Puig’s Poker Tournament

One of the highlights of the year is the Puig Poker Tournament. This year was the second annual tournament. It started out being a big drag but ultimately it was one of the best times that Norma and I have had. One of Norma’s good friends Greg decided to go with us. He probably had the best time of all.

This is a good post on National Selfie Day. You’ll see why soon.

We arrived early since we weren’t sure what time to be there. We didn’t want to miss anything. When we bought our tickets early, there was no special ticket called VIP so we had bought general admission since we weren’t going to play poker. VIP tickets were only $200 more and included a sit down dinner and early admission. We were a little unhappy that we hadn’t been able to purchase the VIP tickets but it didn’t matter that much after all.

We were excited to see Yasiel Puig and his girlfriend Andrea. She looked absolutely beautiful. Since we didn’t have VIP tickets, we had to wait outside until the program was over. There was really nowhere to sit so we were relegated to standing room only.

Yasiel was in his element being interviewed by media. He is proud of the accomplishments that his Wild Horse Foundation has made in just a little over a year.

My friends Norma and Greg were my partners in this fun endeavor.

Hyun-Jin Ryu arrived with his wife

Kike arrived with Mariana and pretty much ignored us. They are like the Hollywood glamor couple. Oh well! No time for us.

Tyler Toffoli of the LA Kings arrived with fiancé Cat Belanger. I totally love them. They are so NORMAL!! They always have time for a few selfies.

I can’t tell you how much I love this couple!! They will be married on June 30.

There was a bevy of wrestlers. I’m not sure what their names are but I can tell you that they are big and scary.

They were setting up the tacos and tamales at the taco truck which was supposed to be for the general admission. It smelled heavenly. We couldn’t wait for them to start serving. The tacos and tamales were delicious and worth waiting for.

We waited outside the Stadium Club for about 2 hours on our feet. We were unhappy that they hadn’t provided seating. We weren’t allowed inside and of course dinner was served late. By that time everybody’s knees and feet were hurting.

When they finally started serving tacos and tamales, we realized we had to stand at a ledge to eat. Very poor organizing on their part. It would not have taken much to set up a few tables outside. We found some dirty chairs and tables on the lower level but it was a bit of a trek especially for Norma with her new pointy toed shoes.

The strawberry and cream cheese tamale was amazing. It sounds weird but it was really good. It was more of a dessert tamale. Norma and I are very big on desserts.

We had been able to go into the Stadium Club early because they hadn’t posted security at the door yet. We had to go out to get our tacos and tamales though and once outside couldn’t get back in.

We helped ourselves to the appetizers while we were there. Norma doesn’t eat seafood so she couldn’t enjoy the oysters, shrimp and uni like I did.

They had set up a few booths in the foyer.

A Sprinkles cupcake booth with, of course, cute mini cupcakes. I ate 3. They were mini size. Don’t judge.

Portos also had donated pastries. The shortbread cookies were lucious. The owner of Portos was there and was very gracious.

Everyone was given a take home box with a fruit tart. In the foreground is a potato puff. Yes, I did eat a lot. One of my favorites was the mochi ice cream. I tried all the flavors of course. Those of you who haven’t ever tried mochi ice cream are missing out.

When we finally were able to get into the Stadium Club, everyone had pretty much filed out into the poker tournament on the other side. They were serving a chocolate dessert inside which I think was for the VIP’s but we were able to snag some.

Very sweet and decadent

Yasiel was a little harder to get to than last year. He was always surrounded by a lot of people. Interesting enough there were hardly any fans. Most were VIPs and sponsors.

I was able to get a selfie with him but Norma and Greg weren’t successful. He was always being scurried off to be somewhere else.

Manny Mota and his wife were there to support Puig along with this big guy…can’t remember who he is but he obviously plays basketball.

Manny was very nice. I complimented his wife on her fantastic first pitch on Manny Mota bobblehead day.

I peeked outside the window and looked out on an eerily empty Dodger Stadium. So beautiful in its calm.

I looked for Andrea. She was at a table with her Mom and Heather Grandal.

