The Dodgers Win the West

Could it have been scripted any better? Dodgers have been losing, D Backs have been winning. The “Magic Number” whittled down slowly. Maybe it was a plan. It was the perfect day. It was Tommy Lasorda’s 90th birthday. It was Fireworks Friday. The Dodgers were playing the hated Giants. The Dodgers had come home to win. It was destiny.

The day started out for me in the Apple Store. I have fallen into the trap of people who can’t live without the newest IPhone/IPad/Iwhatever so I went there to pick up my reserved IPhone 8+. I was armed with an “appointment.” Hours later I left the store with my iPhone with an armful of purchases. Of course I had them put on a screen protector. I had to buy a wireless Q charger. I had to buy a wireless Mophie “juice pack” in case I run out of battery. Rumor is that the new IOS 11 drains the batter. I went to the store after working all night so I was a little grumpy. I drove directly to Dodger Stadium from the Cerritos Apple Store so had to take a different route. I’m a creature of habit so taking a different way made me even grumpier.

I arrived at the stadium armed with my new IPhone. I have 90,000 photos in the cloud so it takes a few hours to restore a new phone. The phone was a little grumpy stating it was a little heated and said it needed a break. I think I must have gotten a sissy phone. The phone is a beautiful muted gold color. They are trying to phase out the rose gold and gold and combining to make a gorgeous gold color that will please both guys and girls.

The color is a little difficult to see.

The guys were all on the field shagging balls. Of course they didn’t notice me. HI GUYS!! We’re clinching tonight, right?

They looked a little tired since they had been in a different time zone.

Yes…give him a second chance.

It was a perfect day…not a cloud in the sky. Cool 70’s. Tommy’s birthday. Clinch Day.

I totally don’t believe the guys pose for me.

O’Koyea. I can spell your name finally.

Will and Kenta

I was so happy to go to the Club to eat. I was getting a little tired of my Top Ramen diet. The Guinness honey thyme leg of lamb was delicious. The turkey teriyaki was juicy and tender. The jalapeño honey butter corn on the cub was a nice mixture of flavors. Must have bacon so it was included in the chicken and spinach pasta. The salads were wonderful as usual with roasted chicken and green apple salad, spinach quinoa salad and pasta Caesar salad. I waddled back up to the field very content.

Amy’s parents were there

So was just about every living legend. They were all there to honor their icon Tommy Lasorda.

Yasmani was already on the field warming up. Of course he had to make sure I was in my usual spot.

And here comes Dave Styles from IHeart radio. He stopped and gave me a big hug…be still my heart….!

And there’s the most famous legend himself…Tommy with my favorite photographer Fernando.

He was wearing a beautiful wrinkly suit. Does he look a little grumpy? Must be catching.

Tommy and Doc

Rich was warming up. I guess he saw me.

The guys were enjoying the festivities.

Here comes Yu San. I hope they told him what was going on.

Aha. Birthday!

Yes…Dave…make sure Tommy doesn’t fall on his birthday.

Rich continued to warm up during the celebration.

Mikey and his dad were at the game. They had a pair of Chase Utley shoes they were hoping to get autographed.

The many faces of the versatile Dave Styles. He was the perfect person to be on the field on this special day. But does he ever smile? Ever?

My little buddy will teach him how to smile.

My wonderful friends: Donna, Norma and beautiful Alyssa.

The National Anthem caught Rich, Honey and Yasmani off guard.

Yasmani ran to the guys on the field.

while Honey and Rich stopped short. No running. Save your wind.

National Anthem. Hi Trayce. Understand that I am several yards away from them. They somehow can spot me.

Awwww Tommy!!!

After the National Anthem Rich and Honey finished their walk to the dugout amidst cheers from the fans.

The guys really love Tommy. They all crowded around for a closer look at the cake cutting ceremony.

It was indeed a special night.

Our favorite Andre Ethier was starting in left field.

First pitch by Rich Hill who pitched a magnificent game.

