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Splitting the Series

Actually I was happy that the Dodgers split the series with the Atlanta Braves.  The Braves are hot.  The Dodgers were able to end the Braves’ 9 game winning streak. 

The game Saturday was pitched by Chad Billingsley.  Everyone seemed to be in a great mood.

The entire bullpen was laughing and looked happy.  It was a day when the entiire bullpen imploded, very unusual for the Dodgers who have one of the best bullpens.  I was hoping that the blister on Jeff Weaver’s finger was not a problem.

There’s Kuroda-San looking at me.  He probably is thinking in Japanese about that blonde who always seems to be taking picutres.  I take about 200 pictures a game

Another shot of Billingsley warming up

A smiling Russell Martin


Matt Kemp smiling under his cap as the trainer is stretching him.

Swinging the bat before the game

Matt and James talking before the game


Matt on the steps of the Dugout bouncing up and down like a prize fighter ready to fight

And here he is signing a ball for a child before the game

Andre spotting me in the crowd again.

Manny adjusting those pant legs again.  That darn static cling.

Jamey Carroll looking right at me before he hits that base hit.  I think he remembers that I told him that I notice he gets on base a lot.

Bills pitching during the game

Matt on third base

A nice shot of James on first base for Mimi

Boy, that static cling is a mess

Andre on first checking me out

Manny taking a timeout during a ptiching change

Lots of discussion during this game.  This was taken during a pitching change.

Here’s a picture of Virginia’s beloved Melky.

Another closer shot for Virginia

The Sunday game against the Braves was much better.  It was a day game.  It was hot but there was a nice breeze


The guys were out on the field throwing balls.  Here’s Charlie Hager who will probably end up on DL again so another pticher can be called up.

Kuo throwing balls

Here’s Kuo again with that Asian hair thing going on.  Mimi and Hyunyoung knows what I’m talking about

A shot of Broxton and Chipper Jones.  They seemed to be getting along quite well.  In fact the Braves and the Dodgers were both out on the filed talking it up.  There was no obvious animosity.

My gorgeous good friend Jo Anna who looks like a teenager.  She was on Dodgervision the night before.

Andre.  His hair is curling under his cap

The bullpen walking over Matt

AJ Ellis minus cap

John Ely who did not have a good game except that he was thrilled about his base hit, his first since high school.  Talk about a nice kid.

It was a hot day.  I sat in the shade after sitting in my regular seat for about 5 minutes.  Ugh.

Here is Andre seeming to say “Here I am!”  He is going to the All Star game if the voting stands.  He deserves to go. 

A pic of Ely during the game

A shot of Ely right before his thrilling base hit!

Garrett Andreson, playing left field.

Jose Lima was honored at the Sunday game.  They played video of him singing the National Anthem and God Bless America.  Jose Lima Jr threw out the first pitch.  Prayers to his family.

The game was stopped momentarily when the pitcher complained that there was a reflection in the crowd that was bothering hin,  The fan had something that was shining in the pitcher’s eye.

It was a lot of discussion

Very strange.  They had the fan change his seat.

Here’s Andre taking it all in while eating sunflower seeds   Jamey Carroll is on the right in the picture

Some more guys on the fence  Matt was on third base so he waited it out while talking to James

Broxton came out in the ninth to finish it off but the game turned into an extra inning game.

Like I said before, it was a weird game with helicopers flying overhead

In the eleventh inning with the score tied 4-4, Russell patiently waited out a walk

AJ Ellis was able to hit a walk off basehit, winning the game 5-4.  Amazingly the Dodgers had never been ahead in the game. 

I was so excited I shot their feet instead of their heads.  Oh well!!!

Nice pic.  Guess the players by their legs.

It was a fun game.  By the eleventh inning, we were all hot and tired but happy.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  Tonight the Dodgers will meet the Cardinals.  This will be the 8th game in a row I’ve gone to!!

I hope your team is doing well.  The Dodgers still are 1/2 game behind the Padres who can’t seem to lose.

