Following up on my previous post…Gurriel was suspended for the first 5 games the beginning of NEXT season. It sounds like a bunch of BS. It’s a punishment that was given because otherwise if nothing was done, there would be a lot of outrage.  The punishment should be now while his racist gesture is still fresh in everyone’s mind. The commission felt it was wrong to punish the rest of the team. What the hell does that have to do with anything? That is what matters when someone does something like that during the WORLD SERIES?  Why even bother?

It does teach kids that it is not that bad to do something hurtful like this because next year you will be punished when you forget exactly what you did wrong. It sets a bad precedent.  As my sister who is a teacher says, it’s like giving a kid timeout next month for something he did today. Prejudice displayed in a public event like this in a family sport is very sad especially when those who are responsible to right this wrong simply pay lip service. I have lost all respect for the officials. Obviously you have never felt the hurt of being made fun of because of your origin. 

What is particularly sad is that Gurriel does not really seem repentant. He’s just sorry he got caught.

We want to thank the commission for their support.

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