One Word

There has been a lot of controversy about “taking a knee.” One man decided that the symbolism meant that it was in protest to the injustice and rascism of police. That in the past was not the case. To sit or kneel was a direct disrespect to our flag which is symbolic of our nation and its freedoms. The flag does not represent the police department. Where did they get that from? Is this protest directed to all law enforcement?

Many young people do not realize this because they were not even alive when we were appalled by flag burning or other disrespectful acts toward the flag. It was a sign of disrespect.

So this guy Kaepernick whoever he is decided he would take a knee and everyone jumped on the bandwagon as a protest to Trump. What does that even have to do with anything?

More importantly, we have serviceman who are trying to protect our country. There is Korea out there threatening us. Does anyone care about that? There are people in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida suffering. All of you who are making noise about taking a knee should donate $1 to the Red Cross. That would take care of many people who truly are suffering. Maybe some of these rich show business people can donate some money instead of spreading bad vibes on the internet. Or better yet how about if the NFL contribute maybe 10% of their earnings?

I see injustice everywhere. I’m not white. I’ve been called Chinaman, geek, you name it. You pick yourself up by the bootstraps and strive to be the best you can be. Don’t place blame everywhere. You will never become anything but a mean and bitter person. This behavior was learned. No one is born a racist.

My son was deployed to Iraq twice. I spent all those months in tears. I will always remember during a high school football banquet…yes my son played varsity football..he told a woman who had no respect for the military that he would give his life for his country. My son was 16 years old at the time. I was never prouder of him than I was at that moment.

While he was in Iraq, whenever the National Anthem was played, my eyes would fill with tears. This was my only child serving his country in that bad place. But I was so very proud of him.

The problem is that all of us are not on the same page with the “taking a knee.” Are you protesting this country? The flag is the flag of the United States. It isn’t the flag of police. The correct way is to try to spread the good word, of love, kindness and generosity. All this dissension is making everyone grow further apart. Hate is not the answer.

That being said.

Let freedom ring. I love America.



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