Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone has a great day. It is a day for us to give thanks.

For me it’s a regular day since I’m going to work. I volunteered to work so those who do have family get-togethers can enjoy the festivities.

I do have much to be thankful for. My family is healthy which is the most important to me. My son is somewhere on the ocean on the USS Theodore Roosevelt serving the country he loves so much. I am so proud of him. I have a great job.

I also am thankful for my Dodgers who had a fantastic year!

I’m also thankful for all my wonderful friends. Thank you for always being there.

Have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by.

Bye Dre

This is my last picture of Andre Ethier. It was before game 6 of the World Series. I arrived late before game 7 so was not able to even see him. I never had a chance to say goodbye. It makes me sad because I considered him my friend.

Yesterday the Dodgers announced that they had declined Andre’s $17.5 million option so he is a free agent. My heart dropped. We all were hoping it wouldn’t happen but there it was in black and white.

Our history goes way back at least 9 years. I actually chose my baseline seat because it was right in front of where he used to stretch before every game. He has always been a favorite of mine. My license plate even reads đź’™DRE16.

He always had a big smile for me and said I was his number one fan.

This was a selfie from a few years ago. He never seemed to change very much.

I guess I took quite a few pictures with him. He never gave me a hard time about my selfies.

He was always good to his fans. He signed every day. There will never be a nicer Dodger.

He could be a bit of a goofball

Mother’s Day jersey I will cherish forever.

No one has a more beautiful swing.

Bye bye Andre. Wherever you land, they will love you as much as we love you. Good luck and we already miss you.

Never Give Up

It was a cloudy day as predicted. I wasn’t sure what to expect on Tuesday. But I know my Dodgers. They never never give up.

While I was waiting outside the stadium gate, I was hoping for a win.

The Fox television group was once again there. As you can see they did a good job blocking my view. That hasn’t changed.

It stayed cloudy and drizzly the entire game which was fine with me. It was a good 40 degrees cooler than the last 2 World Series games.

You can see what a crowded mess it was. I really don’t appreciate all the people.

Joseph the usher went from grumpy to happy with the stress of it.

It was great to see the guys.

I saw Justin Turner and I told him about my son. He said to say hi to him and to thank him for his service. I love Justin. He always has supported our servicemen.

Time to eat…the sirloin strip steak was delicious. I’m really going to miss this food. Back to my top ramen diet after the season.

I hurried back to the field in time to see A Rod signing some autographs. I didn’t really want one.

It’s an exciting time for all of us Dodger fans. This game was a must win so we were all stressed. We wanted a game 7.

It was nice that all my favorite people were there.

The Fox Sports team had their funny moments.

Wonderful Austin Barnes was out on the field warming up. It was cool so there was a lot of warming up to do.

All our hopes were on Rich Hill who has been vital in our success.

The Fox crew was still in my way so I was trying to take pictures around them.

I wonder what they were looking at.These pictures were a challenge to take.

Cody was the only player to sign and he only signed a few. Thank you Cody.

It was still cloudy. All the guys went in except Yasiel.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It’s Yasiel Puig during the National Anthem with the honor guard and American flag in the background.

Amy and Christina, two survivors from the Las Vegas tragedy caught the first pitch. They are truly a miracle. Love you two.

I totally missed Rich and Austin walking across the field.

The umpires discussing how to further screw up the strike zone

Ashton Kutcher and Mika Kunis waving the Dodger flags.

Ooops. It’s a tricky job. Just ask Dave Styles.

Watching Rich Hill pitch is a wonderful experience.

First pitch

Right away Alex Bregman singled to left field but was luckily left on base with Altuve striking out and Correa grounding out.

In the bottom of the 1st inning the Dodgers were out in order.

Mr. Kate Upton AKA Justin Verlander was again awesome. It was up to the Dodgers to find a kink in that armor. The Astros were counting on him to keep the Dodgers scoreless.

In the top of the 2nd inning,Gurriel was up. Even though MLB failed to give him the right punishment (at least in my opinion), the Dodger fans weren’t going to let him get away with feeling good about himself. He was booed of course. The boos filled the stadium. Rich Hill walked off the mound during the jeers.in deference to his fellow teammate Yu Darvish. Their lockers are right next to each other so they are close. Many Astros fans and a few Dodger fans think we should just let it go because Darvish accepted the apology. I still find it hurtful what he did. At least Rich didn’t bop him with the ball which was another alternative but Rich is a gentleman. That would have started a brawl. I think he did the right thing. During the game, Dodger fans continued to boo Gurriel. They also continued to show their displeasure with Josh Reddick who vocally downed Dodger fans and teammates. Oh well. Don’t get on the Dodger fans’ bad side. We hold a grudge a long time.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Yasiel singled but was left on base. Aha first hit!!

