Saturday Day Game…What?

Yes, it was a day game on Saturday. The temperature was supposed to be a tolerable 80 degrees but it felt more like 180 degrees. It was the 2nd of three games with the San Francisco Giants. And it also was the Dodger Wives Mystery Ball Fundraiser. I love this fundraiser because as I’ve said before, everyone wins. They were to be on 3 levels of the stadium: loge, club and field level.
I couldn’t start writing about Saturday without first writing about the wonderful thing that happened to me on Friday night. A group from the 3rd base club gave me a surprise birthday celebration. Special thanks to my buddy Crystal who organized the event, to Mario for doing such a wonderful job decorating the cake, and to all my friends at 3rd base club. It actually made my cry although I’m totally not sentimental about my birthday. Isn’t the cake beautiful. I’m saving most of it for my birthday which is Aug 4 but I had to sneak a taste. It is delicious.
Also on Friday night, I was able to get Corey Seager’s autograph on my hat. He had his arms full and was running into the dugout. I asked him if he would autograph my hat. He hesitated, saw it was me, dropped everything to my surprise and signed it. That was the only autograph that he signed that day. I felt so lucky. That day, Corey hit two homeruns and made a huge defensive play. Karma.
Back to Saturday. My goal was to go to all three places that the Dodger wives and girlfriends were stationed with those mystery balls. I had forgotten my camera anyway so I wasn’t going to be able to take any good pictures. I went first to the Suite Level by the Vin Scully Press Box.
I saw the beautiful Mrs. Dave Roberts. She happily posed for a picture. I didn’t purchase a ball there. They were still getting organized.
The Dodger girl friends were just arriving. Ellen Kershaw was behind one table. She wore a cap shading her face so I thought maybe she didn’t want to be bothered so I didn’t even say hi to her. I took some pics of the girls at random. I decided to go up to Loge level behind home plate to see who would be up there.
Just who I wanted to meet…Mrs Kenta Maeda. She spoke perfect English and was very nice. I told her to tell her husband I had bought a ball. She said she couldn’t guarantee that it would be her husband’s. I told her I was the fan that called her husband Kenta-San which was the extent of my Japanese. She thought that was funny. Here we are together. 

 There was almost no fans there. Maybe that’s why she was alone.
I went down to field level to see who I would find. I was hoping to see Kourtney, Justin Turner’s girlfriend. She has always been very nice to me. I didn’t see her but it seemed most of the others were there. I found out that she was a little late. I’m so sorry I missed her.

Here is a list of player autographs. Each one of these autographs are highly desirable ones. I actually have all of them except maybe Logan’s but that’s probably because I’ve never asked him. We could use a credit card. Uh oh. I knew I was in trouble. I had brought cash but I also had my card. I’m not really much into autographs but this was a charity event so I was all in.

On the other levels, they only accepted cash.
I got into trouble on the field level. It was so much fun I went back 3 times. Crazy thing is that I kept forgetting to get the balls that I had purchased. I had the girlfriends pick the balls out for me. We kept saying that it would probably be Sergio Romo. Wait….I like him. I wouldn’t be unhappy. I haven’t opened any of the bags. I hope I got all the bags that I paid for. Oh well!! That’s not really the reason I went to the fundraiser.
The first Dodger wife I saw on field level was the funny, beautiful Amanda McCarthy, Brandon’s wife. She was the only one not wearing her husband’s jersey. I wanted to ask her if she wanted to borrow mine. She remembered that I had that jersey and that I wore it every time Brandon pitched. She told me that meant a lot to him, that he gets the fans’ support. I told her he was one of the nicest Dodgers. She said it was like sending a child off to school. That it was nice to hear that the child is behaving. I thought that was so funny.
Mariana Vicente is Kike’s fiancé. Her engagement ring was over-the-top fantastic. She definitely is a model, wearing the Dodger jersey in her unique way.