Andrea’s Mom was kind enough to take pics of Andrea, Heather and myself. And yes I am wearing a dress. This is the only dress I own and I did have to purchase it for the event with much help from a helpful Nordstrom’s salesperson. Thank you Nordy. The ticket said cocktail dress. It’s not quite a cocktail dress but a little black dress does work. I am also wearing tights and real shoes. That’s also a stretch for me. All this fancy attire was retired.

Andrea is one of my favorite people. She complimented me by telling me I was the Dodgers #1 fan. Greg asked if he could get a picture with them to show the guys in the office. Hahaha.

I had fun with Heather and Andrea. They are the nicest Dodger wives.

I told Heather that I had taken and printed up Mother’s Day pictures of her husband for her. They were pics of him hitting the homerun ball and running into base. I asked her if she would ask Yasmani to actually get the pics from me since he tends to not look at anybody. She said she would. The next time I saw him before a game he was going into the dugout. He saw me from a distance waving the envelope. I thought I was being creative by pasting block letters with his name on the envelope. The envelope had been in my backpack so long that a couple of the letters had fallen off and the envelope was looking a little dog eared and worn out. He started to run past me as usual but I called out to him saying “This is for Heather.” He stopped in his tracks and to my surprise he grabbed the envelope and went into the dugout without a word. At last I was able to get the pics to her!! I was relieved. Mission accomplished.

The event turned out to be one of the most memorable Dodger events to date. Greg had a ball.

And since this event was a poker tournament, here are a few shots of the tournament itself.

Yasmani smiling….wow!!

Kourtney Turner and Cat Belanger at the head of one of the tables and Clayton Kershaw to the right with Cali.

Another shot of Clayton and Cali. Kudos to Clayton who supported Yasiel. I was a little disappointed that more of the team didn’t come out to support the cause. Those team members that did come were Yasmani, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Kike Hernandez, Justin Turner and Kourtney, and Matt Kemp. Other celebrities did attend including the wrestlers and some actors, LA King Tyler Toffoli who always supports the team.

Jaleel White mostly known for his role as Steve Urkel was there. He was funny and friendly.

I don’t have a tv so I don’t know the actors from many of the popular tv shows but this actor is on Major Crimes. Forgive me if I don’t remember his name.

Justin Turner whose beard gets longer and longer. Remember for his wedding during the offseason, it was trimmed short.

Beautiful Kourtney who is now Mrs. Turner.

Hyun-Jin Ryu who was on his way out. He had eaten before attending. I was so happy to see him.

One of my all time favorite singers, Jeffrey Osborne. Who doesn’t know his beautiful song “On the Wings of Love?” Of course I went home and downloaded two of his albums from ITunes.

My favorite Matt Kemp. Notice again his “Judy” necklace. Judy is his gorgeous Mom.

We had to hit the taco and tamale wagon again. Thank you to all the staff for their donation and contribution to Puig’s Wild Horse Foundation. Other donors were of course Portos, Sprinkles Cupcakes, the makers of Mochi ice cream…is there anything more delicious? The gift bags were Adidas sports bags filled with goodies. Thanks to Adidas.

It wasn’t a surprise for me to see Matt Kemp outside at the taco wagon saying “I got to get me some more of those tacos.” He wasn’t inside with the celebrities but outside with us. He ate off the ledge like we did.

I love you Matt. I asked him if he could take pictures with my friends.

Don’t laugh. Look at Matt’s face.

It was a nice way to end the evening.

Norma and I always have fun no matter what we do. We had a blast.

The Dodgers are only 2 games behind the D Backs even after 2 losses. Onward to New York and the Mets. GO DODGERS!!!

Fathers Day

One of my favorite days of the season is Fathers Day. This is why.

What other time would you be able to see such a heartwarming sight? Yasiel and Andrea with their two sons.

Clayton, Ellen, Cali and Charley

Logan and family

Tom Koehler in Dodger gear. He hasn’t pitched at all yet for the Dodgers. He may pitch for the first time in August. Yes, he had another setback.

Cali pretty much ignored her Dad.

She went her own way

The guys without children

Danny was having fun running around the field.

There will obviously be another Jansen soon.

There definitely was a crowd standing for the National Anthem.

Try corralling all of the kids.