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I have a few more pics to share with you from recent games

Janes minus cap



Time to rest.  Next game in 9 hours!!!

Signing autographs

Okay, now I do have to go.  Enjoy your day.
























































































































The First Braves Game

After the thrill of three walkoffs against the D Backs, the Dodgers lost in exciting fashion to the Atlanta Braves.  The Dodgers and Braves have been called the two hottest teams in baseball.  It was a letdown to lose but I still had fun.

FirstBravesGame001.jpg image by xoxrussell


The food was the best.  I had marsala chicken which was outstanding.  I also had a large serving of the herb encrusted beef sirloin.  The rice pilaf was the best that I have had there.

FirstBravesGame002.jpg image by xoxrussell


The salad was so good I had a whole plate.  There are three salads in that dish:  the field greens salad which has become one of my favorites, the famous Caesar salad, and the spinach salad that had a tasty fruit dressing and large slices of strawberries.

FirstBravesGame007.jpg image by xoxrussell


I tore myself away from the food to finally go out to the field to watch the warmups.  Kuroda San was stretching.  He has been struggling out there lately.  I wonder if there is something physically wrong with him.  The Braves commented after the game that Kuroda was throwing harder than they thought he would and were lucky to connect.

FirstBravesGame009.jpg image by xoxrussell


I talked to our utility player Jamey Carroll before the game.  He was taking Casey’s third base position for the day.  I commented that no matter what, he seems to get basehits.  He looked at me and maybe looked a little startled that anyone noticed.  He smiled and said he would go out there again and try to hit a couple.  Funny thing…he did hit two base hits.  I wonder if he remembered our pre game conversation

FirstBravesGame023.jpg image by xoxrussell


Here is Russell coming out from the Dugout with all his gear getting ready to warm up.  He is passing Jamey who is to the left

FirstBravesGame028.jpg image by xoxrussell


Russell was all smiles.

FirstBravesGame054.jpg image by xoxrussell

Probably the player that gets the most attention is our Andre Ethier.  I guess I got a little close.

FirstBravesGame050.jpg image by xoxrussell

He gave me a big smile..

FirstBravesGame057.jpg image by xoxrussell

But the player of the day was Matty Kemp.  The giveaway was a superhero Matt Kemp.  Here he is being stretched by one of the trainers.

FirstBravesGame077.jpg image by xoxrussell

He signed a few autographs and I shook his finger.   Usually he shakes my hand but he was holding a pen

FirstBravesGame110.jpg image by xoxrussell

Here is super hero Matty

FirstBravesGame112.jpg image by xoxrussell


The superhero figure was nicer than I thought it would be.

FirstBravesGame096.jpg image by xoxrussell

A picture of Manny batting.  He was 0-4 last night.  The Dodger offense was sluggish.

FirstBravesGame114.jpg image by xoxrussell

There’s Andre looking at me again.

FirstBravesGame160.jpg image by xoxrussell


Jamey Carroll on base after his second base hit.

FirstBravesGame163.jpg image by xoxrussell

Another picture of Jamey on base 

FirstBravesGame200.jpg image by xoxrussell

Matty seems to be looking for his lost swing

FirstBravesGame216.jpg image by xoxrussell

My big surprise was to see Takashi Saito closing for the Braves.  I love Saito.  His bobblehead is my favorite.  I gave mine to my friend Matt Peaslee.  Unfortunately he hurt himself while pitching and had to leave the game.  I was horrified.  Get well soon, Takashi San

FirstBravesGame233.jpg image by xoxrussell

Here’s Andre back in the Dugout.  I’m so glad he’s off DL.

The game became exciting in the eighth inning when the score went from 4-0 Braves, to 4-3.  The Dodgers know how to get the fans going.

I went to the Baseline Club after the sixth inning to get cookies.  To my surprise one of the chefs handed me a box and here is what was inside.  They know how to make me feel 100% better.

