cat loves the dodgers


Next wedding up is JT and Kourtney. She finally gets a ring on her finger!! The wedding will take place in Cabo. So far Ross Stripling and Alex Wood have gotten married this off season. Next will be Austin Barnes and Joc Pederson.

Last word on Stanton is that he wants to go to either the Yankees or Dodgers. He doesn’t want to go to a team who is still going through the re-building process. I don’t blame him. It must be frustrating to be all-star caliber and yet not be on a winning team. Who knows what Ohtani wants. He’s been meeting with every team and still hasn’t given an indication of the team he really wants to go to. Stay tuned.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. To me, it’s still only off season.

Thanks for stopping by!! Congratulations again to Mr and soon to be Mrs. Justin Turner. Love you both.