Spring Training Part Two

Friday’s game was in Goodyear which is the Reds stadium. We had never been there. We decided to do a little shopping before we left for Goodyear.

There are some very nice shops in Glendale. They do open late and close early so we had missed most of the shops the last time we had visited.

We stopped at a candy store. Delicious chocolates. They actually make their candy right there on the premises. A little pricey but worth it.

Downtown Glendale is very quaint with antique stores, mostly mom and pop type stores all worth just taking a look.

We stopped to get our favorite Dodger ice cream. They had had a contest a few years ago and this was the winning combination. It’s become a tradition to go back and get a cone every year. We decided to eat at the stadium since it was getting late.

Goodyear is not our favorite stadium. It was our first time there and were disappointed. The rows were long so it was hard to get in and out of your seat. There was nonexistent security and they seemed to be at the gates and not in the stadium itself. The crowd was large since it was a sellout crowd so of course there were a few fans who were drunk and unruly. We won’t go back again.

When we finally got through the gates, I hurried down to the dugout in hopes of seeing some of my guys.

It was nice to see Jon SooHoo, the Dodger photographer. Hi Jon!!

And there was Alanna Rizzo who is always nice to the fans. She asked me where I was all spring.

Always fun to look in the dugout. I happened to see Russell Martin. He waved at me and said hi. I asked him if he remembered me. It’s been 11 years since I’ve seen him. He said he did. It was nice of him to say that although I don’t know if he really did.

Hey Dugie!!

There’s Travis and the other trainers.

Russell and Julio

It’s terrible to see Puig in red

And worse yet to see Matt not in blue.

Justin at bat



I left my seat to get something to eat. The lines were so long I decided to get into the shortest line, the hamburger line.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was one of the best hamburgers I have ever had. It was a Hatch chile, jack cheese hamburger fully loaded. i savored every bite. It was messy of course. Every good hamburger is.

Russell. At least I think it is.

The next morning I decided to go to practice even though I was leaving that day for home. It was a gorgeous day. It had been cold but that morning, it was perfect.

Kenley has definitely lost weight

Kenta stopped and signed for the kids. So nice.

So did Ryu

We were impressed with Dustin May who stopped and signed many many balls for the fans.

I was a little stressed since I had to catch my hotel shuttle to get back so I could get to the airport on time. They were holding everyone behind the fence until Dustin was done signing and he kept signing.

Ready and waiting. Always just carry-on. I did not get a single autograph and only a couple of selfies. However it was a great trip. The airport was nerve wracking however. They confiscated the sealed yogurt from my lunch bag. I decided to throw away the peanuts since they are shaped like explosives. They didn’t particularly like the bananas either. I might have to pay extra just to get TSA precheck since all this was more stressful than it needed to be. It costs a lot for one trip a year but I think it will be worth it. If anyone asks me again if I am over 75, I’ll lie down and die for them. No no no.

My luck. On the way back I literally sat next to the flight attendant. I had to make sure I had my seat belt fastened and that I turned all my electronics off. At least the taxi ride home was less than $20. The trip to the airport by an unscrupulous taxi driver was almost $30. I was fit to be tied..I was so angry. My sister asked me if I gave him a tip and I said of course not. She knows I ALWAYS leave a tip but not this one time.

Opening Day is less than one week away. Norma and I will be sitting in the dugout seats I won on Fan Appreciation Day. Lucky us. I gave my season seat to my baby sister Sara. I told her to eat a lot and get my money’s worth. I had just given the Dodgers a big chunk of money for those season tickets. It’s worth every penny to me.

A belated happy birthday to Norma’s Dad, here pictured with Brandi. Isn’t he a handsome guy??

Happy St Patricks Day birthday to my son’s oldest Caitie.

Get well soon to my sister’s child Kitty, here with best veterinarian on earth Norma at Bay Cities Pet Hospital in Torrance. Anyone with a cat or dog needs to check this wonderful place out. So much TLC.

Poppy…just because she’s my cute baby.

Thanks for stopping by. Exhibition game against the Angels is coming up on Tuesday. Opening Day is Thursday. It’s baseball season again!!! GO DODGERS!!!

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