Probably my favorite pic: Andrea and Danny

And then then try catching all the balls that the kids threw. Uh yeah.

Through all the confusion, Yasmani walked back to the dugout by himself.

Cody signed through all the confusion. Cody signs almost every game.

Justin should qualify as a Father. He has a child named Moonshine MinPin. No?

And Joc will officially be a Dad next year.

It looks like a population explosion. Kenley and son.

Tommy to the left. Poor Danny showing some frustration.

Not much to write about the game. The Dodgers did win the series with the Giants and still are 1 1/2 games back since Arizona lost to the Mets. Thank you Mets.

Of course the best Dad of all is my son Philip who surprised me at the game on Saturday.

I’m having problems with WordPress so I have to post later. Please stay tuned!!

GO DODGERS!!! Hopefully they will be at the top of the Western Division by the end of the week.

Walk Off

Wednesday was the second game of a 2 game series with the Rangers. It was another warm day. I was back at my regular seat after having sat in Lexus Dugout on Tuesday. It was actually good to be back in my usual spot. I felt like I had been on a holiday. Being in the Dugout Club is a little surreal.

It was early batting practice as usual.

Same time, same place, same guys. It’s a comfort to be in a routine.

Kike and Chase usually win for strangest look during batting practice.

The team went in early so I didn’t see anyone at the dugout. It was a good time to go to the club to eat.

Ahhhh eggplant Parmesan…one of my favorites. It was absolutely wonderful. I ate two helpings.

Buffalo chicken sliders

Meatballs which went perfectly with the eggplant.

Some yummy salads

And then I was ready to go out to the field again.

Kenta Maeda warming up on the field

Austin Barnes was also warming up. He was Kenta’s backstop. I was wearing Austin’s jersey since I had told him I would do so every time he started. It’s the good luck jersey.

Kenta was looking good. He had just come off of DL with a hip injury.

Greg and Norma

And they all came out to warm up before the game.

Kike did his own personal stretching and even did some pushups. Being flexible certainly came in handy at the end of the game.

National Anthem

They all left the field without signing…even Cody didn’t sign for the kids. One of those days.


Kenta and Austin along with Will the translator. Did you notice that Austin rarely smiles?

Getting ready for the first pitch..each pitcher has his own little ritual. Kenta is no exception.

First pitch

In the top of the first inning, Delino DeShields was hit by a pitch. Mazara ground into a double play.

In the bottom of the 1st inning, Dodgers scored first with a Justin Turner solo homerun to left field. 1-0.

In the top of the 2nd inning the Rangers were out in order.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Cody walked

Yasiel walked

Logan ground into a force out with Yasiel to 2nd, Cody out at 3rd.

With Austin batting, Yasiel stole 3rd base and then scored. 2-0. Error on Beltre. Somehow Austin was involved in 2 of the 3 runs scored.

In the top of the 3rd inning, Rougned Odor singled to right field. Shin-Soo Choo walked. Both were left on base.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Matt Kemp singled to shortstop and advanced to 2nd on a throwing error by Profar.

Kike singled to right field.

Matt was out at home with catcher Chirinos blocking the plate. Matt did the only thing he could do and charged into Chirinos who was in the way. Chirinos shoved Matt and Matt shoved back.

And here they come. The benches cleared. All fans were on their feet.

Apparently Chirinos had taken offense at Matt hitting him at the plate. Uh…isn’t that Matt standing behind the crowd?

Everyone brushed themselves off.

The bullpen walked back. Wait….where’s Kenley? He said he was lounging on the couch in the bullpen. Hahaha.

Wondering the outcome of the bench clearing incident. There always are some ejections.

Going back….long walk.

The umpires pondered the fate of Matt and Chirinos. Matt later on said it was no big deal. No one was mad. He wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings between the Dodgers and the Rangers. He did not take the first blow…it was Chirinos who had shoved Matt first. Matt was only worried about hurting his ankle as he had done before. The Umps decided that both would be ejected. Joc replaced Matt on the field.

I think the benches clearing shook Kenta up because Adrian doubled. Profar singled with Adrian scoring. 2-1. Joey Gallo singled scoring Profar with the Rangers tying the score. 2-2. Odor was walked, He was left on base.

