Not So Merry

I have not been this devastated over a trade as I have with this one involving my faves: Kemp, Wood, Puig and Farmer. Last time they traded Kemp, I almost gave up my season tickets.

I have realized by now that baseball is purely a business. Apparently there is no room for believing that the team is your Dodger family. My heart is breaking but there is no place in baseball for attachments to any player. No one is exempt. I remember a few years ago I came to opening day and didn’t recognize most of the guys on the field.

Good bye again to my heart and soul Matt. We had a fun season….

And please don’t lose that caring spirit of yours Yasiel. No one realizes how much of your heart you gave to the kids. You certainly didn’t do it for the publicity. I’ll miss your yearly poker tournament to benefit the kids. Love you so much.

So Christmas will not be so jolly. My heart is torn apart.

Thanks a lot Dodger owners.

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