In the top of the 3rd inning, George Springer who has been phenomenal in this series, hit a solo homerun. It would be the only run that the hard hitting Astros would get. 0-1. I was beyond upset. With Verlander pitching, did the Dodgers have a chance to catch up? With a pitchers duel, each run or hit is like a pie in the sky. The cold wet weather was keeping the ball from going too far so it limited the Astros from getting their usual homeruns.

To my dismay, the Dodgers were out in order in the bottom of the 3rd inning. I was starting to get heartburn. I didn’t want this to be the last game. What a heartbreak it would be. Norma and I agreed we would be crying like babies if this happened.

In the top of the 4th inning, I went to the team store to try to straighten out my discount on some merchandise I had bought. I was too jittery to stay in my seat. I returned to my seat in the bottom of the 4th inning to watch Corey fly out and Justin and Cody strike out. This game was going nowhere for the Dodgers. I reminded myself that my guys tend to score later in the game. They have to warm up. At least that’s what I was telling myself.

In the top of the 5th inning Brian McCann singled to right field and then Marwin Gonzalez doubled with McCann going to 3rd. Reddick And Verlander both struck out. With a genius strategy, George Springer was walked. We all groaned when Rich Hill was replaced with Brandon Morrow. Rich had only gone 4 innings. It was a Dave Roberts strategy that usually works. Brandon made the last out which stranded two players on base. I was really feeling some stomach problems by then. The acid was burning my throat.

In the bottom of the 5th inning the Dodgers once again were out in order. I went up to the club as I usually do about that time. I have a routine even in the World Series. Most of the time the Dodgers will score when I am in the club which means that they score in the 6th inning. Tee and I have figured out that the bottom of the 6th is always long probably because I am waiting for ice cream. True to form the Dodgers finally struck.

In the top of the 6th inning that awful Gurriel singled to center so there was some conversation. Chase Utley went to 2nd base and Tony Watson replaced Brandon. I was horrified when Tony hit McCann by a pitch. Why do catchers seem to get hit by the pitch so often? Just wondering. Thankfully the next Astro Gonzalez lined out to Chase who made a fantastic catch, a run(s) saving play.

In the bottom of the 6th inning Austin singled to left field. Chase was hit by a pitch. Chris Taylor did what he does best and hit in the clutch, doubling to well-liked Josh Reddick, scoring Austin and tying the score. 1-1. We were screaming in the club. Norma and I were hysterical.

We were enjoying a delicious World Series cake. No ice cream.

There also were World Series cookies.

Back to the exciting game….With Chase still on 3rd, Corey hit a sacrifice fly to Reddick, scoring Chase. 2-1. Unbelievable…the Dodgers did it again. They came from behind. What a team!! They have done this all year. Why should they not do this during the World Series. We have to believe in them.

In the 7th inning, Reddick walked. The Astros decided to replace Verlander with pinch hitter Gattis. Kenta Maeda replaced Tony Watson. Kenta has been used a lot during the World Series and has done extremely well as a reliever. Give him credit for taking any role that is given to him. There was a challenge on a play at 2nd. Reddick slid into Chase who was not even on base, knocking Chase off his feet. The challenge was upheld. Now why the umpire couldn’t see what happened is another reason why there is a problem with those umpires. Springer singled but Bergman flied out to center and Altuve ground out, ending the inning. The weather definitely is making a difference.

In the bottom of the 7th inning I was back at my seat again in time to see another wonderful thing happening to Joc.

The score was now 3-1. Joc was jumping for joy. He had taken a long journey this season being sent down to minors for a while. For him, this was an accomplishment of a lifetime. Of course the Astros fans were downing him for skipping and jumping all the way around the bases but they should know what he went through this season. He may be MVP of the World Series. He has indeed come a long way. When the Dodgers were having their issues, it seemed to start when Joc was sent down. Not good to ruin a team’s chemistry.

Here are a few different faces of Joc during this game. He is one of my favorites.

It seems with Joc’s homerun, the Astros seemed to lose their spirit. They are a great team but they seem to lack the chemistry that the Dodgers have. The Dodgers really do love each other. You can tell by their interactions with each other and by the way they support each other no matter what.

We were all smiles by the 8th inning. I took my usual trek over to the 1st base side as I usually do.

This score gave us a lot of hope for a game 7. This was something that many sportswriters said was impossible being down 3 games to 2, one game away from losing it all. We Dodger fans are diehard. We love them whether they win or lose.

In the top of the 8th, Dave Roberts showed that he totally trusts Kenley, making him responsible for 6 outs, a job he has done successfully during the season. The Astros were out in order.

Why don’t the Dodgers look happy?

Doc doesn’t even look happy. Cody is studying the playbook.

Allison told me that Altuve was only 5’6” tall. But what an outstanding player he is.