In the bottom of the 4th inning Cody walked.

Puig ground into a force out with Cody out at 2nd. Puig was caught stealing with Logan batting.

In the top of the 5th inning, Choo doubled but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Chris Taylor doubled.

Justin walked.

But was left on base.

The Rangers were out in order in the top of the 6th inning.

In the bottom of the 6th inning Cody doubled to right field.

But was left on base. Uh oh!! So many left on base!

In the top of the 7th inning, Choo walked but was left on base. Score was still tied.

In the bottom of the 7th inning pinch hitter Max Muncy walked but was left on base. Score was still tied.

It was good to see Oscar who was taking a day off so he could actually watch the game.

In the top of the 8th inning Beltre singled but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Joc, Kike and Cody all struck out.

In the top of the 9th inning, Kenley got off the bullpen couch and walked Choo. Choo was left on base.

In the bottom of the 9th inning, Yasiel walked.

Logan singled to right field with Yasiel going to 3rd. Everyone was left on base to everyone’s chagrin. Yikes extra innings!!

In the top of the 10th inning, Beltre singled. Profar singled but thankfully both were left on base. We were all sitting at the edge of our seats.

In the bottom of the 10th inning, the Dodgers were out in order. I was beginning to think that it would be a very long game. I contemplated leaving since the Dodgers don’t usually do well in extra inning games.

In the top of the 11th inning Odor walked but was left on base. Come on Dodgers!!. We’re all tired and want to go home.

Former Dodger Jesse Chavez was pitching for the Rangers.

Yasiel was intentionally walked. Chavez was replaced by Matt Bush. Bad move on the part of the Rangers.

Logan walked with Kike going to 3rd and Yasiel to 2nd. At this point I was praying that Austin would be the hero of the game. Maybe he would finally smile. Remember I am wearing the good luck jersey.

Austin hit a comebacker to the pitcher who proceeded to throw the ball wildly to the catcher pulling him off base. Kike was able to sidestep the catcher and touched home plate winning the game. 3-2.

Austin thought he could get off the field safely but do you see Cody in the distance? Austin had paused and looked around thinking no one had noticed him.

No chance as happy teammates gave him a good dousing.

And if Kike thought he was getting away, he was part of the walkoff win too. It was a team effort. The Dodgers were jumping up and down with excitement. It was a hard fought game.

It was a great win. I’m sure Kike was happy with hugs all around. The game was exhilarating with the benches clearing incident and the walkoff in extra innings. We were all tired but happy as we finally left Dodger Stadium. Everyone was ready for a day off.

No game on Thursday. Weird week since Monday also was a day off. On Friday our Ross Stripling 5-1 ERA 1.65 whom many consider our ace will face SF Giant Derek Holland 4-6 ERA 4.54. The Dodgers have scrapped their way to 2nd place, only 2 games behind the D Backs.

Thanks for stopping by. It’s been a great week so far!! GO DODGERS!!!!

Lexus Dugout Club

The day was finally here. It was the day I would be in the Lexus Dugout Club. I had won two tickets to the most luxurious seating in Dodger Stadium through my MVP card. The only snag was that it was also Filipino Day and I had invited my good friends from work to enjoy a day at the ballpark. I was trying to figure out how I could be in two places at the same time.

I had invited bestie Norma to come with me. Everything Dodger is more fun when I’m with her so of course she was my natural choice.

It started out as usual on Tuesday with early batting practice.

And that’s about all that was the same.

I had most of the day plotted out in my head. I had time to go over to the dugout after batting practice hoping to be able to talk to my favorite Dodgers.

A nice hello from Matt first as he ran in

Max Muncy made no eye contact as usual

Matt glanced at everyone as he ran by

Joc who has been absolutely wonderful the last few games stopped to sign although his hands were full. Joc has always been good to the fans.

Uh oh, half naked Kike alert

My favorite Austin made everyone happy by stopping. He gave me a smile as he ran in.

Ryu was also nice enough to stop for the fans

Kike just ran in

About this time I was starting to be in panic mode because I knew I had to pick up the Filipino Day caps for my invited friends. I had appointed my friend Cindy as my official substitute to entertain all the friends I had invited for that special day.