FirstBravesGame146.jpg image by xoxrussell

The Dodgers lost last nights game.  I was sad for a minute and then I realized how lucky I am.  My sister is making a fantastic recovery.  She has gone through so much in the last two years:  breast cancer and now two brain aneurysms.  If there ever is a hero, it is my sister.  Funny thing, we were laughing yesterday about her scar.  Actually laughing!!  She thought she would go out with her scar exposed.  The scar goes from her left ear almost to the other ear.  She bought several bandanas to protect the scar from the sun.  She wore one to the hospital to get her biweekly allergy shot.  One of the nurses who hadn’t seen her in a while asked her, “Who are you trying to look like, Bret Michaels?”  I was ready to punch her in the nose (I am so not violent.)  The nurse could have fallen through the floor when someone poked her and told her to shut up.

I put everything in perspective.  Dodger Stadium is my Blue Heaven where I can forget everything else.  I don’t think about work, my worries are left outside the gate.  My wonderful friends there (all the super nice Dodger employees) make me feel special.  I walk through the stadium and they smile, most call me by name.  They ask me where I am sitting.  They ask me how everything is.  And there is nothing like having Matt Kemp smile at me, shake my hand and say “How’s it going?”  Or knowing that Andre Ethier recognizes me.  There is nothing like it.  It doesn’t matter if my Dodgers are winning or losing.  They make my life so much better.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  And many many thanks for the good wishes for my sister.  She is surprised that so many people care.  She is going to the beach tomorrow for the first time to watch everyone surf.  She can’t go in the water for a few weeks.  THAT is what she loves to do.












Sweeping the D Backs

It’s been a long two weeks!!!  Thanks to all of you for your prayers.  My sister is home from the hospital after her brain aneurysm surgery.  She is doing great.  The days have been long trying to keep up with stuff going on at home and still going to all the games.  It doesn’t help that the last two games went into extra innings!!!

On Memorial Day the players wore white caps.  It was weird seeing them wear other than blue caps.  I think they all got extra large caps because they all seemed to be too big.  What do you think?

It was nice to see Kirk Gibson again even though he is a coach on the D Backs.

Here is Kuroda San wearing his white cap and looking right at me.  They always seem to spot me in the crowd of 55,000.

It  was a day to honor the Armed Forces. 

Chad Billingsley, our SP

The Bullpen with their oversize caps

Russell peering out from under his white cap

Pitcher and catcher heading to the dugout

Manny’s cap seemed to fit

The Memorial Day game was memorable because the Dodgers won it with a walk off balk.  Casey Blake was on third base and pretended to make a run for homeplate.  The pitcher flinched and it was called a balk.  The Dodgers won 5-4.  Talk about the continued bad luck for the D Backs.

John Ely was our pitcher for the Tuesday game.  He is absolutely the most delightful surprise this season.  He has been outstanding.

Russell getting his gear on

Wonderful Andre Ethier back from DL, of course signing autographs.  Nice to see that his right pinky has only an elastic bandage wrapped around it

Casey Blake who started the season sans beard but has been gowing it back since the Dodgers have started their winning ways.  I think the beard is here to stay.

Raffy Furcal is also getting his groove back after returning from DL.  The first game he made two costly errors.

There’s Andre looking right at me from in front of the D Backs bullpen.  He can also spot me in the crowd.

There was a bench clearing incident when Russell slid hard feet first into shortstop Drew when tempers flew.  Drew thought that Russell slid too hard.  The D Backs outfield ran in toward second base, the benches cleared.  The Dodgers bullpen ran the distance.  I’m not sure how I would feel seeing Big Boy Broxton running toward me!!!

Another shot of the players running to the action

Manny got to the field a half step behind everyone and got there as everyone was going back.

Back to the Bullpen

A pic of Andre at attention while blowing a bubble

Matt Kemp hit the walk off homerun Tuesday to win the game 1-0.  All anyone could talk about was the bench clearing incident.  Go figure.

