We All Came Together

It’s the last week of the regular season. It’s a little sad since we’re all like family no matter whether we’re fans or Dodger staff. We have our own little Dodger world and suddenly we’ll be separated for a little while.

We love our little world so much we celebrate our birthdays here. Happy Birthday Winnie!!

We come from far away places like Kansas City to actually see the Dodgers in person. Father Ted and beautiful daughter Stephanie.

I love you so much!! You make my life so much better

We really have the best fans in baseball. We bleed Dodger Blue.

Matt…. returned to Dodger Stadium excited and happy that he was back. And he has played his heart out and has shown everyone that he is a team player, that he will play any role he’s given.

Even when the Dodgers were behind in August and it seemed that there would be no playoffs, they overcame all odds and now are NUMBER ONE!! They beat the Rockies and Cardinals on their own turf.

They will climb over any obstacles in their way and triumph! Watch out Silver Fox.

And when everyone thought Ryu would never come back dominant, the Monster pitched 7 scoreless innings. Yes, I’m talking about you.

And when everyone thought the Rockies would dominate the Dodgers, look what happened.

The Rockies couldn’t figure out where this Dodger offense was coming from. Jon Gray was unceremoniously yanked from the game after giving up 6 runs in 3 innings.

Max Muncy happened. He found his swing again.

And Joc came from nowhere hitting like there was no tomorrow. I guess there would not be if they didn’t start hitting.

The Dodgers are a team who actually like each other and have fun.

I mean…they really like each other!!

And we all know that the Dodgers are always in the postseason. The sun never sets on them at the end of the regular season.

We always like a celebration.

And being in first place is a great feeling!!

The Dodgers beat the Rockies in fine fashion in the first of 3 must-win games on Monday with a score of 8-2.

On Tuesday in game two our Clayton Kershaw 8-5 ERA 2.51 will face Rockie Kyle Freeland 15-7 ERA 2.96. I’m hoping that Clayton gets run support and we can BEAT THE ROCKIES!!!

Thank you everyone for all your support this season. I appreciate you. GO DODGERS!!!


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