The Only Positives

It’s not a good day when all the positives you can think of are only indirectly related to the game.  Here is all I could take away from Monday’s game with the Angels where our 10 game winning streak was snapped.  The number of games where there was at least homerun was stalled at 17.  It definitely was not a good day for the Dodgers or for me.  Below are the positives I took away from the game:

Trayce is back!!!  I’ve waited all season for this.
He autographed his Fathers Day jersey for me.  Oddly enough I just got it a couple of days before and had it with me when I found out he was back up.
Thank you to Tyler and Amanda for my kids day water bottle
The cookies were the best.  Thanks to Bud!!  Those tasty morsels made up for most of the negatives of the day.
Otherwise the day was one I just want to forget.  It didn’t help that I had to go 48 hours without sleep with work and the games overlapping.  

The only comment I have about the actual game on Sunday is why Mike Freeman who was just called up from minors was called on to pinch hit.  With Yasiel and Kike on 2nd and 3rd, a good hit could have tied the game.  Why put the kid under pressure right off the bat.  It didn’t work of course…no shocker with that.  The excitement balloon deflated with that decision.  I had my eye on the exit very quickly.  I knew then that the Dodgers wouldn’t come back.

I’m hoping that Tuesday will be better….how could it possibly be worse.  All I have to look forward to is TRAYCE!!

GO DODGERS!!  I’ll actually write a real blog tomorrow.  I just don’t have the energy today.

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