Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day

Saturday was Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day.

We go every year just because. I had to work the night before and the night after the event so I knew I would suffer for it. but I really didn’t want to miss out. There are always pictures and a self guided tour.

It was a nice day…not too hot so I was already happy about that. I was planning on treating for food but I inadvertently forgot my debit card and money when I changed my phone wallet.

It was just as well because the sodas were $9 and the cheeseburgers were $8. I’m not sure how much those awful cheese nachos were but probably in the same price range.

We had pictures taken with the Western Division trophy and Silver Slugger trophy.

Donna, Norma and I go to most of these events together. We always seem to have a blast.

I ran into Sammy Wong..the guy in charge of all the special events. He is one of my favorite people. Hi Sammy!!

There were already quite a few fans there.

They were handing out pictures at the special event check in. Only one per couple. What if you didn’t have a plus-one? You get half a picture?

The grass which I’m used to seeing in better condition looked pretty sorry.

We had pictures taken at 2nd base.

We then went to the visitors dugout. That was a different experience.

We went on the self guided tour.

It’s always fun to check it out again.

The inside batting cage

The Dodgers workout area

The sports medicine trunk

My lonely seat waiting for baseball season to begin again.

Left field pavilion. It really is a long way from here to home plate. Puig and Joc make it look so easy. The wall towers over us.

Views from inside the bullpen. It’s fun seeing what the relief pitchers are doing during the game….graffiti on the wall.

We left after only a couple of hours. I was hoping to get a little nap before I had to go back to work. It was worth going. I had hoped to do a little shopping since there was a pretty good discount. Everyone got a 20% discount and with our MVP card, there was 20-30% more off. I didn’t see anything I wanted. There were no kids or baby clothes, no key rings or pins. There also were no World Series apparel. I had forgotten my debit card anyway. I really didn’t miss it.

We always enjoy the special events because it seems like such a long time until baseball season. The next event is Fan Appreciation Day on January 27. Hope to see everyone there!! It’s free to everyone with free parking.

I hope you are having a great off season. Happy Holidays to everyone. Thank you Amanda for helping us out with the tickets to the event since someone (ME) didn’t print them out on time. I appreciate everything you do for us.

I got a new charm for my necklace. Do you see the little blue heart? It’s right next to the LA. Of course..that’s where my heart is..since I do love the Dodgers.

This week we should find out if the Dodgers will be lucky enough to acquire either Stanton or Ohtani. I have my fingers crossed. I know everyone was down on Darvish because of his performance during the World Series but it all had to do with those slick World Series balls. It’s hard to throw a slider. Ok ok kill me with those anti-Darvish comments. I still like him no matter what negative comments you throw at me. It appears that the Padres are the favored team for Ohtani and the Giants are the favored team for Stanton. Our rivals.

Congratulations to Ross Stripling and Alex Wood on their recent nuptials. Coming up soon…Austin Barnes and Joc Pederson.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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