Now That The Season Is Over

Baseball season is over. The next few empty months loom ahead of me. Spring Training seems very far away. Fan Fest is still two months away. There are several thoughts going through my mind.

I’m forever grateful that Clayton has decided to stay with the Dodgers. I seriously had my doubts that he would leave the only team he has ever known.

I’ve followed him his entire career and have seem him develop into one of the finest human beings ever. I knew that money wouldn’t send him to another team as it did Zack Greinke. I also have noticed that he has a set routine every game. Do you remember when the game didn’t start exactly on time when the other pitcher and manager walked across his path? He had a complete meltdown. That’s typical Clayton. I just couldn’t see him starting with another team. He has many charities going in Southern California along with Kershaw’s Challenge in Africa. I think he will be a Dodger for life.

There always are changes in staff. Usually there are huge changes in the team. Manny Machado seems to be headed to the Phillies. I always did like Manny no matter how down the media and fans are toward him. I can only say that he was ALWAYS nice to me. he always gave me special attention even to the point he would stand in front of me and pose for pictures before every game.

At first I thought it was my imagination but he would stop right in front of me while I took pictures. He would often look right at me and freeze in position while I took a shot. None of my pictures were ever blurry because he would throw in slow motion.

And when I took a selfie with him, he had the sweetest smile. By the way, he took this selfie for me.

The Manny I know…thank you for the autograph. After several months…I did ask him to sign a ball for me. He looked surprised. Maybe because I don’t get autographs anymore. The ball had been in my purse unsigned for most of the season. He almost looked grateful. Maybe he thought I didn’t like him. He would stop everyday in front of me waiting. If you can look at these pictures I took of him and still not like him, whatever.

So when people speak evil of him, I can only shake my head and say “But you never knew him like I did.” Good luck to you Manny. You will always be one of my favorites.

I’m sad to see my very favorite Chris Woodward leaving the fold. It is a good move for him since he will now be the Rangers new manager. I will miss his wonderful supportive wife trauma nurse Erin. Good luck to him and his family. My pictures won’t be the same without him blocking my view.

And Turner Ward will have to be kissed by another player since he is going to the Reds. It is a good move for him too since he will be closer to his family. Godspeed Turner. Puig will miss you.

I always can count on the Dodgers to be ignored during awards season. Even though they did go all the way to the World Series for the second year in a row, there was not one single Golden Glove award. Although Puig made all those spectacular catches and played excellent defense, once again he was ignored.

Walker Buehler is up for National League MVP. If he doesn’t get it, I totally give up on all those idiots who vote or decide.

My opinion about the World Series. MEH.

These guys walked right past me, actually brushed against me. Whatever. Not impressed.

I won’t make any negative comments because I’m not like that. I wasn’t as down on Dave Roberts as all the other fans were during the games. That being said, bullpen choices and Kenley pitching two innings in the final two games were beyond not good. The Dodgers should have won more than 1 out of the final 4 games. The Saturday game? I’ll never speak about that again.

I will miss my Dodger friends. They are what made the season best.

What can I say about the most wonderful folks on earth? I love you guys!!

Lately I’ve been taking care of a new addition to the family…my new kitten Poppy. She is a handful but will keep my mind off the huge emptiness in my life with no baseball.

Thanks everyone for following me during baseball season. I appreciate all your support and words of encouragement. I still have a lot to say about the World Series but thought it would be best to let everything settle first.

Last of all…Dodgers..I’m proud of all of you. Two World Series in a row. What can I say? Not many fans can say that they have even attended one World Series game. I went to all of them. No matter what the final outcome…you are the best. Austin..I love you. My ST jersey is washed and ready to go for Spring Training. See you all soon.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll post often and keep you informed of what is happening. Dave Roberts is on the verge of signing a long term contract. Winter meetings are in the future. Will Ryu be signed again by the Dodgers? He wants to stay. More news coming.

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