The line seemed long but getting to the front wasn’t a problem. the hats were really nice. The cadets passing them out were having fun.

I hurried over the Lexus Dugout Club. I was worried it would be crowded. I was right. It was difficult to take pictures because of the dim lighting. There were several different stations depending on what you wanted to eat. I wanted a little sample from everywhere.

Here is my plate: tri tip, artichoke heart salad, Caesar salad and roast wild turkey

Of course i had to have two plates. here’s my second with delicious ribs, beet salad, steak with fried onions. One difference between the Lexus Dugout Club and the Baseline Clubs is that there are real eating utensils, no plastic down there. There are also real plates. The food is comparable. I love the food in Baseline anyway. There is more of a variety in the Dugout Club. It was crowded even an hour before the game. I managed to find two places at a crowded table.

My downfall were the desserts!!! OMG!! The DESSERTS!!!

Not sure what this concoction was but it was my favorite. I had 3. Don’t judge. You weren’t there.

These yummy concoctions were a close second.

Let’s we forget chocolate….there was plenty of that. If only the Baseline Club served such awesome desserts. No strike that thought. I would gain so much weight, they would have to cart me around. I pretty much forgot the regular food because the desserts were too hard to resist. I did get a second helping of the ribs.

Tommy made his way through the club. He is very much loved by all of us. He stopped to say hi to everyone. It did my heart good that he looked at me with recognition and asked how I’ve been. I love you Tommy.

Norma also found the food to be pretty good. She loved the turkey.

And then I had a Sue sighting. Usually she is very very far away. But on that day she was this close.

National Anthem. The netting may be a necessity but it wreaks havoc on my pictures. I put my camera away and only used my iPhone. The camera focuses on the webbing of the netting and everything else is a big blur. Not happy.

Here comes Caleb Ferguson (making his Dodger Stadium debut) and Yasmani. Ferguson did better this outing than on the road. He lasted 4 innings so didn’t get the win.

First pitch through the webbing was a disaster. I figured that I might as concentrate on eating since I couldn’t take pictures. What a shame since it was such a good game.

Max Muncy

Forty-five year old Bartolo Colon was pitching for the Rangers. I had a feeling that he would probably not do well. Sure enough Joc Pederson, Max Muncy and Yasiel Puig all hit homeruns with him pitching. The final score was 12-5 and yes the Rangers are pretty bad.

Joc has been pretty amazing as of late. He has hit 8 homeruns, 28 RBI’s. For the first couple of months he kept striking out, hitting only one homerun in 151 plate appearances but in the last 8 games, he has found his swing with 11 runs, 5 doubles and 10 RBI’s.

My seats were fantastic. They are in what they call the tv seats. In other words, be careful what you are doing during the game because millions may see you. I was on the end and spent most of the game people watching. I saw Tommy grab a few boxes of red hots.

This video was taken from the tv by our friend Greg. Yikes, is it sideways? I’ve been having trouble with WordPress. It usually just kicks me out.

Although I was full, I still told Norma I wanted to order some in-seat food so here are the chicken bites. Crunchy. Hot and delicious. The two sauces were exceptional.

I realized that during the game, the dugout section loves to stand up and give each other high fives so I quit trying to take pictures. It was a lost cause.

See what I mean? Here is Max Muncy running in after his homerun. Stupid netting and those arms. I give up.

Time for more dessert.

The raspberry bread pudding was heavenly.

Norma loves all things chocolate so she was enjoying the dessert cart

We did have to go check on our seats of course. Norma had given her 4 seats to her niece Brandi and her friends. They were having a great time. I went to my seat and found that it was vacant. Cindy was taking care of my friends. Good job.

It was a definite thumbs up from my friends. Are they actually drinking water?

Thank you Cindy for taking care of them for me. Matt, Dax, Christian, Benny and Glenn from the left. All of them super RN’s. The hats are quite awesome!!!

Puig hitting his homerun.

The score which is really blurry through the netting

And they win with a score of 12-5. Daniel Corcino had a 3 inning save but not before allowing 2 runs. Doc must have left him in because he had a few extra runs to work with.

