Wood and the Rockies

  Problems problems. Since updating my iPad, I can’t download my pictures anymore and WordPress is rejecting me as well. I’m using my phone to write this post which makes it much more difficult.
Everything seems to have gone haywire since that 16 inning game which took 5 hours 23 minutes on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It was a sad loss but as they always say, it’s only one game. The length is more like 2 games!!

Wednesday’s game was the other end of the spectrum. It was super fast lasting only 2 hours 8 minutes. It was a good thing since most of us season ticket holders were half asleep anyway. It usually is boring when it is a pitcher’s game.  It was however Fernando Valenquela bobblehead night.

Jorge De La Rosa is the Rockies’ best pitcher. He seemed frustrated most of the game. He actually did well through 8 innings only allowing 2 runs on 6 hits but Alex did better only allowing one hit, a second inning single. He had 8 shutout innings and was taken out by Mattingly after the 8th with only 78 pitches. He understands that the Dodgers are trying to get to the playoffs so every game is important. Kenley had rest so was the right choice. After that Arizona 1 2/3 inning game, Wood is lucky Donnie still had faith in him as the 4th starter.

Wood is the 4th starter to go 8 scoreless innings: Mike Bolsinger was the first, and then of course, aces Kershaw and Greinke.

Mike was waiting in the bullpen just in case there was another Wood implosion. I don’t think Mike sat down or stayed in one place longer than 1 minute. It is different coming from the bullpen than starting. I’m sure relief pitchers are on pins and needles the entire game.

Since the Tuesday game was so long, there was no batting practice for either team. We still arrived 3 hours before game time. Some of the players came out to warm up. Brandon McCarthy was one. He also signed for many fans. Brett Anderson also stopped which surprised me.

  I went up to the club and ate. The Rosemary chicken was really amazing as was the Swiss chard pasta.
  I always love the salad.
When I went back to the seats, I saw AJ going down the field with his equipment. Alex was already in the bullpen. I wonder if he felt a little nervous after his last game.

  Of course Brett Anderson was wearing his hoodie since the temperature had dipped to the 80’s.
The Wednesday lineup was about as weird as I’ve seen. Someone noticed that AJ was the only starter who was on the postseason roster last year. I figured it was because of the 16 inning game the night before that the lineup was made up of odds and ends. Alex Guerrero started at 3rd. I imagine poor Justin Turner’s knees were a mess from the cold and wet the night before. Alex, probably not used to playing 3rd let alone playing at all, made an error dropping a popup foul. Austin Barnes who actually is the 3rd catcher, played 2nd base. Chase Utley who usually plays 2nd was on 1st instead of Adrian Gonzalez. AJ was behind the plate. Corey Seager who has become everyone’s darling, was cleanup. Someone has nicknamed him Dreamy. Jimmy   Rollins still is having problems with his right index finger which interferes with fielding but not batting or running. It’s just as well since Corey has done so well. In fact the last few games have been all about the rookies: Seager, Schebler and Barnes. Another new Dodger Justin Ruggiano has also made a difference. 

  The sun streaming down on our Corey
AJ and Alex made their way to the dugout


First pitch
AJ hit a solo homerun in the second inning against De La Rosa. There was a bet going among the Dodgers about who could actually get to De La Rosa. He seemed to be making a “someone owes me money” gesture as he trotted home.  In that same inning, the Rockies had gotten their only hit, a single. 1-0.

Nothing else happened until the 6th inning when Austin Barnes hit a nice double.  Seager bring Seager then hit a single bringing quick Austin  home. 2-0.

Corey Seager went 2 for 4 with an important RBI. He does make a mistake or two but otherwise we would think he wasn’t human. Of course many “fans” are judgmental about those little mistakes. He is a rookie after all and has only been in the majors for a couple of weeks.
Kenley closed the game just allowing one hit, his 32nd save of the season. 

 The magic number is 10. The Giants held onto their lead against the Reds Wednesday night or the number could have been 9.

Thursday is an off day. The Dodgers need their rest. I went to In-N-Out since there was no Dodger food on the off day.

Greinke will pitch the first game of the weekend series against the Pirates. The Pirates are 4 games behind the Cards in the NL Central.  We would much rather play against the Pirates, the Cardinals always our stumbling block to get any further.

The Dodgers still have a 1 1/2 game advantage over the Mets for home field advantage. 

Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to try to figure out this new update on my iPad so I can post some pictures so please check back later. You are why I am writing this blog. Hopefully you can be with me on the exciting journey to the World Series!!!



I hate the new IOS 9 update. Where did this picture of Justin Turner come from?

But I know who this is. Hi Caitie. GO DODGERS! 

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