Jackie Robinson Day

There isn’t a more emotional day than Jackie Robinson Day, especially at Dodger Stadium.  It’s a day that we honor a brave, ground breaking man and his legacy.  We have all been touched with prejudice in our lifetime, some more than others.  How we face what we have to, determines our lives.

A statue was unveiled and dedicated to him.  I didn’t go to the dedication ceremony which was good for me since the information was incorrect, that season ticket holders could attend.  Only a chosen few were allowed to go in and sit down for the formal ceremony.  Everyone else had to stand outside.  I decided to just go to early batting practice.  They showed the entire ceremony on the Jumbotron.  The stadium giveaway that day was a replica of the statue.
It was nice to see my favorite people at the stadium.  I hadn’t seen the twins since last year and was amazed how they had grown. They are almost 2 years old.
Let’s not forget the food!!
But it was definitely Jackie Robinson’s day.  His wife Rachel and her family honored the Dodgers with their presence during the MLB wide celebration of Jackie’s legacy.  Also nice was seeing Andre Ethier taking part in the ceremony.  We all miss Andre.
Pitching that day was Kenta Maeda.  It was a hard fought battle with Maeda coming out of the game early.
First pitch
In the first inning Logan doubled.
Corey singled, scoring Logan.  1-0
Justin doubled, Corey to 3rd.
Yasiel out on a sacrifice fly, scoring Corey. 2-0.
In the second inning, the D Backs were able to get the lead with Nick Ahmed’s 3 run homerun. 2-3.

Austin Barnes hit a solo homerun in the 2nd inning tying the score.  3-3.
Scott Van Slyke went to first on a throwing error, Logan singled, Scott to 3rd.  Corey out on a sacrifice fly scoring Scott.  4-2.
In the 5th inning,  Kike doubled.  With Austin striking out, Kike went to 3rd.  Scott Van Slyke drew an intentional walk.  He then stole 2nd base and Kike scored on a throwing error by the D Backs catcher.  Oops.  5-4.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Yasiel hit a 3 run homerun scoring Corey and Justin.  Let the celebration begin!!
One of the highlights of the game for me was seeing this adorable cutie.  I always thought she was the most beautiful baby in the stadium but now she is absolutely the cutest LITTLE GIRL.  How she grew in one year.

It was a fulfilling win on one of the most emotional days of the year.  Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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