating on the Astros for a long time. I think Joe finally made us feel a little better.

Should I get a Joe Kelly tee shirt? He is now my favorite Dodger!!!

GO DODGERS!!!! Thanks for stopping by.

The Beginning of the End

I’m not going to FanFest for the first time in many years. I’m working the night before and the night after and I’m not willing to be a walking zombie. I really have no interest in going anyway.

That said, I’m also probably not going to Spring Training either.

This blog is probably going to end since I won’t be taking many pictures because of that net. I’ve been reassured that the net has been revised but probably not enough to take any pictures worth printing.

I want to thank everyone who read my blog. I met many kind, wonderful fans. I appreciate your time and consideration.

It’s time to renew my contract for my season tickets. The price has gone up considerably. They did hint that I might have to give up my seat for another one. I mean really????

It has been one disappointment after another the last few years. The prize seems light years away although they scoff and say yes but they always win the west.

The management let Ryu get away. They didn’t even make an offer. Rich Hill, one of the nicest guys ever, also is gone. And their excuse..,but he’s old. The big acquisitions so that the Dodgers can finally achieve that goal never happened.

Spring Training is around the corner and the Dodgers are a mere shadow of what they were last year. So what will the owners say?? They are building. They’ll bring up minor leaguers and cross their fingers.

I love the Dodgers but the last few seasons have been heart wrenching. I see the look in their eyes. How many more lost seasons will there be? Love you all. Thanks again!!

At Any Cost

It’s just too bad that a team will do anything to win the pennant. Yes it’s nice to win the World Series, but at any cost?

Osuna was a pariah. No one would touch him after spending most of a season on suspension for throwing his girlfriend down some stairs.

And now he is on a World Series team. Hmmmm. It’s interesting how many people are against the Astros for this. Add on the comments made by one of their management team about how glad they are that they acquired him. And then the apology that really wasn’t.

I’m still fuming about Gurriel’s racist gesture directed at Asians. No sanction. No comment. Whatever. I think all non Asians probably forgot about it.

Just couldn’t resist having him pose for a picture with me with all eyes on him last year. He was probably cringing inside.

So the Astros will do whatever it takes to win the World Series.

At least the Dodgers won’t lose the World Series this year.

More Photos

I always love to see pics from other ballparks.

My friend Dax Hernandez visited Target Field in Minneapolis.

Thanks for the pictures!

My son recently went to Petco to watch baseball. The Dodgers weren’t even playing. That’s a true fan of baseball. The stadium looks pretty empty. My son never gets to a game early so this must be how many fans attended the game.

And below is where their organist plays. It looks like there is no one else sitting in my son’s section.

Our organist definitely has a better setup.

A pic from the recent premium Batting Practice. CJ, Mika (who never allows a picture) Norma and myself.

Last night’s game is a puzzler. I wasn’t there but just wondering why Dave keeps putting Joe Kelly out there in high leverage situations. Once again the Dodger bullpen caused a horrendous loss. They are responsible for 13 of the Dodgers 22 losses. Um….there needs to be some bullpen help or even a whole revamping of the sorry mess. Kelly’s inning consisted of 3 walks (true one was intentional) 2 wild pitches and a throwing error. A 7.59 ERA is not acceptable. There must be a reason that I really can’t identify any of the bullpen by face except Kenley and Baez. Maybe I’m hoping they all will go away except those two. I try not to criticize my team but this has gone too far. Our starting pitchers have been superior but when the game is turned over to the bullpen, we all hold our breaths. It shouldn’t be that way. Just saying.

The Dodgers face the Angels again tonight with Kenta Maeda (7-2 ERA 3.48) facing Felix Pena (3-1 ERA 4.53). Hopefully the bullpen doesn’t have to pitch too many innings.

The Dodgers still maintain the best record in baseball tied with the Astros with 45 wins and 22 losses. Can you imagine what the Dodgers record would be with a decent bullpen?

GO DODGERS!! Angel Stadium recorded the biggest attendance since their renovation thanks to the faithful Dodger fans. You’re welcome.

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out my blog. You are the best!!


