Star Wars Day

It was Star Wars Day on Friday.  The Force definitely was with the Dodgers.  The Royals came to Dodger Stadium with a 4 game winning streak, a team eager to beat the Dodgers.  But that was not to happen as the Dodgers beat them royally.  Star Wars Day is always a fun day and winning makes it all the better.

The weekend was predicted to be very hot.  It was just that as I arrived for batting practice.  It was also humid which added to the misery.  I felt like I was melting already.

The Dodgers never seem to be fazed by the hot weather.  The guys looked amazingly cool.
Silly Andre took a selfie with me at the dugout.  I never can get a normal selfie with him.
Andre is always so cute and funny.  We all love him.
Joe Davis, our new Dodger announcer, stopped to talk.  He is super nice and very humble.  He does have some very big shoes to fill.
Time to eat.  The turkey chili bar was something different…steamy and hot with sour cream and chives to top it off,    I was loving the bow tie pasta.
Back at the field, our starting pitcher Kenta was walking down the field with translator Will.
Yasmani was already by the bullpen getting ready.
Kenta went about the business of warming up even in this hot humid weather.
It was nice to see bat girl Amy again.
She gave me the sweetest thank you card.
It was also good to see Alianna.  We have the most talented bat girls in all of baseball.  I’m so proud of them.
The guys were stretching and warming up as though it already wasn’t warm enough.
Here comes Yasiel.
It was announced that Alex Wood was going to the All Star Game.  He would take Clayton Kershaw’s place.  Clayton is pitching on Sunday.  Congratulations to Alex who certainly deserved the spot.
Corey Seager signed for the kids.
Chris Taylor who quietly goes about his business 
In keeping with the Star Wars theme, Rian Johnson, writer and director of the latest Star Wars movie the Last Jedi, threw out the first pitch.
Yes, it was Star Wars night.
Clayton signed a few balls from the dugout
Kenta and Yasmani.  Kenta threw a ball to one of the kids as he always does.  He walked alone as Yasmani had a conversation with Honey, the pitching coach.
And then Yasiel came to sign for the kids, first going to my little buddy Alexander.  Yasiel gave me a big hug before he went to the dugout.  I think it must have been his good luck hug because he had a great game.
First pitch
In the 1st inning the the Royals were out in order.  That’s a good sign.  The first inning gives you an indication of the way the game might go,

In the bottom of the 1st inning, Logan Forsythe walked.
Corey ground into a force out with Logan out at 2nd.
Cody walked but was left on base when Joc ground out for the last out.
In the top of the 2nd inning, Salvador Perez singled but was left on base.

Yasiel hit a single to left field but was left on base.
In the top of the 3rd inning, Whit Merrifield and Ramon Torres both walked but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning Logan walked
Chris Taylor singled but both he and Logan were left on base.  A missed opportunity.
In the top of the 4th inning Mike Moustakas doubled, Alcides Escobar singled, scoring Moustakas. 0-1.  Uh oh.  First blood.

The moon was bright and full.  The night was heavy with the humidity.  It made me feel so lethargic.
Chase Utley singled to right field.  Yeah Cat, don’t worry.  I got this.
And I got this too.  Watch me.
Kenta singled to left field, Chase going to 2nd.
Logan hit a single to right field scoring Chase and tying the score.  1-1.
Corey also hit a single to right field scoring Kenta.  I can’t believe how fast Kenta can run. 2-1.
Jason Hammel had a pained look.  What the hell happened??
In the top of the 5th inning, Alex Gordon doubled but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Cody singled with a bunt surprising everyone.  He was left on base.
This is pretty much the way I felt.  It’s been a grueling few days.  I think I haven’t caught up on my lack of sleep and this oppressive humidity didn’t help.
In the top of the 6th inning Eric Hosmer  singled when Josh Fields replaced Kenta.  He was left on base. A scoreless inning for Josh,

At least Amy is still awake.
In the bottom of the 6th inning Yasiel hit a solo homerun to center waking everyone up. 3-1.

In the top of the 7th inning Brock Stewart replaced Josh Fields and pitched a scoreless inning.

In the bottom of the 7th inning the Dodgers were out in order.

In the top of the 8th inning the Royals were out in order.  

In the bottom of the 8th inning Joc Pederson doubled into center field.
Chase Utley hit a double into center field scoring Joc.  4-1.
The guys definitely were celebrating Chase’s 1000th career RBI.  Congratulations Chase!!!
Justin walked but was left on base.  Justin looks happy.
The spy cam on the Dodger dugout as Kenley came out to close the game.
Going into the 9th inning with a score like this is not so stressful.
And the Dodgers beat the Royals in the first game of the series with a score of 4-1.  Yasiel hit his 16th homerun,  Kenta improved his record to 7-4.  The Dodgers have a 4 game winning streak.  They are still 5 1/2 games on top of the D Backs.  The Dodgers only have to win one more game before the all star break to make it 60 wins.  
On Saturday’s early game Brandon McCarthy 6-3 ERA 3.25 will come off of DL to face Ian Kennedy 3-6 ERA 4.44.  It will be the hottest day of the week with the temperature soaring to 90 degrees.   Ugh…not looking forward to this.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your support.  GO DODGERS!!!  Congratulations again to Alex Wood and Chase Utley.

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