Zack and Corey

  The magic number for the Dodgers was whittled down to 8 after they beat the Pirates with a score of 6-2 and the Giants lost to the D Backs even with Mad Bum pitching for the Giants.  Bad luck for the Giants, good luck for the Dodgers.
Zack Greinke won his 18th with only 3 strikeouts, allowed 2 runs, 4 hits in 7 innings with his only real mistake a solo homerun to Neil Walker.  However, Zack had a sacrifice bunt, 2 hits, a single and a double, with his usual bat flips after both.

  There was batting practice as usual.  Anderson, Kershaw and Van Slyke (not playing recently because of a cyst on his hand)
  I think Mike spotted me from across the field or is that my imaginiation?
 There was nothing going on so I went up to the Club to eat.  The food was amazing.  There were BBQ ribs, chicken, rice pilaf, and pasta with sausage.  

  There was literally nothing going on as you can see from the empty dugout.
  Some of the starting lineup came out to the field to warm up.  Utley, Heisey, Turner.
  Justin Ruggiano has been amazing.  His specialty seems to be hitting well against leftys.
  Stana Katic from the show “Castle” threw out the ceremonial first pitch.  I love that show.  she actualy did a good job.
It was Frank Sinatra night.  Frank Sinatra Jr sang the National Anthem in his Dad’s style.  The fireworks show after the game featured Frank Sinatra’s songs.  I never stay for the fireworks.  I think I’m over that.

  Everyone was waiting for Corey Seager.  He is definitely the fan favorite since he was brought up from Triple A.
  He signs autographs almost every game.  Uh oh, whats with that middle left finger?
  As it moves into fall, the sunsets have been beautiful.
  National Anthem
  And number one Cy Young contender Zack Greinke walked from the bullpen to the dugout
  It’s an exciting time for all of us.  Postseason.  Can you almost taste it?
 First pitch.  Zack’s ERA is 1.65 which is the best in the MLB.  He has been consistently good since the season started.  Friday’s game wasn’t perfect by Zack’s standards but it was still outstanding.  He actually had two hits, a single and a double.  He only needed a triple and homerun to complete the cycle.


With Adrian batting, there was a double steal on a throwing error by the Pirates catcher which is the 114th error made by the Pirates this year.  Ruggiano stole 3rd base during this play and scored.  Utley stole 2nd and advanced to 3rd. 1-0.
In the 2nd inning, Joc scored on a Ruggiano single making the score 2-0.

 Andrew McCutcheon has a .500 average against the Dodgers so I looked to him to be dangerous.

But in the 4th inning, Walker was able to hit a homerun against Zack. 2-1.  One mistake made by Zack.

  However in the bottom of the same inning, Corey Seager hit a 2 run homerun, his first Dodger Stadium homerun.  He sprinted around the bases almost passing up AJ who was just trotting around.
  His first up, he singled.  Of course he flipped his bat.  Is that one of those famous Greinke smirks?
  In the 7th inning, Adrian Gonzalez hit a double, scoring Zack and Chase.  It seemed like Zack was one base most of that inning which might have affected his pitching.  He uncharacteristically allowed a walk and base hit in the 8th. Donnie took Zack out after that but Hatcher allowed Marte a base hit, scoring Stewart. 6-2.  This run was given to Greinke whose ERA went up to 1.65.  Geeez.
This game was the Pirates 4th loss.  Their lead for the wild card has slowly been whittled down to one.

  Locke allowed 8 hits, 5 runs (4 earned) and now has a 8-11 record. 
Corey’s homerun was the 47th by a Dodger rookie this season.  How about our rookies??

Saturday’s game will begin an hour earlier.  Liriano will be the Pirates pitcher.  Clayton Kershaw will be our starter.  His last outing with the Pirates last month was a no decision but he allowed 4 runs on 9 hits. Those infamous games the Dodgers were swept by the Pirates in a 3 game series.  

One bit of news:  Mike Bolsinger wil start on Sunday.  Mike will have had 7 days rest.  This seems to be his audition for the 5th spot in postseason although 4 starters could probably be enough.  With Matt Latos DFA’d, it left a chance for Mike.  Good luck Mike!!  The plan had been to just use the 4 starters until the end of the regular season.  With Carlos Frias reinstated from DL, he could most probably be a long reliever in case Mike doesn’t make it past the 5th again.

Hopefully he won’t be the odd man on the outside looking in.

It’s generally believed that the Dodgers will win the Western Division for the 3rd year in a row.  I am still nervous and hope they clinch soon.  I wish they could clinch at home but they would have to win every game here while the Giants have to lose every game.  Statistically that won’t happen.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!


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