Wednesday’s game was a day game.  By golly, here is Manny signing autographs!!  I had a bit of a tiff with one of the ushers.  Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t get angry often but I was more than upset.  I wanted to get a Manny autograph for someone.  I was in Baseline section (I bought two tickets which cost quite a bit)  I walked over to Manny who was by then close to a section of the field designated for those who want to stand on the field.  I was still in Baseline section.  The usher told me I couldn’t stand there and to line up against a concrete wall.  I told her that I had a baseline seat which means I am allowed to roam through the baseline section.  She told me I couldn’t and to go back to my seat.  I was upset since I saw someone over there who I know did not even have a baseline seat.

I had to go tell my season seat usher Ernie who was very apologetic.  I told him that I was going to drown my sorrows eating the baseline food.

The wonderful tender beef brisket sure helped me get over it.  I also had a wonderful salad, scrambled eggs, barley salad and feld greens.  I love to eat so it made me forget everything else.

It was one of those dreaded day games but what a glorious day it was.  Look at cutie Andre Etheir with his dark glasses on

Another view

The bullpen with Kuo leading the group.  They have been outstanding.

Here is the Dodger Bullpen with everyone giving each other high fives and encouragement before the game.

Russell and Carlos Monasterios our SP who had a great game. or as Joe says, a quality start

James Loney running before the game without cap and with shades on

I bought two baseline tickets and invited my buddy Dr J

There was Andre back on the Dugout rail, eating sunflower seeds

A picture of Andre running back to the Dugout after the 10th inning

Still smiling after 13 innings.  It was a pitchers game.

Big surprise Travis Schlichting pitched four scoreless innings!

We even sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame during the 14th inning stretch

Matty running in the final time.  In the 14th inning Matty hit a base hit, stole a base during a wild pitch, and then Garrett Anderson hit a base hit which drove Matty in for the solo run of the game.  Young of the D Backs tried to fake a clean catch by holding the ball up as though he had caught it.  The second base umpire saw the catch and called it. 

The game lasted four hours sixteen minutes.  What a game.

Today I am taking my sister to an appointment and then I will be going to the game. 

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me.  I really appreciate everyone.










Good Night Jose

We were all shocked about Jose Lima’s death.  He was only 37 years old.  He had only pitched one year with the Dodgers in 2004 but left a mark on all of us.  He was fun loving, enjoyed baseball more than anything.  He died of an apparent massive heart attack on Sunday morning.  His wife thought that he was having a nightmare.  Prayers to his family. 

Sunday was a glorious day.  The weather forecast called for possible rain in the afternoon but the sun was out to celebrate Jose’s life.

The flag was at half staff which reminded us of our tragic loss.

Raffy Furcal was being tested by the head trainer.  He actually looked pretty good.  He should be activated Tuesday for the Cubbies game


Jamey Carroll has been doing a great job at shortstop but it will be good to have Raffy back.

Here is a closeup shot of Carlos Monasterios, one of the relief pitchers.  Many fans have wondered what he looks like.

A nice shot of lefty reliever Kuo.  Taiwan night was the night before when he pitched a scorelesss inning.

Matty taking part in batting practice.  I love pictures of the players without their baseball caps.

It was nice seeing so many Dodgers out during batting practice. 

Even Manny made an appearance although he didn’t play except to pinch hit.

I even was able to catch Jeff Weaver, our long reliever, with a big smile on his face


But look who I saw, Virginia.  Andre Ethier.  He is on the 15 day DL with a fractured right pinky but is progressing well.

He seemed to be in good spirits.

Aha, a capless Andre

How about an unusual picture of Andre drinking water???

Smiling Andre.   Ok, I guess I have made up for no Andre pictures for a while.  These pics were especially for Nelly June and Virginia.

And here is a picture of Russell Martin for Rosie.  He had a 15 game hitting streak and now will have to start over again.

Our pitcher was Kuroda San who had a bad first inning, giving up 3 runs.  It seems our pitchers have scary first innings.  If we could just start the game in the 3rd inning, we would be fine. 

