Premium Batting Practice 2017

One of the funnest events of the year for premium season ticket holders is the premium batting practice. It is a chance for those who aspire to be professional baseball players to actually hit a baseball at Dodger Stadium. There is always good food, lots of fun, pictures and games.
First item of business was the professional photograph taken as you walk in. Haha. Looks like a glamor shot.
This is the way it looks before they fix it up. There were already shadows around the stadium.
The main purpose of the event was to actually shag some balls. I didn't participate.
The food was good as usual.
I had to take my annual shot in the dugout.
They always give us some sort of gift. This year it was a cap.
There was a fun photo booth where you could take pictures.
Always have to pose in front of the World Series trophy. Who knows? Maybe this year….!
I had to make sure my seat was still there.
It was a fun event. We always look forward to it.
Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!!!


  1. Toni Cecchetti

    Just wanted to stop by and say congrats! You and your boys in blue are on fire. I’ll be keeping up with you in the postseason (since I won’t have a dog in the hunt!) Toni

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