Being Disrespected

It’s unfortunate that all I can take from the 3rd World Series game is the disrespect that Yuli Gurriel showed Yu Darvish after hitting a homerun in the 2nd inning. He was seen in the Astros dugout making a slant-eyed gesture and mouthing the words “Chino” which translates to China-man or “Chink.” Of course the MLB has to react somehow to this prejudiced gesture by some sort of sanction. Yu stated that he was angry by the disrespectful gesture. Garriel responds by saying he didn’t realize he was making the gesture which is even more disconcerting. So this is the way he thinks? There is a large population of Asians in Texas which makes it even more troubling. He also says he played in Japan. I imagine he only went there for the money even though he disrespected those who were paying him the big bucks. His apology was disapppointing if not halfhearted. It was something he was probably forced to do by Astros management. Unfortunately the damage was done. Yu Darvish stated that we should just put this incident behind us. Hinch the Astros manager states that Uriel is remorseful. Yeah, remorseful that he was caught. Right!!

I’m not upset just because I am Asian. I don’t condone prejudice no matter where it is directed. Leave it to some folks to look at this outrage as liberalism or on the other end conservatism. It was simply and pointedly, a gesture of racism. I remember as a child being called a Chinaman and have seen that slant-eyed gesture directed toward me. It is very hurtful.

The rumor is that Gurriel might get a one game suspension. Big deal. With the appeal process, this one game suspension won’t happen until no one remembers what happened. Kevin Pillar and Matt Joyce were sanctioned for 2 games for using anti-gay slurs. Unfortunately this anti-Asian gesture and comment by Gurriel was seen around the world because it is the World Series. If the MLB simply turns its back on this incident, I will have lost total respect for those officials. Asians tend to be a quiet group. After all, during WWII, Japanese were herded into concentration camps simply for being of Japanese decent. They were US citizens living in the US legally. They cooperated because the Japanese respect authority. There was no protest, just obedience. They gave up all their belongings and land. The US just started to give reparations to those still living but unfortunately many are deceased. Asians will not loudly protest the Yuli Garriel gesture but we won’t forget.

The Dodgers are behind now with the Astros winning game 3. The guys have to put these first games behind them and try to figure out what happened. The offense needs to wake up. Cody Bellinger is acting like a rookie in the World Series. Maybe they should start Andre who has some postseason experience. I would even trust Adrian Gonzalez who always was the bread and butter man but unfortunately he is on DL and not part of the World Series roster. The key is that the offense needs to step it up. The Dodgers have showed that they are the better team with the best record in baseball. They have had home field advantage. They need to win another game in Texas and bring the series back to LA. It doesn’t seem possible, but are the fans in Minute Maid Park louder than the fans in Dodger Stadium?? Come on Dodger fans!!

GO DODGERS!!! Bring the series back to LA where we love you!!

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