In the top of the first inning, Gorkys Hernandez singled. With Joe Panik batting, Hernandez stole 2nd base. Panik popped out but Buster Posey singled to center field scoring Gorkys. The Giants drew first blood. 0-1. Brandon Crawford singled but Nick Huntley hit a fly to right field ending the 1st inning mercifully.

In the bottom of the 1st inning the Dodgers were out in order. Uh oh. Shades of the way it was on the road….!

In the top of the 2nd inning, the Giants were out in order.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, the Dodgers also were out in order failing to get a hit.

In the top of the 3rd dinning, Joe Panik was hit by a pitch otherwise it was a quiet inning for the Giants.

Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija thought he had us. Maybe he let up his guard.

We sent out our secret weapon Logan Forsythe who blasted a double to left field.

The we sent our really secret weapon pitcher Rich Hill who also hit a double scoring Logan, tying the score. 1-1.

Chris reached on a fielders choice with Rich out at 3rd. Who sent Rich to 3rd?

With Corey batting, Chris was able to steal 2nd base and then advanced to 3rd base on a throwing error by Nick Hundley. Too bad. So sad. Not really.

Corey drew a walk. The wheels were falling off the Samardzija bus.

Cody hit his 39th homerun setting the National League rookie record for homeruns. It was a huge 3 run homerun.

Cody’s homerun pretty much sealed the deal for the Dodgers to clinch the Western Division on Friday night.

Nick Hundley singled in the top of the 4th inning but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 4th inning, Logan singled but also I was left on base.

In the top of the 5th inning, Panik singled but was left on base.

Corey hit a single to center field.

Cody walked and that was all for Jeff Samardzija.

The Giants definitely didn’t want to give the Dodgers the victory.

Kike came out to pinch hit. He received much love from the fans. Prayers to Kike. His relatives are all in Puerto Rico which is amidst a deathly storm. He was able to get a walk from relief pitcher Josh Osich.

In the top of the 6th inning with Rich still pitching the Giants were out in order. Rich only allowed the one run while striking out nine. He also proved he can hit the ball. He most definitely will join Kershaw, Darvish and Wood.

By this time all of us fans could almost taste the champagne.

I went up to the club to have some ice cream. Usually I go to the other side of the stadium in the 8th but decided to stay in my seat for the celebration to follow.

Kenley came out in the 9th to close the game. Pablo Sandoval hit a homerun to make the score 4-2. We all groaned. What just happened?

But Kenley struck out the rest, saving the game with a score of 4-2.

The Dodgers had finally won the Western Division. September had been a very tough month.

The relief pitchers ran from the bullpen. They were pretty fast considering they are probably the slowest group of Dodgers.

They hugged, they kissed, they gave each other high fives.

Then they put on their Western Division Champions teeshirt which they have done know for 5 years in a row.

Then they all disappeared into the clubhouse to have their own celebration.

The fans all wanted the Dodgers to bring the party out to the field but no one came out. Dave tried to keep the fans calm.

I just know he’s checking to see if he got a message from me. Hehe.

Um….I think they aren’t coming out. Sorry.

They did send out hundreds of children to entertain everyone. Not the same. I suppose that they had won the West partly because the D Backs were losing. It was probably more a relief than a surprise celebration. And they do have a lot of work to do. They have to keep winning so the Dodgers can have home field advantage. This is just the first step.

Speaking of that, Saturdays game will bring Giants ace Madison Bumgarner 3-9, ERA 3.48 and his snot rockets to the mound. I hope the groundskeepers bring their special brooms to clean up after his mess. He will face Hyun-Jin Ryu 5-7 ERA 3.456. Ryu has been pitching well.

Saturday is an exciting day for me. My friend Norma has invited me to be on the field with her to celebrate her birthday. Thank you Norma. My goal is to 1) get a selfie with Yu-San 2) speak with Trayce. Everything else will be icing on the cake. I hope to get as many selfies as possible. I’m pretty burned out on autographs but may try to get one from Yu who is pretty much unapproachable.

I do feel a sense of relief since we don’t have to deal with those “magic numbers” any more. The Dodgers should try to win to keep the momentum going.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Congratulations to our Dodgers. Happy Birthday to Tommy and Norma. GO DODGERS!! We love you always.

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