My goal was to find a celebrity in the Dugout to take a selfie. We did see the guy from the All State commercial. He got away. Last year I had spotted Chrissy Metz who was so nice. I thought it would be a fail until Norma pointed out that Prince Fielder was sitting in the front. So me being me had to confront him. Mission Prince Fielder.

So I did get my celebrity selfie. Prince Fielder was very nice.

I want to thank my super special server Jennifer who was spot on. You are the best.

And thank you to my buddy Norma who made the dugout experience even more special.

One of the best parts of being in Dugout Club is watching the players in their street clothes leaving the clubhouse and going up the elevator. It used to be that the players would sign autographs for everyone but now it’s only for kids in the kiddie corral with their doting parents on the other side coaching the kids who have no idea who the players are. There was a grandmother who stood on the other side of me who didn’t know security and media from the players. She knew none of the players but kept screaming at her granddaughter to get autographs. She was getting on my last nerve. She told me to tell her which of these guys coming from the clubhouse were actually players. Yeah, right. Not my job. I was going to tell her to get an autograph from my friend Robert who is security. Hehehe.

Most of the guys were in a hurry since it was a long game and they were hungry. Cody was carrying some takeout and scurried past. I don’t blame him.

Austin had the right idea. Carry a large box and make no eye contact. That look in his eyes is a bit scary. Don’t speak to me. Don’t look at me. I am leaving this building.

Rich Hill was very sweet and signed everything for everybody.

Baez. The little girl with the big ball was taking instruction from grandma. I guess it was a no for an autograph from Baez.

Wonderful Alex Wood signed for the kids too although I’m sure they had no idea who he was.

Joc was in a hurry

To my surprise shy Chris Taylor stopped and put his takeout down to sign for the kids. The guy to my right told me to back up and proceeded to be in my way. I just love these parents. NOT!

Chris was the best. He signed for every kid. He actually turned and said hi to me when he saw me. Awwww! Love you.

It was a good day. Everything went as planned. My friends were happy. Cindy was happy. Norma was happy. The Dodgers won.

On Wednesday our Kenta Maeda fresh off of DL 4-4 ERA 3.61 faces Cole Hamels 3-6 ERA 3.86. I will be back in my regular seat and will be able to take pictures with my camera. No netting yet where I usually sit. The Dodgers are now alone in 2nd place with a 34-32 record. The first place D Backs are again on a tear with a 5 game winning streak.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!!!

Staying Hot

The Dodgers returned on Friday from their winning road trip. The day before they were able to finish sweeping the Pirates with a bullpen pitched game. Then they had hopped on their charter back to LA. No day off so there was no early batting practice on Friday.

The Braves were already on the field. There were maybe 4 Dodgers throwing including Kenley and Baez. The field was almost empty.

So I decided to just up to the club to eat. I had missed the food while they were away. I just couldn’t wait.

Pork tenderloin…..!

An amazing BBQ chicken that had a little kick.

My plate with the pork tenderloin, BBQ chicken and tilapia.

The colorful salads were absolutely delicious

The melon drink hit the spot.

Fully loaded mashed potatoes!! My favorite!

The fruit display

I could have stayed in the club the entire game eating but I decided to go out to the field.

It was LGBT Night.

Yasmani almost was able to get past me

And he looked at me from across the field. I think he was taunting me.

Chris Taylor was being interviewed on Sportsnet.

Walker came out to stretch with his hoody on. Note how he takes off his jacket…just like a teenager.

And he warmed up

Norma and Donna

Doug and Yoshiko. He’s so funny.

Christina and Sue…Sue always taking pictures




Cody signed as he usually does

Matt also signed. There was a “fan” who told me Matt signs every game. Excuse me but that’s not true. This is the 3rd time in the last couple of homestands. That person told me I wasn’t watching. Uh, what does that mean? I haven’t missed a game so I would know. He said he’s been coming since 2006. Uh ok. Why argue with stupid? It turned out he was down there illegally since he scooted on out of there after getting an autograph. I didn’t see him in the baseline section the rest of the game. If you check out this blog, I take pictures of every time a player signs so I must have missed Matt signing all those other times. Whatever.

