Still Waiting

Everyday we hoped that it would be the day. The Dodgers had been on a winning streak making them “The Best Team Ever!” but it came to an end very abruptly until it looked like they were the worst team in baseball with the worst losing streak. Every game Dodger fans hoped it would be the start of a winning streak or at least, ONE WIN.

Sunday was a very hot day. It was the last game of the homestand and fans hoped the Dodgers would not get swept again.

Clayton was throwing his own bullpen session out on the field. Interesting hairdo. No matter what, Clayton has his routine.

Loyal fans still supported the Dodgers no matter what.

Don’t you just love this picture of a picture?

Fans share their love of baseball to their children. That’s what makes baseball such a wonderful family sport.

Could not resist this selfie

Some fans are taking these losses to heart.

Valerie and her family are diehard fans. But her Dad has to quit scaring me.

Surprise!!! There are more in the family besides Klayton and Duke.

Surprise!! The sun still comes up everyday even if the Dodgers keep losing. And everyday can be gorgeous. Life just goes on.

Curtis Granderson continues being a fan favorite and an absolutely wonderful guy. Lose or win.

Meghan…part of the Sportsnet crew always has a smile for everyone.

The wonderful servers just keep on serving. Jessica who is on the right always gets my standing order right. Thank you!! You are the best!!

Austin always seems to be looking at me. He doesn’t seem happy.

Hi Rich…He’s looking at me too.

Some games they all seem to be looking at me.

Of course it’s just my imagination. Or is it?

What the hell is wrong with this team??? Tell us what to do??

It was hot on Sunday. It’s hard to pitch when the sweat is pouring into your eyes.

The guys just couldn’t pull off a win on Sunday. It’s not that they aren’t trying.

You just keep praying that the tide will turn.

There are happy moments like selfies with adorable Charlie Culberson. Thank you for taking the selfie.

They really aren’t looking at me. Why would I think that?

Ross Stripling actually asked me if I thought they would win this game. The Dodgers take the best selfies. I quit taking them myself. I think it has to do with the length of their arms.

Chocolate ice cream didn’t even cheer me up.

The world just seems so topsy-turvy lately.

But we loyal fans keep on smiling and coming to the games.

The world just seems to be passing by in such a blur the last couple of weeks.

You end up going to the happiest place on earth hoping to be cheered up. I couldn’t even smile.

And end up wishing upon a star that the Dodgers will win again.

But then again, it isn’t the end of the world. We still wake up everyday. We still enjoy the best team in baseball (at least in our hearts) our Dodgers. We are not bandwagon fans. We are the best fans in baseball as Tommy loves to tell us. I will be at every game no matter what because this is MY TEAM. I eat, breathe, sleep Dodgers. I bleed Dodger blue. I LOVE YOU DODGERS!!!

The Dodgers are in San Francisco to face the Giants in a 3 game series. On Monday Kenta Maeda 12-6 ERA 4.02 will face Chris Stratton 2-3 ERA 4.10. Can the Dodgers finally put this losing streak behind them? On Tuesday Kershaw 16-3 ERA 2.15 will face Johnny Cueto 7-7 ERA 4.43. Things can’t get any worse. Rising star Walker Buehler gave up a grand slam homerun to Mark Reynolds on Sunday which pretty much put a capper on the gloom cast over Dodger Stadium. Everyone pretty much left at that point. It was unbearably hot besides.

Thanks for stopping by. You are the best!! GO DODGERS!! Let’s end this streak.

Not Yet

Although the first inning brought a familiar excitement that we Dodger fans had gotten used to, Friday’s game was not to be the breakout-of-the-worst-slump-ever game. We had our hopes. However all I had heard was that Yu Darvish wasn’t as good as advertised, that the team can’t hit anymore, the Dodgers may never win again, etc.

It hasn’t been a very good couple of weeks. I really wanted Friday to be the day.

I actually had been dreading Friday. It was the usual Fireworks Friday but add a Cody Bellinger bobblehead to the mix and you have a mess. I had also heard that they had sold 58,000 tickets with 3,000 tickets standing room only. I mean really? There were only 40,000 bobbleheads. I knew the stadium would be crowded. Bobblehead days usually bring out the worst fans for some reason.