Did the Dodgers actually lose a game? Nolan will be surprised.

As usual it was the bullpen. Why didn’t the Dodgers pursue Kimbrel as a long reliever? Jus’ saying. And why would Roberts take Maeda out to use the inconsistent game-losing bullpen? We’re all wondering.

But looking at the Mariners-Astros score on the same day 14-1, made me feel a little better. Even the supposed top ranking team can tank big time.

I was sad to see my guy Matt Beaty going on IL. I hope the shirt I ordered didn’t mess things up.

And wonderboy Will Smith went back to Triple A after proving he deserves a spot on the 25 man roster. That being said, Austin is back from IL.

I feel like I’m truly living the dream this season. The Dodgers collectively are the best all around team in baseball. The bullpen can use a few tweaks tho. The players are fun and actually like each other. There is a positive vibe in the dugout. I have not heard anything negative. When it gets too serious Alex Verdugo brings it back to reality with his fun loving ways. All the players have crazy greetings for each other with elaborate hand gestures, fist bumps, etc. it is awesome to be a part of that.

They are in San Francisco facing the last place Giants. Never take anything for granted. Play like it’s postseason because every game is important even in June!

They won’t return until Thursday. Meanwhile it’s work work work for me.

Have fun today Dodgers and good luck tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!! GO DODGERS!

Premium Batting Practice

One of the most enjoyable activities of baseball season is definitely Premium Batting Practice. I look forward to it every year. This year was no exception.

There were a couple of things that were missing: the photo booth and the giveaway tee shirt. Otherwise it was actually one of the better experiences. it wasn’t crowded at all. It was a two day event and I thought maybe more people would be attending the event on the second day.

The premium giveaway was a water bottle.

Norma and I usually attend Dodger events together. I came totally decked out in my Hello Kitty wear including hat and shoes.

The food was amazing. Most of it was packed up in cute little boxes. It was intended to be a portable meal.

Of course the servers were the best.

There’s something about seeing your name up in lights!!

We invited Giants prospect CJ to come with us. I was thankful he didn’t wear a Giants tee shirt. I guess all pitchers make funny faces when they pitch. Believe it or not, CJ did not win first place for most velocity. Of course he pitched the day before against UCLA. Pitchers don’t pitch back to back. His arm was still a bit sore.

My traditional dugout picture

And media room picture

I can’t believe they patched up the bat rack that was infamously dented by Andre Ethier.

I had to use the Dodgers bathroom, the one they run to during the game when nature calls. Of course the seat was up. Another tradition.

One of the Gatorade coolers that gets tossed on the field during victory celebrations

I guess this was about batting practice.

The day included a tour of the stadium. The above boxes were original Brooklyn Dodgers traveling cases. They were destined for the trash heap until they were rescued and put on display. There is always something new to see during the tours.

The view from way up there is amazing. I’m used to being way down there by the Dodgers dugout.

The view by the organ where my boo Dave Styles likes to be.

Awwww. An ice cream sandwich made up of chocolate chip cookies and Dodger blue ice cream. I think my lips are still blue. Hehehe.

Different views of the Stadium from the field. It’s breathtaking to actually stand where the players stand during games. You get a different perspective.

Norma and Bill Russell

So glad they finally decided to cover our seats when the Dodgers are away. The birds like to peck holes in the seats.

The hot seat where the reliever sits before warming up.

Our itinerary. Somehow we missed the photo on the field. Sad face.

I definitely have to welcome my Commander son back from a trip to Alaska for a training exercise aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. He looks happy to be back after being out at sea for 6 weeks.

Thanks to Norma for driving us to the event. Thanks to the entire premium crew for making Batting Practice another wonderful memory.

And thanks to all of you who continue to support my blog. I appreciate all of you. You are what makes this blog special.

The Dodgers continue to be the number one team in all of baseball. But then again we all knew that. The Dodgers face the D Backs for one final game before moving on to the Bay Area to face the Giants. GO DODGERS!!! Matt Beaty, the shirt is coming. I’ll be wearing it the next time I see you.

Love you all….!