Sunday..A Day To Forget

It’s been a few days of losses.  The Dodgers were unable to win the series against the D Backs.  Rich Hill went back on the DL with that dastardly blister on his left middle finger.  Trayce went back to minors.  He was only with the team for a second.  See you soon Trayce.

Sunday’s game ended with a score of 1-3 with the Dodgers offense practically asleep.

It was hot as usual for a day game.  I think Joc agrees with me.

The food was pretty good.  That was one of the only good things about the day.  Crystal was off…another not good thing.  It was Easter Sunday.  Many families were enjoying the day at the stadium.  Dodger dogs for Easter dinner.  Way to go.
Chase started for a change
And he actually signed a few autographs.
So did Yasiel as usual

Rich walked to the dugout by himself.  I wonder if he knew what would happen.
Little did we know that Rich would go out of the game soon.
Yasmani singled to right field in the 4th inning.  This was the only inning that the Dodgers scored.
Yasiel doubled, scoring Yasmani. 1-2.  
The D Backs scored in the 7th making the final score 1-3.  

It was a tiring game.  I felt more tired because I knew I had to go to work.  Some games seem to go on and on and this was one.

Thanks for checking in even when the Dodgers lose!!!  GO DODGERS!!!

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