Chicago Dog

I thought it was worth posting Dodger Stadium’s version of the Chicago dog complete with the fluorescent relish and pickle. A couple from Chicago verified that it was definitely a good rendition of THE Chicago dog.

Did I mention that Sunday’s game was HOT!! However I did sit in my seat and didn’t go up to the air conditioned club. And I didn’t melt!!

A little fan did become resourceful and found shade. Smart kid!!
The Dodgers beat the Cardinals on Memorial Day even though it was a quick turnaround game. The Rockies lost so the Dodgers are only 1/2 game out of first place. Sweet!

There was a benches clearing incident in the Giants-Nationals game at AT&T Park today  when it appeared that relief pitcher Hunter Strickland hit Bryce Harper on purpose. The ball was going  97.3mph. Ouch.  Harper punched Strickland. As Bruce Bochy said “they don’t like each other much.” You think? I watched the video and wondered why Posey was’t first on the field to protect his pitcher. Hmmmm. Grandal and Barnes would have been right there. Don’t mess with The Yasmanian devil.

Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day. Please remember that the day is in remembrance of those who gave their lives for our freedom. Freedom is not Free!!  Please also remember our servicemen on this day. Now go eat barbecue!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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