Hill vs Cahill

It was Fernando Valenzuela jersey giveaway day.  It was also the third game of the 2017 season.  I was surprised that it wasn’t that crowded.  I guess jerseys aren’t as lucrative on EBay as the bobbleheads.

It was early batting practice as usual.
Dave was having a chat with Kenley and Sergio Romo.  Romo hasn’t been very fan friendly.  He has pretty much ignored the fans.
There seemed to be much discussion or maybe it was just guy talk.

And then Clayton joined in the conversation putting his glove in his favorite spot, on his head.  

I told Brandon McCarthy that I was wearing his jersey on the day he pitched….which is Thursday!!  He said that that would be nice.  I had been lucky during FanFest, picking his autographed jersey in a grab bag.  Interestingly enough, the grab bags were supposed to be past players, many were players no one remembered.  And getting a McCarthy jersey must have been destiny, or at least I think so.
Kenta and Wil.  I think Wil is ready for another fun season.

Ryu.  He was picked as the 5th starter.  He will start the first game in Colorado, their home opener, which will be a huge game for them.
Clayton, Sergio and ChrisJosh, Joc, Juan and KikeMore batting practice

Yasiel.  He has been working on his swing in the offseason and has trimmed down.  It seems to be working.

Joe Davis the new announcer was walking by so he stopped to sign autographs.  He is really nice.  Everyone seems to have high respect for him.  He does have some big shoes to fill taking Vin Scully’s place.
A ball signed by Franklyn Gutierrez.  He is a new Dodger acquisition.  He can hit left handed pitchers which is what the Dodgers need desperately.
Similar look to my new shoes without the autograph
Time to eat in the club.  The char siu chicken was delicious.  So was the English pea salad.  The food has been outstanding.  I think I ate too much.
One of the highlights of the entire day was seeing my good friend Yoshiko in the club with her husband Doug.  It was their first game of the season.  Yes, her doggie Clayton is doing fine.  So is their other child Dylan.
Also wonderful was seeing my old friend Cesar.  He said he would be around more.  I’ve missed him.

I went back to the field.  I had missed Yaz walking down the field and I think Rich came out to the field through the bullpen. My routine was messsed up!!

I think he sees me.  What!! You’re late!!

Romo looks thrilled to be a Dodger.  Too bad he isn’t nicer to his fans.
Beautiful Alanna interviewed him
Rich warming up
That ball in his back pocket looks so funny
Logan wants to make sure he works all those kinks out

Yasiel signed autographs and then gave me a hug.  It turns out maybe it was a good luck hug because he had a solid game.  He went two for three, belting a huge homerun.
The National Anthem
And Rich made his way down the field while struggling with that pesky jacket.
First pitch by Rich Hill
Rich had a great first outing with four scoreless innings.  He only allowed one run, two hits.

In the bottom of the first inning, Adrian hit a ground rule double, scoring Corey. 1-0.
Then Adrian scored on an error by Padre Wil Meyers. 2-0.
The only score by the Padres was a homerun by Hunter Renfroe in the top of the 4th inning. 2-1.

But the Padres could only bask in that homerun for a few minutes before Yasiel hit a homerun into the left field stands.  3-1.

When Rich retired for the day, Sergio Romo made his Dodger debut by pitching a scoreless but nail biting  inning.  Myers was able to hit a double and Solarte was just short of a homerun at the warning track.  Luckily center field Joc was there to catch the ball.  Not much gets past Joc.  I seem to remember Romo being less than wonderful while on the Giants.  He was followed by Alex Wood with a scoreless inning without the drama.

Then Kenley Jansen came out to close the game, his first save of the season.

The final score was 3-1.  It was an exciting win.
What confuses me is why Yasiel Puig is always made out to be the bad boy..why there is always criticism even when he hits homeruns.  I really like Yasiel.  He has always been good to his fans.  He plays outstanding defense.  He will always have to prove himself just because he is Yasiel Puig.

Thursday is a day game.  Help me.  Although it should be in the mild 70’s, it’s anything but mild in the direct sun.  Plenty of water and sunscreen for everybody.  Brandon McCarthy will be making his 2017 debut.  Fingers crossed.  I will be wearing his autographed jersey.  He will be facing Jered Weaver, former Angel, brother of our Jeff Weaver.  This is Jered’s first season playing with a team other than the Angels.  The Dodgers are now 2-1.

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry the blog is late but I was having problems with WordPress.  Apparently I post so many pictures that I used up all my allotted space.  I paid an exhorbitant amount but it is worth it to share my Dodger experiences with you.  Unfortunately, the site has crashed 3 times already.  Crossing my fingers I can post this.  I’ll post the pics from the last game of the homestand soon.  See you soon.  GO DODGERS!!

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