cat loves the dodgers

Winter Meetings

So here comes the fun part. The Winter Meetings. We’ll see what the Dodger owners want to do. I didn’t think that there would be a lot of action as far as acquiring any big stars. The key is to NOT disrupt the chemistry that the Dodger team have. Stanton or Ohtani would have been huge distractions. The owners are not stupid. The Dodgers have a great team already. I could never understand why teams who did well chose to trade everyone except to get rid of big salaries. The Yankees needed Stanton because even with big guy Judge, they couldn’t get to the World Series. And the Angels took Ohtani knowing about his bum elbow. They also got nowhere even with super star Trout. It takes more than one player to get a championship. The Dodgers are a team without huge stars, a team who actually like each other.

I think that probably they will be looking for some relief pitching. Brandon Morrow is gone. Yu Darvish may still be signed by the Dodgers. There are a lot of rumors going around that he was tipping off his pitches during the World Series. That could explain his fall from grace. I heard that it was due to the slick World Series balls. Well whatever…that’s water under the bridge. Not sure whether our injured SP’s will be back. Congratulations by the way to Scott Kazmir on the birth of his baby boy. That was under the radar. Also congratulations to JT and Kourtney who are now honeymooning in Dubai. Interesting choice of destinations. From Cabo to Dubai.

It’s almost Christmas…Fan Fest is just around the corner. Mark off January 27 on your calendars. Hope to see everyone there.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays everyone.