Fan Fest 2019

Usually for me Dodger baseball season begins with Fan Fest. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go because I had to work the night before. For some reason it always is extremely hot. Although there were these negatives, I decided to go because we always do have fun!!

The group was small this year. It was only Norma and me. The others had other plans that superseded Fan Fest. Go figure. We had prepurchased tickets to get selfies and autographs. It was not that difficult to buy these vouchers. Usually they sell out in the first few minutes. I thought that maybe fans were not that interested. The selfies were only $25 which I think is a deal and the autographs went up to $30 which I think is a little pricey. However, as usual, Fan Fest was horribly crowded. Wall to wall fans. I didn’t run into very many people I knew.

Of course there were lines everywhere. BTW I’m wearing Matt Kemp’s Mothers Day hat. I looks a little big but it did keep the sun off my face.

We arrived at 9:30 just as the parking gates opened. There was a huge crowd already there. First stop was the selfie line. We found out it was located at the furthest point of Fan Fest..a little bit of a trek. Kikè’s selfie vouchers were sold out within minutes. He is very popular.

I actually decided to try for a Kikè selfie because he hasn’t always been very nice to me. The last time I took a selfie with him was on my birthday last year. I only get a selfie with him once every other year. Inexplicably he asked me last time “How many do you need?” I thought if I paid this time, he had to at least be decent to me.

I decided I would ask him to take the selfie.

For someone who takes selfies all the time, why would he actually have a finger in the shot? I told him I thought I blinked and asked him to take another shot. Good thing since I didn’t notice that big finger in the first shot. I’m sure he rolled his eyes at me. Love you Kiké. Nice fake smile.

Considering I paid $25 for the selfie, it shouldn’t include a freaking finger. You can tell he wasn’t that happy.

I had gotten Norma a voucher too. Their picture looks much nicer than mine since he had a less fake smile.

We ran into fellow Dodger fan and good friend Cindy.

She had been able to purchase a selfie and autograph with her heart throb Chris Taylor.

And thank you Cindy for the delicious banana bread.

We also ran into our buddy Crystal who was able to snag a Baez jersey for a mere $60!! Great job Crystal. She was kind enough to bring us Diet Cokes while we stood in the selfie line. You rock girl!! She also bought me Austin Barnes pants. Now I have a complete outfit: jerseys, hat and pants. I can come to a game totally decked out as Austin Barnes. JK.

Here is Norma standing in one of the autograph lines. I chose not to purchase any vouchers for autographs since I rarely get autographs anyway. Why bother? She got vouchers for David Freese, Steve Yeager and Edwin Rios. She teasingly says that he is her cousin.

Nice autographs.

I also wanted a Max Muncy selfie since he is very quiet and rarely takes pictures or signs autographs. This pic is probably my favorite of all my player selfies. What a sweetie he is!

I also got vouchers for Chris Taylor selfies since he too is quiet and rarely takes pics. He always is sweet.

Isn’t this a sweet pic of Chris and Norma?

We were told after the Kikè selfies not to ask the player to take the selfies for us. I guess he complained. Great job Kiké. However Chris kindly pushed the button on my phone for this selfie. Thank you Chris.

Love Norma’s selfie!!

I have to say that the highlight of Fan Fest for me was seeing Dave Styles. Everyone knows I have a huge crush on him.

I saw him very far away on the Fan Fest stage so I started to text him. I told him I was standing at the fence. I saw him looking around.

He was looking at his phone. I was hoping he would wave to me since he can’t really pay attention to me when he is working.

To my surprise he made his way off the stage and actually came over and talked to me.

And took a series of selfies!! What a great guy he is. After a few hugs he had to go back to work. Thank you Dave!!

By the time we finished with selfies and autographs, we were ready to leave. It was a very hot, tiring day but we left very happy. It was another fun Fan Fest in the books. I told Norma I would treat her to dinner.

I got the biggest hamburger they had complete with onion rings and mushrooms.!! Heaven.

Fan Fest is always the first taste of baseball season for Norma and me. It was well worth going. For those who have never attended, you are missing out. Next Dodger event for us will be Spring Training which is just around the corner. We will be going in March. I’m looking forward to seeing newly acquired Russell Martin and Dodger killer AJ Pollock. I still think the Dodgers got him so he wouldn’t continually mess us up. I’m not looking forward to the ugly heat of Arizona.

Thanks for stopping by. This blog will be in full swing soon so please keep checking. Also thanks again for all your support over the years. I appreciate you!!!

Love you Dodgers!!!


  1. DodgerFan4life

    awesome beans !!!
    I was lucky enough to get the super vip pass, a bit pricey but you get to cut all the lines and you do a lot of meet and greets, selfies, autographs you name it…i highly highly recommend it.

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