Monday Monday

Monday’s game was another forgettable game.

It was a beautiful day however.
Michael Gonzalez threw out the first pitch.  It was his wish from Make a Wish Foundation.  He is fighting a reoccurrence of sarcoma.  Please pray for this very brave 17 year old.
Happy Birthday to Jessica.  She turned 22 on Monday.  Also hope you are feeling better Ashley.
Kike started on Monday…hmmm left handed pitcher.
Rob Segedin  was called up from minors with Rich Hill placed on DL.
Closeup of Kike’s hair.  I wonder if we have the same hair color.
What do you think Luis?  Check out the hair.
National Anthem
How beautiful is that sky?
Brandon McCarthy was pitching.
I was wearing his autographed jersey.

Someone noticed…I was actually on tv.  Thank you David Collins.  Somehow you always spot me, even from the back.

Oh yes…the food, especially the sciracha chicken was delicious!!!
Back to the game if we must.  First pitch by Brandon McCarthy who got no run support.
Rob Segedin was able to score on a sacrifice fly in the 2nd inning. 1-0.
Nothing until the bottom of the 4th when Kike hit a solo homerun. 2-0.

The D Backs followed with 2 runs in the 5th inning tying the score.  2-2.

We have to figure this out, Mac.
However, the solution was to bring Chris Hatcher out and then Luis Avilan.  Two runs later, the D Backs won the game with a score of 4-2.

The last two days were tiring.  It didn’t help that there were games everyday and work stuck in the middle.  They wanted me to go to a class but I refused since I had already been up for 30 hours.  I wanted to go home and rest on Monday before going back to the game.  Call me a sissy.

Thanks for stopping by…it can only get better.  Again, Happy Birthday Jessica.  GO DODGERS!!!

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