In the bottom of the 8th inning Charlie singled to left and Justin walked. He was left on base. And now the final inning….!

In the top of the 9th inning, the Astros were out in order.

The last Astro pinch-hitter Carlos Beltran struck out.

Dodgers win Game 6 of the World Series. There will be a Game 7. Hold onto your hats!! This will be the game to see.

Somehow the Dodgers were able to beat the best pitcher on the best American League team. Wednesday’s Game 7 will decide it all. Will the Dodgers finally win the World Series? They really are the best team in baseball. I’m not saying this because I am a Dodger fan. The Dodgers have spirit. They have fought through injuries and adversity. They truly are friends. I have followed them many years but I can say THIS IS THE BEST TEAM EVER!!! Win this game for Tommy. Win this game for Amy and Christina who survived a horrible tragedy in Las Vegas. Win this game for all of us Dodger fans. Most of all…win this game for the team because you guys deserve it.

GO DODGERS!!! Thank you everyone for stopping by. What a Series!! I hope I have good news to write about tomorrow. See you soon.

Today is the Day

The Dodgers return to Dodger Stadium today to finish out the World Series. There will be two games, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Astros have the edge, winning 3 games, the Dodgers have won 2. It’s a must-win situation for our guys in blue.

My good friend Jessica Washington has had viewing parties at home for her friends. Hopefully she has one tonight so she and her friends can bring us good luck.

I still have faith in our guys. They have always been able to pull off a win when it was imperative. That’s how they have gotten this far. The Dodgers are a better team. They have shown that they are by far a team with integrity and character. I did respect the Astros prior to the incident last week. I know I shouldn’t judge the team by a couple of their members but each person is a part of the whole. How can I not? AJ Hinch did show character by reaching out to Dave Roberts but Yuli Gurriel is as racist. I hope that when he is up at Dodger Stadium, he gets booed. There is no place in a family sport for such behavior.

I’ll be there today and hope that I have a happy blog in the morning. Keep the faith everyone. Our guys have kept us in the race to the very end. Let the better team (Dodgers) win!! GO DODGERS!!

Coming Home

It’s been a long road to this point. The Dodgers return to Chavez Ravine to finish up the 2017 season. Hopefully they will end up with the World Series title. If not, the Dodgers have fought hard and long. I will love them no mater what the outcome is.

The games in Houston have taken a toll on every player, Astros and Dodgers. They has probably been the closest matched teams ever. Both teams want the title more than anything else in the world. But whichever team comes out on top, no one can say they didn’t play their hearts out. The Houston Astros wanted more than ever to bring the title to Texas to give hope to those in Houston who lost everything. The Dodgers and many others have contributed (this includes the Dodger families) to bring them back on their feet. If they do win the World Series, I can’t think of any other team in baseball that I would want to win than the Astros. I do have problems with a couple of the players, Yuli Gurriel and his prejudiced self, and Josh Reddick who has continued to badmouth his former team and fans. But these are individuals part of a whole organization. The Astros have a lot to win for.

Thank you to one of the best friends ever Terri Burdette. Love you forever. Rooting for the Dodgers in Texas. You are a brave child!

Tuesday the Dodgers will come home to their diehard fans who will continue to support them, win or lose. As Puig has said, it’s not over yet. They all return a little broken and tired but still with a strong desire to bring the trophy back to Dodger Stadium for the first time since 1988. It’s been a long journey to this point. I can say that I am tired. I’ve attended every game this season. I also work full time. This is the furthest that my team has come since I became a Dodger fan so the season has extended a couple more weeks. I love my guys and am immensely proud of them. They are like family.

I hope that there will be two more games this week…because that would mean Wednesday would be the tie breaker and that the Dodgers would have won on Tuesday. I seriously didn’t expect them to come back. I thought they would have won the title on the road. I hadn’t even printed up the tickets for games 6 and 7. I was probably a little too confident but after all, the Dodgers were the best team in baseball. But the best team doesn’t always come out on top.

No matter how it comes out on Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll finish up the season with a final blog. I’ll also continue to write during the offseason when anything interesting comes up. Thank you everyone who has shared my experiences throughout the season. I appreciate it. My purpose was to bring the Dodgers to those who can’t come to the games.

Meanwhile be safe kiddos on Halloween.

And please pray that my son will be safe during his deployment.

GO DODGERS!!! We know you guys can do it!! But please don’t let Bill Miller be home plate umpire. He was terrible. Maybe they should alternate the umpires during the game especially during a long one. The expression on Kiké’s face when an obvious inside ball was called a strike was priceless. It was a one run game. Those miscalled pitches made a difference.

and this is why the suspension should have been immediate and not next season.

See everyone on Tuesday. Rest up Dodgers on traveling day, get massages and sleep!!

I’ll be there to cheer you on! Let’s goooo!