It Was All About Trayce

Peoria was quite an experience.  It was my first spring training game of my trip.  I had rushed to meet Norma at her hotel.  She was giving us a ride to the stadium. 

It’s a very nice stadium and it was a glorious day.  It was slightly overcast…absolutely perfect.   Our friend Greg who is a pitching coach said that Peoria is used all year around for training future baseball players.  There are even dorms.

Chase…always the first one on the field
The Dodgers were playing the Mariners.  Peoria is their stadium.
It was Trayce Thompson’s birthday.  He was very close as you can see.  I missed him almost all last year.  My heart was pounding the closer he got.
He graciously signed many autographs.  When he got closer, I said hi to him a bit timidly.  I wasn’t sure if he would remember me.  He gave me a big smile of recognition.  I asked him if he would take a selfie with me and he said. “Of course!”  He is the best!

I love this picture!!!

Chris Taylor was nice enough to give the selfie a thumbs up!
Just kind of peeking into this one
How cute is this?
I forgot to ask O’Koyea Dickson how to pronounce his first name.

Ready for the National Anthem.

We were beyond excited by now.  Norma had purchased awesome seats.


Next up…Trayce…taking practice swings.  Sorry about the netting.  I couldn’t use my big camera because it focuses on the netting and makes the player look blurry.  These pictures were taken with my iPhone.

And would you believe that Trayce hit a homerun on his birthday?  I couldn’t stop screaming.

I got Norma a turkey burger.  It looks pretty good.

I decided on chicken strips and fries.  Delicious.
Corey’s brother Kyle was playing for the Mariners.  Of course we cheered for him.
It was thrilling to take in my first game of the new season.  No Corey.  No Andre.  No Kike.  No Adrian.  But a lot of JT and Trayce.  It was still exciting.

Next…we decided to go to dinner after we rested a while.  Thanks for stopping by.   Spring Training continues….tune in for more.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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