Highlights of the Weekend

It was a difficult thing to watch. I had forgotten what it was like for the Dodgers to actually lose a game. Suddenly they were on a 2 game losing streak against the Atlanta Braves.
It started on Thursday when the Dodgers lost 3-6. I was stuporous. The game on Friday was even worse. The Dodgers lost 3-12. Where had our team gone? Our MLB leading team were playing little league baseball.
I haven't posted in a while mainly because of WordPress. My blog keeps getting dumped into crash land. I have gotten frustrated and just quit blogging. There are a few highlights so I'll try to make it through this blog and hope it doesn't crash.
Did you know Justin has personalized lower leg pads? I guess that's to keep his separate from everyone else's.
Amy gave me Trayce's foul ball. I wish it were a homerun ball.
The first two games of the series were worth sleeping through
These veterans hurt protecting our country are an awesome group.
Chris Taylor is a robot. How can he possibly be this good?
Corey has a sweeeeet swing.
The Dodgers know how to celebrate after a walk off. Give Logan a little love but please don't hurt him.
Clayton has a back injury….please please get well quick. We need you.
Matt Kemp is still a gorgeous hunk. Quit all your booing!!
Losing those two games made Chase even grayer. Yikes
Austin is a hero even if he is the backup catcher
Justin does sign autographs contrary to popular belief
Dodger Stadium is gorgeous. Can we all agree on that?
Is it a little scary to be responsible for a walk off?
Even tennis players are tall. Yikes.
Rich Hill is the sweetest nicest pitcher ever IMO.
Dave Styles needs to smile more often
Actually, Dave, smile!!

Mikey is an awesome kid. Look at all the autographs on his hat!! You go Mikey.
Fernando is my idol, my role model. His camera must weigh 50 pounds!! Love you Fernando.
Spycam on bullpen is fun. Why don't these guys look happy?
There are only cute kids at Dodger Stadium.
No Dave, I said smile….! Silly!!
You forgot to wear my jersey??? OMG. I think Alex will never forgive me.
The moment that Dodger Stadium stood still. This may be what changes the way the season goes. Pray for Clayton.
Amy is a goddess in her Dodger Stadium world
Can you guess what autographs are on my hat? Hints: two pitchers, one rookie, one hard to get autograph, one of my all time faves. I may never catch up with Mikey.
Trayce is beautiful. Thought I would just throw that in.
The cookies in third base club are the best.
Our guys be loving each other
Shawn Green is still gorgeous
Andre can actually take a picture with me without making a silly face
Uh oh, spotted by Dave and crew. I think I'm in trouble.
Chris Taylor is taller than he looks on the field
So is Austin….thank you guys!!
I can actually take a decent picture with Kenta. This is the 4th try.
Thank you Amanda for being such a wonderful Dodger rep and friend!! My birthday is coming up Aug 4…could I be on the field again this homestand. Just asking for a friend….!
Trayce….my dream come true
Matt will never be the guy on the other team…he is the same sweet sweet person.
Matt and Norma
Ayyyy. I love this pic.
In case you are wondering whose backside is in a lot of my pictures, it's 3rd base coach Chris Woodward. Here's his frontside.
Rod Fukuzaki of Channel 7 sports took this selfie. he asked me if I would do an interview. I told him I was too shy. Well, I am!!

This blog has crashed 5 times. I think I should call it a day. Monday our Ryu 3-6 ERA 4.21 comes off of DL to face 44 year old Bartolo Colon 2-9 ERA 8.19. Colon is considering retirement. The Dodgers have not faced the Minnesota Twins since 2005. Cody was 10 years old.
GO DODGERS!!! Thanks everyone for being patient with me. WordPress has not been good to me!!!

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