While the Dodgers Are On the Road

I don’t always share things from my personal life but I thought I would take exception with a special event that happened on Friday.

My son was promoted to Commander in the US Navy. It was a proud moment for me. He is standing in front of his ship the USS Theodore Roosevelt which is stationed at NAS North Island in San Diego CA.

Back to baseball: the Dodgers were able to pull off a win in game one of the Rockies series. No Jansen available so the bullpen had to take up the slack. Scott Alexander gave us another scare. At least Dave has learned to pull him right away rather than let him continue when he just doesn’t have it. Poor Kenta who doesn’t feel comfortable in the closer position was brought out with a man on first. Arenado struck out to end the 9th inning. Both Dodgers and Rockies left men in scoring position. Arenado wasn’t on his game with a costly throwing error. Yasiel hit a huge 463 foot homerun. The end result was a necessary Dodger win. It has the definite feel of a playoff game. We have to pay for Postseason by the 18th of this month so we will know by then if the Dodgers have a shot. The Rockies, D Backs (yes, they are still scurrying around) and the Dodgers all have a chance. Last year the Dodgers had it all tied up by now.

On Saturday Rockies SP Kyle Freeland 13-7 ERA 2.96 will face our amazing rookie 24 year old Walker Buehler 6-4 ERA 2.92. Let’s hope that the Dodgers offense picks up.

Thanks for stopping by. Only 21 games left, 6 home games. Let’s go DODGERS!!!

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