cat loves the dodgers

Counting Down the Days

As February approaches, I’m in awe how fast the off season went. My life is divided into baseball season and baseball off season. On February 13, pitchers and catchers report with their first workout the following day. Position players report February 18 with first full squad workout scheduled for February 19. These dates are just around the corner. January is almost gone.

As Spring Training nears, there are still some unresolved questions. Will the Dodgers sign Chase Utley? Justin definitely wants him back and has asked upper management to sign him again. No answer yet. He was an integral part of last season, mainly for his leadership and professionalism. Matt Kemp is still a Dodger. He wants to be part of the team. There are so many fans who have the wrong attitude about him. When he was traded to the Padres, he found out through the media. That left some hard feelings of course. I also was upset. I almost gave up my season tickets because I was so angry about how it was handled. Since then, he has played for the Padres and the Braves. His heart is still in LA no matter what everyone thinks. Whenever he played in LA, he always remembered me. He would always smile, wave, sometimes when he could, he would come up and give me one of his awesome hugs. I’m personally glad he is back although many aren’t. It was a slap in the face that he wasn’t included at all in Fan Fest. He still has fans in LA. I look forward to seeing him in Spring Training. He will be vying for a spot in the crowded outfield with others including Toles and Joc. Another unanswered question is where Yu Darvish will end up. He hasn’t signed with anyone yet. Everyone seems to think it’s because he wants the biggest money deal but I personally think he wants to remain a Dodger. He’s hoping that the Dodgers can shed some of its salary and sign him. He has been practicing with Kershaw almost everyday. That means something. Fans still blame him for the World Series loss but he was the scapegoat. He was instrumental in getting the Dodgers to the World Series in the first place. Did everyone forget that? I’m sure everyone will be down on me about these last comments but I really don’t care. My opinions are based on my personal experience, not from what the media wants people to think. I have learned not to believe anything until I actually see it myself.

I was busy checking my flights and hotel reservations for Spring Training. One nice thing is that I am leaving from Long Beach Airport, the best airport in the world. Easy in and easy out. And I found out this morning that now they have paperless boarding passes. No need to find a printer. No losing those passes. One less anxiety. I’m staying at Comfort Suites this year. It was nice to find out that the rooms rates were reasonable, maybe because it’s early in the year. I am so excited. I’m going to meet my best buddies Norma and Donna there. We always have fun. Everyone should try to go to Spring Training at least once. We are going early this year to avoid the heat. There are some exciting improvements at Camelback too. One of our favorite places to go is Cracker Barrel Restaurant. We’ll definitely be going there. We also go to a local card shop to stock up on balls and memorabilia.

I bought a new carryon and tote because I was so excited. I don’t know why since all I really need are my IPad, phones and baseballs.

It is an exciting time. We’ll be able to see our prospects and favorites play for the first time this year. How fun is that?

Thanks for stopping by. See everyone soon!!