The Beginning of the End

I’m not going to FanFest for the first time in many years. I’m working the night before and the night after and I’m not willing to be a walking zombie. I really have no interest in going anyway.

That said, I’m also probably not going to Spring Training either.

This blog is probably going to end since I won’t be taking many pictures because of that net. I’ve been reassured that the net has been revised but probably not enough to take any pictures worth printing.

I want to thank everyone who read my blog. I met many kind, wonderful fans. I appreciate your time and consideration.

It’s time to renew my contract for my season tickets. The price has gone up considerably. They did hint that I might have to give up my seat for another one. I mean really????

It has been one disappointment after another the last few years. The prize seems light years away although they scoff and say yes but they always win the west.

The management let Ryu get away. They didn’t even make an offer. Rich Hill, one of the nicest guys ever, also is gone. And their excuse..,but he’s old. The big acquisitions so that the Dodgers can finally achieve that goal never happened.

Spring Training is around the corner and the Dodgers are a mere shadow of what they were last year. So what will the owners say?? They are building. They’ll bring up minor leaguers and cross their fingers.

I love the Dodgers but the last few seasons have been heart wrenching. I see the look in their eyes. How many more lost seasons will there be? Love you all. Thanks again!!


  1. Karin Derks

    Still love the LA Dodgers and still love your blogs! Will always be a fan of the team and of you- bleed blue forever šŸ’™

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