When the Lights Went Out In Chavez Ravine

It was a strange thing. During the game last night, the lights suddenly went out. The field went dark for about 20 minutes. Along with that, the Dodgers offense also went dark. The lights finally went out for the night 3 hours 44 minutes after the first pitch. But the lights went out on the Dodgers long before that. There were a total of 5 Dodger hits in the game. Eleven players were left on base. The Dodgers were 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position. Not good.

News flash: Joe Simpson, Atlanta broadcaster had criticized the way the Dodgers dressed during batting practice on Saturday during the Atlanta game. Monday he apologized for his remarks to Chase Utley especially. He did call our consummate player unprofessional. How dare he.

He took offense that Chase had his pant legs rolled up. It is a bit hot on the field. There should probably be a dress code for fans. Many of the women look like they are going to a club.

I really never even noticed. I just wondered if Kiké was wearing his girlfriend’s leggings.

Meanwhile at the dugout…Hi Matt!!

Clayton stopped and signed a couple of autographs….literally he signed a COUPLE of autographs.

Walker Buehler, on the other hand, signed a bunch. He’s signing my friend Cindy’s batting gloves.

Walker is just a super nice guy. He does look like he’s still in high school tho.

What brought a huge smile to my face was Austin Barnes. <3. I held up his 4th of July jersey and showed him. He looked pleased and asked me if I wanted him to sign it. He did a nice job, I think. That made my day. I couldn’t care less how the rest of the night went. I was in heaven. I LOVE Austin.

I missed the food in the club during the all star break. This wonderful dish is called Ropa Vieja a La Cubano. Does that mean old woman clothes? Just asking for a friend.

Back to the game. I can sum up all the Dodgers offense in one paragraph…and a short one. Most of the time the Dodgers got on base, it was because of walks.

Joc did hit a single in the 1st inning however.

Chase was hit by a pitch in the 2nd.

Manny walked in the 3rd.

Max tripled scoring Manny which was the only run for the Dodgers. For some reason Manny got all the credit.

Yasmani walked

Cody walked but both were left on base when Chris Taylor struck out. What is wrong with Chris lately?

In the 4th inning Puig walked.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Yasmani walked but was left on base.

Logan walked in the bottom of the 6th inning but was left on base. The stadium was already starting to clear out.

In the bottom of the 7th, Manny walked. Yasmani singled and everyone was left on base when Chris again was out.

That pretty much tells the story. I left in the 9th so I missed Manny’s homerun which didn’t win the game. The final score was 2-5. The Dodgers looked pretty awful. I was so sleepy because I had worked the night before and came to the game with almost no sleep.

What made the game worth it was seeing my friends from Texas…aw those lovebirds!! Relationship goals!!

And then my boo Dave was at the game too. It wasn’t all horrible.

On Tuesday our Walker Buehler 4-3 ERA 3.92 fresh from Triple A faces Wade Miley 1-1 ERA 2.01.

It has been a sad all star break for me. My long time friend Carmen lost her oldest daughter Florabel age 49 to cancer. When you think your life is sad, there always is someone who has it worse.

But everyone has a place where you can find a little comfort.

Here’s mine. It’s the Long Beach Marina. I used to go there a lot with my Dad. It was our quiet place.

And I did make a new friend from the funeral service: Fr. Craig from the Peter Chanel Catholic Church. I’m not Catholic but somehow this priest made me feel at peace. God does look out for me. The choir called Mary’s Voice brought me to tears although they sang in Tagalog and I couldn’t understand it. The music was so haunting but beautiful.

I look terrible in this picture. I was wearing scrubs. I went to the wake the evening before, worked 12 hours and then went to the funeral mass. By that time I had been up about 24 hours.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad to be back at Dodger Stadium!! Thanks also to everyone who sees me at the stadium and takes time to say hi!!

It’s amazing that today marks the 10 year anniversary of the Dodgers acquiring Manny Ramirez. I remember the day. The stadium was electric. I love Manny for the fact he brought new excitement to the Dodgers. He took us to the playoffs. He was always nice to me. I can’t count how many balls he threw at me. Everyone would crowd me trying to catch those balls while I would cover my head and duck. He always teased me. “Ball? You want the ball.” I would shake my head and he would still send one my way.

Love you all! GO DODGERS!!!

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