A supposed fan sitting behind me was annoying me.  I usually don’t pay attention to what people are saying unless they are really obnoxious.  This guy kept calling Kuroda San “Karaoke” which I found to be demeaning.  He also was telling his friend that Kuroda San was Korean.  A few innings later he stood up and stretched and clipped me in the head pretty good.   That was about the time I decided I had enough.  So much for annoying fans.  I moved rather than put up with any more of that.

I love George Sherrill and hope he gets his confidence back but why does Joe keep trotting him out?  He continually gets put in do or die situations and drowns.  Such was the case when the game went from a 4-2 to 6-2.  I could only cover my eyes.

The Dodgers still did win the series but didn’t sweep.  In fact the Dodgers had a great homestand.

The night before was better.  It was My Town Taiwan.

It was a huge Taiwanese crowd.  The tourism board of Taiwan gave away several netbooks to fans.




  I had a wonderful treat.

I met Nancy Bee, our organist.  She may be the last of an usual entity, playing live organ music during a baseball game.  I told her that I wanted her job and that I would do it for free.

There was a fan sitting behind me dressed unusually.  His son didn’t seem to mind.  He’s probably used to it.

Russell has been pretty happy lately probably because he is hitting so well


Another pic of Russell getting his catchers gear on

A moment before the National Anthem is sung

Manny warming up

Russell and Ely talking it over on the way to the Dugout

A picture of former Yankee Johnny Damon, now with the Tigers  This pic is for Jane.

Here is another picture of Johhny looking right at me.  I suppose I am easily spotted sitting in the front row.  They always seem to see me taking pictures.

They interviewed Johnny after the Sunday game.  He is a well spoken man.  He is doing fantastically with the Tigers.  Now why, Jane, did they let him go??  He didn’t have a bad thing to say about anyone.  He even spoke nicely about Manny which most rival teams don’t do.  He wished the Dodgers luck as well.  I was impressed.  He sounded sincere  


Here is Manny taking a break capless.

A scary moment when Tiger Jackson was hit in the head by a pitch.  I’m glad he is okay.  He had to spend the night in the hospital for observation.  I know Kuroda San knew what Jackson was going through..

The Dodgers had a great homestand.  They were tied for first place with the San Diego Padres for a brief moment.  Just a couple of weeks ago they were in dead last.  The pitching is better.  The offense is picking up.  The guys went errorless for many games. 

Now they are on the road again.  Back to reality for me.  That means I am back at work…seven nights in a row, all 12 hour shifts.  My sister will be having her brain surgery tomorrow.  I know all my friends in MLBlogs will pray for her.  It helped her the last surgery.  Thank you everyone.

I hope your team is doing well.  Thanks everyone for stopping by.



The Force Has Been With Us

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It really seems that the Force has been with the Dodgers this month.  They have the best record in baseball (15-4) in May.  April seemed to be a losing monthh.  Nothing seemed to go right.  The pitching was scary, the defense ridden with errors.  The only plus was the superb hitting of our wonderful Andre Ethier, now on DL because of a fractured right pinky.

I have a few pictures from eariler in the week when I sat in Baseline Club and Dugout Club.  Pictures in Baseline are not that great since it seems I always have a big head in my way, usually someone with a shiny head or poufy hair.  Usually all I can get are shots of the players in batting practice, stretching before the game, or on base.  But the food is great.

Last month I think I spent a lot of time going back to the Club to eat since i dreaded watchng the Dodgers pitching.  Here is some of the food I had this week.  You’ll see why I spent so much time in the Club.

Here is some of the great food in Dugout Club.  The peppercorn tri tip was delicious along with the grilled veggies and Louisiana sausage.

Salad looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

I was able to tear myself away from the food to talk to the very sweet David Eckstein and get a ball autographed.  He is a very nice guy, talked about Hyunyoung and asked how she was.

James Van Der Bleek threw out the first pitch.  Someone told me that he was on Dawsons Creek

Here is Matt Kemp before the game.  He usually bounces up and down like a boxer, anxious to get out to the field.