The bobblehead really doesn’t look like him. What do you think.

Robert brought his family early to assure getting bobbleheads. It’s a good thing because Norma and Sergio didn’t get theirs. Norma has 4 tickets so she is minus 4 bobbleheads. Sergio has 2 tickets so he is minus 2. Not fair.

The team was wearing their “HOUSTON STRONG” tee shirts to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

I think that Andre should start in left field every game. Just saying. Here he is in the dugout signing for the young fans.

Yasiel forgot his tee shirt. Yikes!! Look at his muscles.

I hurried to the club and ate a great meal. The beef fajitas with guacamole was absolutely delicious. I had to get the turkey leg because it looked so good. I wanted to get my usual spot by the field so I could take my picture so I ate in a rush. Unfortunately by the time I got there, a group of very loud teenagers had taken my spot. Oh well.

Robert and Elsa tried to cheer me up.

Yu Darvish was already down the field. He never gets very close to the fans. I also have not seen him smile. I wonder if he’s happy being with the Dodgers. Maybe he’s homesick.

Logan was a sweetie and signed for the loud teenagers. I was afraid they would go through the gate.

Joc came out to the field for his usual 30 second stretch. And then he ran back into the dugout.

I was thrilled to see favorite Corey Seager back.

He also signed for the rambunctious teens.

and then tossed the ball to Logan for a while.

Aha….a Trayce spotting during the National Anthem. And there’s O’Koyea with him.

And there’s Cody. The teenagers had been yelling for Cody but he never came out to stretch. Too bad. So sad.

He stood with the team during the National Anthem.

His sister threw out the first pitch which he caught. Great pitch!!!

Curtis Granderson came to the fans to sign. The teenagers weren’t that interested but did get his autograph. They were still yelling for Cody who was already in the dugout. Not into it.

First pitch by Yu

Unfortunately Carlos Gonzalez hit a homerun almost right away in the first inning. I expected the game to be just like the other 8 losses.n 0-1 already.

But in the bottom of the 1st inning, Grandy singled into center field. What?? What just happened? A hit??

Then Justin Turner shocked everyone by hitting a 2 run homerun scoring both he and Grandy. 2-1.

Cody reached 1st on a fielding error.

He went to 2nd on a wild pitch.

When Yasiel ground out, Cody went to 3rd.

Joc was able to draw a walk.

With Austin batting, Joc stole 2nd base. Good job Joc.

Austin singled to right field scoring Cody and Joc. Those steals are important. 4-1.

Logan was intentionally walked to get to pitcher Yu. Yu doesn’t seem to have a clue how to hit coming from American League Rangers.

He struck out ending the inning leaving Austin on base.

Justin singled to center in the bottom of the 2nd inning but was left on base when Cody grounded out.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Austin singled but was left on base when Logan ground out. Frustration.

In the bottom of the 4th inning, Grandy walked.

Corey hit a double to right field with Grandy going to 3rd. Both were left on base with Justin striking out and Cody flying out. Two left on base.

Yu came apart after he reached 1000 strikeouts faster than any player in MLB history. Lukewarm applause from the crowd.

Amarista doubled, Lucroy walked. Yu threw a wild pitch with Amarista to 3rd and Lucroy to 2nd. Tapia doubled with
Amarista and Lucroy scoring. 4-3. Blackmon doubled with Tapia tying the score 4-4. LeMahieu doubled scoring Blackmon 4-5 which was the final score.

No one looks happy. The exhilaration of being ahead was quickly extinguished. I was horrified to hear the crowd booing loudly at Baez as he came out in relief. NEVER EVER boo a Dodger. Have some sense.

Justin appeared deep in thought as he waited to bat.

Trayce was the only one who didn’t look glum. I think he is happy to be with the team again.

So it was another loss for the Dodgers, 8 in a row. When will they win another game? Saturday Alex Wood 14-2, ERA 2.57 will meet Chad Bettis 0-2, ERA 4.91. Hopefully the Dodgers can pull themselves out of this horrific slump. Alex…I’m wearing your jersey today. The game he lost at Dodger stadium, I had accidentally left that jersey in the car!! Never again!!

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your support. GO DODGERS!!!