At Any Cost

It’s just too bad that a team will do anything to win the pennant. Yes it’s nice to win the World Series, but at any cost?

Osuna was a pariah. No one would touch him after spending most of a season on suspension for throwing his girlfriend down some stairs.

And now he is on a World Series team. Hmmmm. It’s interesting how many people are against the Astros for this. Add on the comments made by one of their management team about how glad they are that they acquired him. And then the apology that really wasn’t.

I’m still fuming about Gurriel’s racist gesture directed at Asians. No sanction. No comment. Whatever. I think all non Asians probably forgot about it.

Just couldn’t resist having him pose for a picture with me with all eyes on him last year. He was probably cringing inside.

So the Astros will do whatever it takes to win the World Series.

At least the Dodgers won’t lose the World Series this year.

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