Here is a picture of the wonderful David Eckstein. The great thing that I have learned through my search for autographs for my friends, is that all the players no matter what team they are on, are very nice young men.  I can’t understand how fans can be so unpleasant to fans of other teams.  We all love our teams.  I have met players from the Yankees, Pirates, Angels, and Padres and have found they are all very pollite and nice.


Here is a picture of Reed Johnson, Casey Blake, and Jamey Carroll, all contributors to the Dodger success.  I miss seeing Andre hanging on the rail

Matt Kemp stretching his neck muscles while standing on base.

Another picture of Matty almost getting hit by a pitch


.Waiting for a pitching change

A rare picture of Jeff Weaver at bat

The Padres having a discussion

Manny at the Plate

The first game with the Padres was a failure of the Dodger pitching.  The two Ramons pretty much spelled out doom for the Dodgers.

I know the above post is a a replay of the last post but I was able to recover the pictures which make it a little more interesting.  Needless to say, the night ended sadly.  Besides that, the game was very long.  I didn’t get home until after 11 PM. 

The next game was much better.  Baby Kershaw was pitching.  I was sitting in Baseline Club.

The salad was my favorite chopped iceberg, Caesar salad, and Italian pasta.

The garlic rubbed sirloin was the best I have ever had.  The Jasmine rice and grilled veggies completed my dinner.  I was ready for some baseball

Our Clayton Kershaw has matured into a skilled pitcher.  Since his meltdown last month, he has been stellar.

Little did the first place Padres know that this young pitcher would be so good,limiting them to only one run

A picture of a smiling Russell just for Rosie.

Talk about a flexible Matt Kemp

OK-Go threw out the first pitch

Russell and Clayton walking to the Dugout together.  I am already jumping up and down in my seat.

Here is a picture of Manny on the rail.  This is the fist time I have seen him there.  I do miss taking pictures of Andre.  Hurry and get well, Andre, everyone misses you.

Here is a picture off Broxton, Big Boy, who is doing well as closer.  His size is a bit scary.

The final score was 4-1 with our guys prevailing.  The next night would be against the dominat Tigers.  This was the night we needed the Force to be with us.

I had bought a ticket to the Star Wars section in My Town.  I wanted to get a My Town Star Wars shirt for my son. 

Of course, the ticket included food.  Here is a clone burger, nachos and two Dodger Dogs

Here is the sign they put up behind the section.  it says A Galaxy Far Far Away.  Sitting up there I felt far far away

I felt a little dizzy being this high.

The Think Blue sign seemed to be eye level to me.  I am so used to being at Field level that this was just too far away

Chad Billingsley, our pitcher of the night, did everything right

A closeup shot of my Matty

Jamey Carroll, our shortstop until Raffy Furcal returns, probably Tuesday.

Chewbacca  threw out the first pitch, of course.

He came with an entourage

Another view of the super nachos

Darth Vader gave us the Rules of Dodger Stadium

It definitely was Star Wars night.

A picture of Manny on base.  Not sure what these two are saying to each other

Another picture of Matty on base

Here is Matty pointing to the heavens or is he pointing to the Force, after the game.  The Dodgers beat the Tigers

Today the Dodgers are tied for first place in the Western Division of the NL.  Who would have believed this would happen when only a few weeks ago they were in last place and going nowhere fast.  I always believed that my guys would start winning

The key is the pitching.  When the Dodgers pitch well, they win.  Today John Ely will take the mound.  He has been amazing.  Today we can take over first place.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  I’m going to take my Dad out to breakfast and then I will be going to Dodger Stadium for My Town Taiwan.   I am sitting in my season seat by the left field foul pole.  I think I have eaten enough this week.  Today I eat peanuts.

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Ending the Winning Streak


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It was quite a ride the Dodgers had….a nine game winning streak

It almost made us forget our pitching problems.

And there it was again to remind us

However I wasn’t about to let the game ruin my fun in the Dugout Club.  The picture gremlns took my pictures from last night so I will add those to this post when they turn up again.

I had a fantastic dinner which consisted of the best peppercorn tri tip ever.  I also had grillled vegetables, a delicious crab pasta dish and salad from a salad bar.

