The Weekend

Where were our Dodgers this weekend? They weren’t even wearing their regular home jerseys. Maybe that was the problem. I thought the Players Weekend jerseys were gaudy and a bit silly. Baseball is a serious game and we all know that the players have their superstitions and their routine. Just one little change can throw them off. That’s one theory.

Can Logie Bear be the real Logan Forsythe?

And who the hell is Sam?

Not sure what to comment about Chicken Strip.

The Brewers’ nicknames may have been a little more silly but they played better games.

Doc looks a little peeved.

Does anyone look happy here?

It almost seemed like the sky was falling. The offense just wasn’t there.

The only bright spot of the weekend was the arrival of Curtis Granderson or Grandyman. He went all out with the rainbow shoes.

He is a fan friendly, super nice guy. He signed and signed and signed.

Was nice enough to take a cute selfie with me.

He definitely is happy to be a Dodger.

Everyone was criticizing Yu-San for losing the game on Sunday. But where was the run support? It was a perfect game….for the other side until the 6th inning.

Corey was simply “Seager” and played just as he always does, continuing his hitting streak.

I wonder what Ryan Braun’s jersey said…um, how about Cheater.

Tired of this

I wonder if having this nickname made him feel older.

I did like Kenley’s nickname though

Bailey did break up the monotony on Kings Day. He got a little impatient with me and took the selfie himself. Grumpy.

I did get Grandyman’s autograph on my hat. The hat is getting crowded. But always room for one more.

The food was good all weekend from the beef roasts to the fantastic salads. That was great since it was so hot on Sunday, I stayed in the club to keep from melting in my seat. I think I ate too much. Oink oink.

Curtis looks a little stressed.

I personally think we need that spark plug Cody Love back in the lineup and soon.

And maybe if Dave were at the games every day.

Text me.

Are we overthinking this whole thing…or over swinging maybe.

I keep being reminded that this is baseball. No team can possibly win EVERY game and the Dodgers are still 19 games ahead of the D Backs for first place for the Western Division. The Giants and Padres have both been eliminated. But it’s been months since they have lost a series… maybe June.

There are positives.

Watching Curtis at bat is a wonder to see.

It’s partly acrobatics.

Yikes. Can a neck bend this far?

One of the nicest swings in baseball

Puig. Puig. Where are you going?

It couldn’t have been that the Brewers sent out their aces to upend the Dodgers….NO!!!

They are so mean.

Why can’t we score when I’m on the freaking base????

Wow, Logie Bear, are you trying out for a cheerleading squad?

or possibly a ballet?

I think Amy agrees with me how nice Curtis is.

I know we’re all twisted up in knots over LOSING TWO GAMES but we’ll get back on track.

The Dodgers have Monday off and then go to Arizona to face the D Backs. On Tuesday Rich Hill 9-5 ERA 3.32 will be sent to the mound to face Zack Godley 5-7 ERA 3.15. It will be the first of 3 games. Hopefully the Dodgers can pull it together to win the series. On Wednesday it will be Hyun-Jin Ryu vs Robbie Ray and Thursday Kenta Maeda vs. Zack Greinke. Thank goodness those Player Weekend jerseys are in the trash.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!! If I made you laugh even once, I’m happy.

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