The National Anthem….Kike wearing THOSE pants.

The rest of the guys after the National Anthem

Lots of love for trainer Travis

Yasmani waiting impatiently for Walker as he tries to find his inside-out hoody.

I know Yasmani isn’t looking at me as he walks down the field to the dugout.

One of my favorite Dodger pitchers Brandon McCarthy was traded to the Braves. I knew I better not wear his good luck jersey since he’s on the other team. That’s probably why he had such a bad luck game.

First pitch for Walker Buehler. He did get the win but his right rib became sore enough to affect his pitch speed so he was taken out by Dave before the 6th inning. He had been hit in the ribs by a ball a couple of starts ago and worked through it.

In the top of the 1st inning the Braves were out in order.

In the bottom of the 1st inning Matt Kemp singled.

Cody walked.

Ooops not that one

Not that one either

Keep going

Walk for Cody

Yasiel singled to right field.

Matt scored with Belly going to 3rd. The Dodgers were on the board. 1-0. The call was challenged and Yasiel was out at first.

In the 2nd inning the Braves were again out in order with two ground outs and a fly out.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Yasmani hit a solo homerun to center field. 2-0.

In the top of the 3rd inning, the Braves couldn’t get a break and were out in order. Walker was on fire.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning the Dodgers were out in order. Uh what???

In the top of the 4th inning the Braves were out in order again.

In the bottom of the 4th inning, Yasmani hit a second homerun. 3-0.

In the top of the 5th inning the trainers and Doc noticed that Walker’s pitch velocity was down a couple mph which made a difference. Markakis singled to center field. Suzuki doubled to center scoring Markakis. 3-1.

In the bottom of the 5th inning Joc hit a solo homerun to right field. Joc found his swing on the last road trip.

He actually has hit 7 homeruns in the last 7 games. 4-1.

Max Muncy also hit a solo homerun. 5-1.

In the top of the 6th inning Pat Venditte replaced Walker. Decision made by the trainers and Doc as a precaution. Walker is tough as nails and really didn’t want to leave the game.

But with so many pitchers injured, it was a precaution.

With Venditte pitching Swanson doubled. Freeman hit a ground rule double scoring Swanson. 5-2.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Cody walked and then was able to steal two bases. He was left on base.

In the top of the 7th inning, Suzuki walked and Inciarte singled. Adam Liberatore replaced Venditte. Charlie Culbertson ground into a double play and Bourjos struck out swinging.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Logie walked.

Adam then was allowed to bat and bunted into a force out with Logie out at 2nd.

Max Muncy doubled with Adam scoring. I bet that was an experience for relief pitcher Adam. 6-3.

In the top of the 8th inning, Camargo hit a solo homerun. 6-3

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Cody hit a solo homerun to right field. 7-3.

Where are all these homeruns coming from? The Dodgers now have the record for most homeruns in the National League!!

In the top of the 9th inning, Kenley came out to finish the game. The score looked promising.

Time to check out the bullpen. Good to see Corey Seager. Chase looks a little down not playing. So does Kenta. Puig had been taken out of the game by Doc probably for disciplinary reasons. He’s always a bad boy.

Almost over. One more out.

Here come the Dodgers…up and over the rail including all those on DL: Ryu, Corey, Santana, Rich, Chase. Yikes. Watch out!

It looks like the walking wounded!

It was another great win. The Dodgers are now in a 3 way tie for 2nd place!! Remember that they were in last place not that long ago.

On Saturday Anibal Sanchez 1-0 ERA 2.16 will face our Alex Wood 1-4 ERA 4.48. It should make a difference that the Dodger offense has exploded. Alex will get run support this time. Saturday is also Manny Mita bobblehead day. I always dread bobblehead days. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. I will definitely wear my Alex Wood jersey for good luck. One of these days when I remember I will have him sign it.

Thanks for stopping by. It’s always more fun to win but we will always support them no matter what!! Love you guys! See you soon. GO DODGERS!!!@

Premium Batting Practice 2018

One of the most enjoyable experiences for those of us sitting in either baseline or dugout seats is the premium batting practice which usually takes place once a year. The event includes a chance to pitch in the bullpen or to actually swing a bat on the field. It also includes food, photo booth, on field photos and a tour of the stadium. We always look forward to it every year. This year the event took place June 6 and 7. We went on the 7th.

