Spring Training Day 2

I woke up early Wednesday morning so I could get to batting practice at Camelback. I don’t think I actually slept. 

We waited a while but they eventually made their way out to the practice fields.  They usually don’t sign on their way out. There is a chance when they go back into the clubhouse.


Guess who


Joc smiled at me. Few of the players even made eye contact. 

Toles! He actually looked at me! They haven’t forgotten me!!

A few more familiar faces among a sea of fresh new faces…

Scott Van Slyke. Remember him?


Chase was signed for a year. 

Kenta and translator Will

At last!!! Someone is signing. Eric Karros.

How about my first Dodger selfie of the season.  Very very nice guy!

Back view of Cody Bellinger

Nice pic of Chase

And believe it or not, Clayton Kershaw was one of the few players who stopped to sign.  What a thrill for the fans. He smiled at me and asked me how it was going as he always does.  Love Clayton.

I met many wonderful fans during my trip….one nice fan Carlos.
I called the shuttle to pick me up and take me to the Marriott to meet Norma. The game Wednesday was in Peoria and Norma was driving there. 

Next chapter to come….Dodgers vs Mariners at Peoria Stadium.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you don’t mind the installments. 

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