More problems with WordPress.  I’ve been trying to write my blog but the site keeps crashing.  It is very frustrating.  I may have to go to another medium like MEDIUM.  The blogs were all supposed to go there but I had decided to be loyal to WordPress.  Maybe it’s time to switch.  

Let me try posting a few pictures.

How about hero for the game: Logan Forsythe?  It was difficult even to type this much.  I’ll try again a little later. 
Thanks for checking in.  If it doesn’t work out today I’ll have to go to Medium.  GO DODGERS!!!


  1. Fawn Liebowitz

    Hi Cat I see you stayed at WordPress too, when MLB moved all their pro blogs to Medium. I opened an account at Medium but I just couldn’t get the hang of posting there. Plus I didn’t like it that MLB took away the ‘’ part away from the fan’s blogs. Sorry you’re having problems with WordPress. I didn’t like the choices of their free layouts so I ended up purchasing a personal plan which gives you a few more options with layouts and colors and things. Sorry also to hear about Pederson’s injury but at least he wasn’t off riding a dirt bike 😉

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