Gianni Jansen, Nicole Rappaport (Austin’s girlfriend), Suzanna Villarreal (Alex’s girlfriend)

Two of my favorites: Mady Van Ham (Corey’s girlfriend) and Andrea (Yasiel’s girlfriend). Notice how cute the “66” is on Andrea’s jersey.
How about all of them together…oops, look who photo bombed them!! They are really a friendly nice group. One of the cutest selfies ever.
I totally adore Andre, Yasiel’s girlfriend and mother to little Daniel. I told her I was going to tell Yasiel that he should marry her.
They loved my phone case which features pictures of the Dodgers. Mady asked me where Corey’s picture was. I told her I hadn’t gotten one of him yet and she told me to tell him he had to take one with me. Hehehe. She was sooo cute.
We all were friends by the time I left. I love all of them.

Before I left, I had them autograph a ball for me. I probably have the only Dodger wives and girlfriends autographed ball. They kept asking me if I was sure I wanted them to autograph it, that they would ruin it. They are so awesome. Amanda McCarthy signed on the sweet spot.
I hated to leave them but after all I was there to see the game.
The food in the club was amazing. The chicken was yummy and the BBQ brisket was delicious. I sat in the club during the entire game so I had seconds and thirds. I actually had fun.
I was happy that one of my best buds Yoshiko was also in the club with her husband. We always take the best selfies. They kept me company. Everyone in the 3rd base club are the best. Heads up to manager Luis and the excellent chefs headed by Bud. Love them all for their hard work and patience.
When I went out to the field I was happy to see Amy, the best bat girl ever.
Rich Hill was warming up. I was wearing my Rich Hill tee shirt to show my support. TV photographer Fernando likes to take my picture when the player walks by since I usually wear the pitchers jersey or tee shirt.
Logan was first to come out to the field as usual.
Then Chris Taylor or CT3 as everyone likes to call him. He is the perfect baseball player: offensively and defensively.
Corey. OK now Corey…Mady says to take a picture with me.
Yasiel. He hasn’t been on the field lately so it was good to see him.
The National Anthem
Rich and Yasmani walked down that already hot simmering field to the dugout. I’m exaggerating a little but I thought it was hot.
Here are a couple of pics for you, Amy.
First pitch. And that was about the time I went back up to the club. Sorry about the picture quality. I took these with my IPhone 7+
I started this blog while I was in the air conditioned club. I have to confess that I didn’t pay much attention to the game. I was watching it on the big screen tv’s they have up there.

Rich pitched well going 3 2/3 innings with a perfect game, considering he’s been dealing with a nasty cold. There has been a virus going around the clubhouse so almost everyone has been down with a cold. He left the game in the 6th inning.
The Dodgers had scored in the 1st inning with a Corey Seager double, a Justin Turner walk, and then Cody hitting a single, scoring Corey. 1-0.
In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Corey hit another double, Cody singled to right field scoring Corey. 2-0.
But in the top of the 4th inning, Hunter Pence hit a solo homerun. 2-1.
In the top of the 6th inning Rich Hill was replaced with Pedro Baez for the last out of the inning.
The Giants were out in order in the 7th inning.
Kenley came out in the 9th inning to close the game. The score had basically remained the same since the Hunter Pence homerun.

And the Dodgers eked out a 2-1 victory over the Giants.
On Sunday Hyun-Jin Ryu 3-6 ERA 4.17 will face ace Madison Baumgarner 1-4 ERA 3.38 in the last game of the Dodgers-Giants series. The Dodgers are aiming to complete another sweep. Ryu has not had a win since June 17.
I will not ever again forget my camera. I can’t believe that I did that.
Thank you to Yoshiko for keeping me company.
Thanks for stopping by. No…I haven’t opened all those bags with the surprise balls. I will eventually I suppose. Let’s hope for another sweep. The Dodgers only have 8 games in August so they will not be back until August 11. I will be missing them big time. However I will be working the whole time. There are only 21 home games left. They have 30 away games left. The Dodgers have won 73 games, having won 70% of their games. The Astros have won 68 games winning 66% of their games. The Dodgers have been phenomenal this season.

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