Crashing Back To Earth-Game 2

It was another blisteringly hot day for game two of the World Series. I was hoping for another win. After all the Dodgers had the better team. What a shock when everything that went right during the season went wrong. I have a difficult time writing this blog when the Dodgers lose, but after all, this is the World Series.

I was surprised at the price of parking. I suppose all the prices were jacked up for the World Series. But $50 for general parking is really unreasonable. My parking was $100 but thankfully mine was prepaid. I wonder if Frank McCourt decided the prices. What a mistake to let him keep the parking lots.

The Fox team was blocking my view again. Magic made an appearance from his busy schedule to let us know he was alive. I was already not happy since I had just spent 30 minutes in a kiosk line hoping to purchase World Series pins. Apparently the stores were out of World Series shirts, pins, and only had limited sizes of caps (children’s) and shirts (small). Whoever does the purchasing for the Stadium was not being realistic about how fast the items would go. I was able to find a World Series sweatshirt possibly because at 100 degrees, no one was interested in that particular item. Go figure.

The best part of the game is always the families. Baseball and Dodgers are something that children and parents can agree on. Baseball always brings the best of people together. We all share a love of the Dodgers. Some of my best friends are those wonderful folks I met at the Stadium.

I was having a problem taking pictures because the Fox crew was always in my way. I decided to go to the club to eat since that usually puts me in a better mood.

The ice display for the 2nd game was as amazing as the one for the 1st game. This time there were crab legs. Yum!!

I helped myself since everyone else seemed to think Dodger Dogs were the way to go. There seemed to be shrimp in everything. I didn’t mind since I love sea food.

There also was tri tip.

It was a challenge but I was able to get a few shots of Rich Hill warming up. I took these pictures over the heads of the Fox crew who had amazing fluffy hair and big heads.

Believe it or not, the television crew was still blocking my view. I guess Chris Taylor got shoes with his number on it thanks to being named co-MVP of the NLCS with Justin.

I can’t believe how much stuff was strewn around the field by the TV crew. Frustrating when you are trying to get just a couple of good shots. Some of the crew sat right in front of me on the gate which usually is precariously waiting to fall apart. Great!!!

They finally packed up their stuff and left. This cart kept backing up onto the grass which I’m sure infuriated the grounds crew who painstakingly keep the field looking spectacular.

Several veterans were introduced who had done so much for our country. Thank you for your service. Justin went out to personally thank them.

I barely caught the flyover.

I had a better view.

To everyone’s surprise, Vin Scully made an appearance to throw out the first pitch. He deferred to Fernando Valenzuela who happily obliged. Steve Yaeger caught the ball.

Vin had a captive audience.

I almost missed Rich and Austin walking from the bullpen to the dugout.

I can’t forget a picture of Ryan with the A Rod autograph he was able to snag.

From there the day went downhill.

First pitch by Rich Hill. He was taken out after 4 innings. Dave probably went to the bullpen too early.

In the 1st inning, the first Astro up to bat, George Springer walked but was left on base.

Mr. Kate Upton, Justin Verlander, kept the Dodgers hitless as he said he would.

The game was so exasperating, I found the drug sniffing dog to be more interesting. I was hoping he didn’t find my extra strength Tylenol to be too annoying.

I was telling Sergio who was sitting next to me that it would be Joc who would mess up Mr. Upton’s perfect game. Sure enough, Joc made it a tie score. 1-1 by hitting a solo homerun. In the 6th inning, Corey pulled the Dodgers ahead with a 2 run homerun. 3-1.

It went downhill from there thanks to the usually stellar bullpen. Kenta did ok only allowing a base hit before being taken out by Doc. Tony Watson kept the Astros in check and was replaced by Ross Stripling who immediately walked Gonzalez. Stripling was quickly replaced by Brandon Morrow who made the score 3-2 with a ground rule double. He was replaced by Kenley who was expected to make the last 6 outs. We all know that Kenley is the closer. Why wear him out in the 2nd game of the World Series. Questionable use of the bullpen…unfortunately Kenley blew the save which is unusual for him. There was a homerun and a double which tied the score. Oh wonderful.

Josh Fields replaced Kenley and immediately served up a pitch resulting in a homerun to Jose Altuve. The Astros pulled ahead 3-4. Correa also hit a homerun. 3-5. Back to back homeruns. Take him out. Wait…have the relief pitchers been used up? Gurriel doubled so the outfield was mixed up a bit with Tony Cingrani replacing Josh Fields who made a mess of things.

The Dodgers were not giving up with Yasiel hitting a homerun to left center field making the score 4-5. We are now in the 10th inning.

With Kike singling and scoring Logan Forsythe, the Dodgers were able to tie the score. 5-5.

So then there was an 11th inning. Out comes Brandon McCarthy who has not pitched for months. Poor Brandon. He allowed a single and a homerun which brought the score to 5-7. Charlie Culberson was able to hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the 11th making the score 6-7. There was still hope.

The Dodgers looked glum, tired, and unhappy. Kikè was watching in disbelief.

Yasiel struck out to end the long tortuous 4 hour 19 minute game. there was a sellout crowd of 54,293 who watched this horrific game. I couldn’t wait to get out of the Stadium. Many fans had already left so getting home wasn’t a problem. The Dodgers and Astros play Friday. They both have won one game each. Many have told me it was the best baseball game they had ever seen. For me, it was one of the saddest. There has been so much Astro love. As they always say…let’s turn the page and win 3 more games to bring the pennant to LA. GO DODGERS!!!

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