Not Even For Vin

It was a glorious day.  Vin Scully Day.  Vin Scully was to be inducted into the Dodgers Ring of Fame.  We all wondered what his circle would look like.  I think we all knew it would be a microphone because Vin never had a number.  

The day started out as usual with early batting practice.  It might as well have been bobblehead day because it was so crowded.  I decided to just sit down in the shade and opted not to take pictures because everyone’s heads were in the way.  I did catch Andrew with Johnny Cueto photobombing the picture.  I was wearing my Cody Bellinger tee shirt..probably the only one in the stadium.  I had hopes that he would see it.  In this crowd, I thought it would be unlikely because his name was on the back of the shirt.  He actually saw it somehow although I had been sitting quite a way from the field.  I waved to Cody and he smiled and gave me a thumbs up that he had seen it.  Okay…that made my day.
I ran into my friend Baseball Head who was all decked out for the day.
We talked to Andre as usual.
But surprisingly enough, the elusive Sergio Romo stopped and signed Robert’s picture and some balls.  I took the opportunity to get his autograph although I don’t often get autographs.  I took the opportunity.
I decided it was a good time to eat.  By the time I left, the club was crowded.  The food was fantastic.  I loved the chicken katsu, a lovely fried chicken with a spicy tonkatsu sauce.  At the carving table was a scrumptious apple stuffed pork loin.
I returned to the field in time to see Yaz going from dugout to bullpen.  I think he must shave his head everyday.
Julio was next.  He stretched with his jacket on.
And then he warmed up his pitches.  He still has a problem with a high pitch count.  I don’t think he will be sent back to minors anymore especially wth Ryu on DL again.
Chase Utley was as usual first on the field.
Cody is fast becoming a favorite.  It is an enigma that he hasn’t signed a single autograph since he came up from minors.  Corey and Yasiel sign almost everyday.
Chase and the young guys Corey and Andrew
It was a beautiful day.
A little catch between friends
The National Anthem with Yasiel grinning from ear to ear at me.
Starting pitcher Julio Urias and Yaz on their way to the dugout
We all wondered what was behind curtain number one.  I didn’t realize that Sandy Koufax and Tommy Lasorda was involved in the big reveal until I looked at my pictures much later.  No, I wasn’t hovering in mid air taking these pictures.  It just looks like it.
A closer look
It was an exciting heartwarming ceremony.
The team came down the field right in front of my seat.  How lucky I felt.  Cody looked right at me.
And it was Vinny time all over again, as though he had never left us.
​Here is a little snippet of video so you can get a taste of how it felt to be there.
After the big reveal, the team posed with Vinny for a final picture.  Hey guys…I’m over here.
And Vinny gave his final goodbye and was gone.  What a wonderful wonderful man he is.  
And if the day ended right there, it would have been ok because the game was frustrating.  Once again the offense went quiet.  Why did it happen on Vinny’s day?  Why against the Giants?  It went into extra innings besides so those who stayed for the entire game didn’t leave until after 11.  I left when the Giants scored the tie breaking runs.  You just knew that those runs spelled doom for the Dodgers.  

The only Dodger score came in the 6th inning with Chris Taylor singling scoring Yasiel who reached 1st on a fielding error.  The score was 1-0.  But in the 8th inning Ross Stripling threw a wild pitch which ended up with Hunter Pence (who will probably become the most hated Giant) scoring, tying the game.  1-1.  We were all upset since that shouldn’t have happened.  No win for Julio.  It resulted in extra innings.

We had a ray of hope when Justin was hit by a pitch but we were worried as well.
I didn’t mean to hit him….uh, yeah.
But the Dodgers were out in order after that in the 10th inning.  Oh well.  I was getting that feeling of dread.  No “I Love LA” tonight, not even for Vin.

Josh Fields sealed the deal in the 11th inning when he walked Nick Hundley, allowed a double to Gorkys Hernandez scoring Joe Panik 1-3.  Then  Hunter Pence hit a sacrifice fly scoring Gorkys. 1-4.  At some point, why didn’t Dave take Fields out of the game??  A combination of Stripling-Fields cancelled out Kenley’s perfect 9th inning.  I left the game.

Frustrating describes this series with the Giants.  At least the Dodgers had swept the Phillies so the home stand wasn’t a total loss. Now the Dodgers will be on the road for a short trip to play the Padres Friday, Saturday and Sunday before returning on Monday for a quick 3 game series with the Pirates.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  I’ll probably post in the next few days.  Sorry about the crash yesterday for those who checked my blog.  WordPress!!!!!  Love you Vinny!!

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