I had my usual chicken strips when I sat in my seat plus a huge dessert plate.  Someone in the seats behind the Dugout Club yelled at me “Where’ you get the cake?”  From then on I felt self conscious that he was watching me take all those trips back into the clubhouse for a little comfort.

I didn’t sit next to Robert as I usually do.  He must be busy with one of his many projects.  Instead I sat next to a group of young Hollywood writers.  The young man who sat next to me told me he was just a television writer while the others he was sitting with wrote screenplays for movies.  I asked him which shows he has written for and he said Smallville, Criminal Minds and Dead Zone.  Very Edgy.  Very nice guy.

The game itself was pretty dreadful.  The two Ramons made me ill.  I ended up taking several trips to the Clubhouse in search of food.  Today I woke up feeling too full to be comfortable.

I kept yelling at Joe to warm Weaver up.  He didn’t listen until the two Ramons (Ortiz and Troncoso) had totally put the Dodgers in a bad position.  The general consensus among us Dodger fans is to sit Ortiz out and put Monasterios in. 

Usually five runs would be enough to win a game but not if your pitchers are allowing homeruns and hits.

The true highlight of the game for me was meeting Hyunyoung’s David Eckstein.  What a nice wonderful person he is.  Here I am decked out in Dodger blue from head to toe (including my Dodger blue nail tips and Dodger earrings) and he stopped to talk to me.  I have to say that the Padres are very nice young men.

I asked David if he knows a very nice young lady by the name of Hyunyoung.  He gave me a great big smile and asked me how she was.  He also wanted me to say hello to her.  So Hyunyoung, David says hello. 

The Dodgers seem to be hitting well.  Casey Blake has found his swing again, hitting homeruns in two consecutive games.  Russell Martin has a 13 game hitting streak.  Last night Manny had an injured toe so only hit as a pinch hitter.  With Andre out on DL, it seems to have messed up the pitching.  Go figure.

The beginning of the week was, of course, wonderful.  Winning is fun.  Losing last nights heartbreaker to the Padres reminded all of us that the Dodgers need another pitcher.  Kuroda is holding his own.  Billingsley and Kershaw play well most of the time.  John Ely is the big surprise.  He is awesome. 

Here is a picture of him taken last homestand

Here is a picture of the last Andre walkoff win.

The Andre bobblehead night was very crowded.  It was a sellout of over 55,000+.  I was so happy to see NellyJune from ITD there with her Mom, brother and nephews.  Hi Jane.  It was too crowded to go from one end of the stadium to the other so I was unable to see them again.  I’m glad that the winning streak didn’t end that night.

I have been busy with work.  Getting the days off for the game means that I have to work a lot in between.  My Dad fell last week but seems to be okay.  My sister is going to have brain surgery next week.   We need all your prayers.  Kitty had a noneventful birthday, thank goodness.

Julia, thanks for the nice post on my facebook.  You made my day extra special.  You are definitely a mind reader.

I have my fingers crossed that it wll be another great outing for Clayton Kershaw tonight.  His last two games have been stellar.  I am worried that Joe will send Ortiz back out again for another start.  I forgot how depressing it is to lose.

Thanks everyone for checking my blog.  I will be better about posting.  I hope I can recover those pictures from last night so please come back and check this post again











Winning Again

The Dodgers have won 6 games in a row.  They were in last place in the Western Division.  Now they are possibly going to sweep the first place Padres.  They are stellar when playing teams in their own division.  They could be within 2 games of first place if they can pull off the sweep.

Yesterday the bad news was that super star Andre Ethier broke his little finger at the first knuckle during batting practice while swinging the bat.  More news will be available after he is examined in Los Angeles.

Sorry I haven’t posted but it has been a busy couple of weeks.   I’ll try to be better about posting my pictures from the games next week when the Dodgers are back in town. 

Our team seems to have settled into a nice comfortable winning streak.   Hope it continues.  Thanks for checking in so often.  Hope your team is doing well.  What about those Rays???