I’m pretty jaded about the annual ALL Star Game. Big hint…I don’t even watch it.

The teams aren’t necessarily comprised of the best in baseball. It’s made up of the most popular. The Dodgers are not known to be very popular outside its own fan base so when it’s up to the popular vote, the Dodgers probably won’t come out on top even if they are the most qualified to be there.

How can anyone argue that Justin Turner is the best 3rd base or that Corey Seager is the best shortstop?  The Dodgers have the best record in the National League.  Alex Wood has a perfect record. And yet the Dodgers players who were chosen are on the freaking reserve team. 

  • Alex Wood
  • What about #puigmyfriend?

Although I know that the players themselves love being on the All Star Team, I really am bored with it all. It would be better if they didn’t risk injury and have a little down time with their families.  

I know that no one will agree with me but whatever.

Tuesday is 4th of July. Clayton Kershaw will be pitching. The Dodgers will be playing 2nd place D Backs. I’m hoping that our guys do to the D Backs what they did to the Rockies…kicked them out of contention.

Everyone have a great 4th whether it be at Dodger Stadium or at home with family. 


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