A Few Thoughts

I’m surprised that Yu Darvish has not been signed yet since he was purported to be the top free agent pitcher. He may go to the Twins who need him but I still have my hopes that the Dodgers can get him back. Fans still blame him for Game 7 of the World Series but the offense in that game wasn’t the best either. The Dodgers had a great season with all players contributing. This coming year will be even better.

Adrian Gonzalez has signed with the New York Mets. I know he’ll be happy there since he will be able to start. We’ll miss him though.

Fan Fest is just a week away. I’m having some issues printing up the tickets but am able to pull them up on my Ballpark app. Maybe that’s what they want.. to totally get away from paper. Everyone should try to go since it is a free event. Not sure who will be autographing but my guess is that Puig definitely will be there. Justin doesn’t usually take part so I don’t see it being any different this year. I’m hoping to see Trayce. I have new tee shirts with number 47 and his name. Hopefully he doesn’t change the number again. He is taking part in the Dodger Community Caravan which takes place the week after Fan Fest so I’m hoping he’ll again be part of the autograph sessions.

With Fan Fest and the Dodger Caravan so close, that always means that Spring Training is also just around the corner. We are going to games a couple of weeks earlier than usual so it shouldn’t be as hot. Last year it was horrible. I can’t stand the hot weather especially when there is virtually no shade. I already have my plane ticket and my hotel room so I am committed. No turning back. Rumor is that Camelback has put in shady areas. Hopefully that isn’t just a rumor. I spent a lot of time trying to find a respite from the stifling heat. The main draw of Spring Training is the batting practice before the game. It still is cool since after all it’s only 9:00AM. It’s actually the first real look at the players.

Here’s a few pics from Spring Training 2017.

Thanks for stopping by. As baseball season gets closer, I’ll be writing more. Thank you for all your support during the season. It makes my blog worth writing.

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