Coming Home

It’s been a long road to this point. The Dodgers return to Chavez Ravine to finish up the 2017 season. Hopefully they will end up with the World Series title. If not, the Dodgers have fought hard and long. I will love them no mater what the outcome is.

The games in Houston have taken a toll on every player, Astros and Dodgers. They has probably been the closest matched teams ever. Both teams want the title more than anything else in the world. But whichever team comes out on top, no one can say they didn’t play their hearts out. The Houston Astros wanted more than ever to bring the title to Texas to give hope to those in Houston who lost everything. The Dodgers and many others have contributed (this includes the Dodger families) to bring them back on their feet. If they do win the World Series, I can’t think of any other team in baseball that I would want to win than the Astros. I do have problems with a couple of the players, Yuli Gurriel and his prejudiced self, and Josh Reddick who has continued to badmouth his former team and fans. But these are individuals part of a whole organization. The Astros have a lot to win for.

Thank you to one of the best friends ever Terri Burdette. Love you forever. Rooting for the Dodgers in Texas. You are a brave child!

Tuesday the Dodgers will come home to their diehard fans who will continue to support them, win or lose. As Puig has said, it’s not over yet. They all return a little broken and tired but still with a strong desire to bring the trophy back to Dodger Stadium for the first time since 1988. It’s been a long journey to this point. I can say that I am tired. I’ve attended every game this season. I also work full time. This is the furthest that my team has come since I became a Dodger fan so the season has extended a couple more weeks. I love my guys and am immensely proud of them. They are like family.

I hope that there will be two more games this week…because that would mean Wednesday would be the tie breaker and that the Dodgers would have won on Tuesday. I seriously didn’t expect them to come back. I thought they would have won the title on the road. I hadn’t even printed up the tickets for games 6 and 7. I was probably a little too confident but after all, the Dodgers were the best team in baseball. But the best team doesn’t always come out on top.

No matter how it comes out on Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll finish up the season with a final blog. I’ll also continue to write during the offseason when anything interesting comes up. Thank you everyone who has shared my experiences throughout the season. I appreciate it. My purpose was to bring the Dodgers to those who can’t come to the games.

Meanwhile be safe kiddos on Halloween.

And please pray that my son will be safe during his deployment.

GO DODGERS!!! We know you guys can do it!! But please don’t let Bill Miller be home plate umpire. He was terrible. Maybe they should alternate the umpires during the game especially during a long one. The expression on Kiké’s face when an obvious inside ball was called a strike was priceless. It was a one run game. Those miscalled pitches made a difference.

and this is why the suspension should have been immediate and not next season.

See everyone on Tuesday. Rest up Dodgers on traveling day, get massages and sleep!!

I’ll be there to cheer you on! Let’s goooo!

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