Almost Time!!

It’s the beginning of the 2019 season. Fan Fest is tomorrow. Who’s going? Amazingly there are still autograph sessions open which is unusual. It’s usually sold out in the first couple of hours.

There are new events to take part in: a selfie station where you can have a selfie with a Dodger for $25. I thought I would get a ticket to get one with Kikè so he can ask me again how many I need. This time I am paying so he can’t say much. I also got tickets to take selfies with Chris Taylor and Max Muncy, the shyest Dodgers.

I really didn’t think there was a need for me to get any autographs since that really isn’t my thing during the season anyway.

There will also be a giant yard sale in Lot G. That should be interesting to see what junk they are trying to unload. Cash only.

I wasn’t planning on going since I’m working the night before. I’m not happy with the off season trades. Matt Kemp made the season’s best comeback and then was relegated to the bench amidst grumbling that he wasn’t so good. How do they know if they never let him play? And they traded one of my favorites: Yasiel Puig, a guy with a huge heart. Does everyone know how much he did for the LA disadvantaged kids since he didn’t go all over the media with it. His very fun charity event: the poker tournament, raised money for the children and wasn’t over the top expensive to go to. He had his Wild Horse Foundation because he truly cares, not for the publicity. I will miss his hugs and enthusiasm. Let everyone think what they want about him, but I know what he really is about. Have a bang up season and kick the Dodgers’ butts. I really don’t care anymore. And good bye to Alex Wood who will always be a favorite. I will still treasure that jersey that I wore every time he pitched. And there goes would be back up catcher Kyle Farmer. Not sure what that was about.

And getting Pollock is a good thing? Only if he plays as well WITH us as AGAINST us. And that probably means there will be no Bryce Harper in our future.

I’m going to Fan Fest with Norma. We always have a great time. She’s getting selfies with Max and Chris with me and autographs with Steve Yeager and David Freese.

I wasn’t going to go to Spring Training either. But I think I will since Russell Martin is back. If everyone remembers, I bought my blue car in 2008 on Russell’s birthday and its original license said ❤ RUSL55 until it was stolen from the Dodger Stadium lot the year he was traded. I then got the license plate ❤ DRE16 which it still is today.

Hope to see everyone at Fan Fest on Saturday. It starts at 10:00am.

The event is free. It’s always fun.

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