Sunday seemed to totally frustrate me. I had a feeling Trayce would be the one to get sent down when Rich came off of DL today. I was right. Trayce is already back in Oklahoma City.

Then Rich had the same blister problem on his finger after 3 innings and was taken out.  He will be placed on DL again, who knows how long. 

I had to go up to the club to put in my order for IN SEAT service. 

It was too hot during the game. Just ask that person who passed out during the game.

One of the chairs in the club fell apart and the poor guy sitting in it fell backwards.

I thought I had to start work at 7:30 but I start at midnight. However I drove there before I realized my mistake.

The Dodgers offense was nonexistent today. 1-3 loss to the D Backs.

Only bright side to this frustrating dismal day is:

So the day wasn’t all bad.
Thanks for stopping by. More on the game later. GO DODGERS!!

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