Each account holder is allowed one guest. Usually we receive a nice tee shirt to commemorate the event. We were given a black tee shirt with the words LA Determined.

It was a little hot.

It was the four of us: Mika, Donna and Norma who came to the event. Mika is camera shy so she isn’t pictured.

As we came in, a photographer took a picture of us. Not sure I like this picture.

The event took place on the field itself. I’m sure the grounds crew was anxiously watching everyone chopping up the field since the Dodgers had a home game the next day.

The food as usual was delicious. The best was probably the chicken meatballs but of course they were serving the traditional Dodger dogs. There was plenty of food and I certainly took advantage.

We have chef Cesar Rosales to thank for the wonderful food.

The entire catering staff were the best!

It was a good time to say hi to all the Dodger reps who are the best in baseball.

Amanda who is my rep….love you Amanda!!!



Antonio….no one escaped my pictures that day.

No one…..!

Not even the guy taking the pictures!

It was nice seeing old friend Mitzi

One of the best parts of the event is the photo booth.

You can see I had fun with it. I personally like the photos with Chris and JT.

Definitely fun to see your name up in lights especially with a repeat of the Dodgers win that day on Dodger vision directly above it.

It was good to see Dean and his cousin enjoying the Dodger fare.

Many took advantage of the field to actually hit balls.

Time for strawberry ice cream in a helmet!

Next up was the tour.

Our tour guide was the best

We went first to the Vin Scully Press Box.

The view from the whole press box section is breath taking. The last picture is actually where Vin sat. No one can take his place obviously.

Some old trunks from the original Brooklyn Dodgers.

Along with original seats.

A replica of Dodger Stadium constructed by a fan

The ticket from game one of the World Series 1988.

The no -hitters by Josh Beckett and Clayton Kershaw

The bullpen cart which was made and never used.

One of the original lockers

One of the new displays. Co-MVP’s Turner and Taylor from last years World Series games.

And most recently, the combined no-hitter in Mexico.

The press-box. This is where Dave gives the interviews right after the games.

Fun for us to sit in that chair but not so fun probably for Doc. I can’t believe how unflattering the light is in that room.

The gigantic batting cage underground.

Somebody beat the heck out of this door when something didn’t go right during the game.

The bat rack also was the brunt of someone’s frustration. I think Andre Ethier was responsible for this damage.

My traditional pose in the dugout

I’m glad that they decided to cover the baseline seats with tarp when the Dodgers are on the road. There’s my seat.

We were standing where Joc usually does in center field. That’s a very long distance.

How about hitting a homerun this far?

Inside the bullpen viewing room. They watch the game from here when they aren’t warming up.

Time to go. It’s been fun.

Good bye to Dodger Stadium until Friday!!!

On Thursday, the Dodgers were able to beat the Pirates even with a bullpen game. Dennis Santana was supposed to make the start but hurt himself right before the game. The Dodgers squeaked by with an 8-7 win. Can you imagine learning during the National Anthem that your starting pitcher could not pitch?? Poor Doc.

During this road trip, Joc Pederson broke out offensively with huge homeruns. Cody also found his swing and almost hit for the cycle. This road trip netted a 5-1 record with wins in 15 of the last 20 games. The Dodgers are only 1 1/2 games out of first place. Of course the Western Division is a little weak, last place within 4 1/2 games of first.

On Friday the Dodgers begin a series with the Atlanta Braves who is 2nd only to the Nationals in the Eastern Division. Our Walker Buehler 3-1 ERA 2.74 will face past Dodger Brandon McCarthy 5-2 ERA 4.83. Old friend Charlie Culbertson is also with the Braves. We’re going to try to go over to the dark side to say hi. I always wore Brandon’s jersey when he pitched but I suppose I better not this time. Too bad the Dodgers didn’t resign him…obviously we need another pitcher desperately.

It has been a sad week with the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Please remember their families in this very tragic time.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad our guys are back!!! GO DODGERS!!!! This will be a huge week!! Stay tuned.