More Photos

I always love to see pics from other ballparks.

My friend Dax Hernandez visited Target Field in Minneapolis.

Thanks for the pictures!

My son recently went to Petco to watch baseball. The Dodgers weren’t even playing. That’s a true fan of baseball. The stadium looks pretty empty. My son never gets to a game early so this must be how many fans attended the game.

And below is where their organist plays. It looks like there is no one else sitting in my son’s section.

Our organist definitely has a better setup.

A pic from the recent premium Batting Practice. CJ, Mika (who never allows a picture) Norma and myself.

Last night’s game is a puzzler. I wasn’t there but just wondering why Dave keeps putting Joe Kelly out there in high leverage situations. Once again the Dodger bullpen caused a horrendous loss. They are responsible for 13 of the Dodgers 22 losses. Um….there needs to be some bullpen help or even a whole revamping of the sorry mess. Kelly’s inning consisted of 3 walks (true one was intentional) 2 wild pitches and a throwing error. A 7.59 ERA is not acceptable. There must be a reason that I really can’t identify any of the bullpen by face except Kenley and Baez. Maybe I’m hoping they all will go away except those two. I try not to criticize my team but this has gone too far. Our starting pitchers have been superior but when the game is turned over to the bullpen, we all hold our breaths. It shouldn’t be that way. Just saying.

The Dodgers face the Angels again tonight with Kenta Maeda (7-2 ERA 3.48) facing Felix Pena (3-1 ERA 4.53). Hopefully the bullpen doesn’t have to pitch too many innings.

The Dodgers still maintain the best record in baseball tied with the Astros with 45 wins and 22 losses. Can you imagine what the Dodgers record would be with a decent bullpen?

GO DODGERS!! Angel Stadium recorded the biggest attendance since their renovation thanks to the faithful Dodger fans. You’re welcome.

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out my blog. You are the best!!

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