Today is the Day

The Dodgers return to Dodger Stadium today to finish out the World Series. There will be two games, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Astros have the edge, winning 3 games, the Dodgers have won 2. It’s a must-win situation for our guys in blue.

My good friend Jessica Washington has had viewing parties at home for her friends. Hopefully she has one tonight so she and her friends can bring us good luck.

I still have faith in our guys. They have always been able to pull off a win when it was imperative. That’s how they have gotten this far. The Dodgers are a better team. They have shown that they are by far a team with integrity and character. I did respect the Astros prior to the incident last week. I know I shouldn’t judge the team by a couple of their members but each person is a part of the whole. How can I not? AJ Hinch did show character by reaching out to Dave Roberts but Yuli Gurriel is as racist. I hope that when he is up at Dodger Stadium, he gets booed. There is no place in a family sport for such behavior.

I’ll be there today and hope that I have a happy blog in the morning. Keep the faith everyone. Our guys have kept us in the race to the very end. Let the better team (Dodgers) win!! GO DODGERS!!

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