Cal State Long Beach Day

It was Cal State Long Beach Day at Dodger Stadium.  It was also the second game of the season, the second against National League West rivals Padres.  The game was in sharp contrast to yesterday’s season opener.  Thank you Sammy for the picture.  He is holding the hat in honor of the university.  It’s a beautiful hat.

Sammy is in charge of all the special event days.  Above is a poster of all the special days of the season.  I’m sure you can find a day interesting to you.
Tuesday started out the same as most game days with early batting practice.

Some of the guys were participating in shagging balls.

Some were stretching
Staring at me
Staring at me some more
Clayton pitching from a different angle
I had some things to take care of before the game.  I had to go up to reserve level to get my CSULB hat and also I had to go out again to get my phone charger which was the giveaway.

It’s cute but I wouldn’t depend on it to charge anything.

While I was getting on the elevator to get back to suite level, I saw the most fantastic looking Dodger dogs.  The couple told me they were the bacon Dodger dogs.  They look really yummy and they really smelled great, especially on the elevator.

The fare in the club was tequila lime chicken, Japanese eggplant and shishito peppers, shrimp a la vodka pasta, agave nectar and pineapple pork roast plus the salads:  iceberg wedge salad, Skyridge Farm kale salad, Thai noodle pasta, and Taos fruit salad.  Have I said before that I miss the baseline food?  The chefs did a bang up job.  

I was running a little late since I had to go to reserve level and stand outside in line again.  The rule this season is that you can only scan one ticket at a time.  If you have another ticket, you have to stand in line again and it has to be after 5:10. I knew that all those people who had 20+ tickets for bobbleheads would make it bad for everyone.  I stood in line three times:  Norma gave me a ticket since she would arrive late, my own ticket and the extra ticket for CSULB night.  No wonder I was late.

I barely had time to see Kenta warming up.

He was doing his famous windmill as I got to the field.

Kenta waved and went into the bullpen.

Some of my favorite people:  my ushers, Robert and his mom, Coco with her Dad and awesome brothers.

Gutierrez did some incredible stretches


Wow!!!  I can’t even stretch like that!

He wasn’t fooling around.

National Anthem time

Interesting haircut

Kike signed some autographs.  Notice his hair.

And took this adorable selfie with me.  Thank you Kike.  I love this picture.

Logan Forsythe signed a ball for me.  I’m not a big autograph person, more a picture person.  I’ll get an autograph from players I don’t have but sometimes not even that.  Who would guess whose signature that is.

Kenta walked from the bullpen to the dugout with Yaz….and the game began.

Kenta prayed and went through his usual pregame routine.

First pitch.  Kenta didn’t do that badly considering the defense faltered.   The Dodgers should have been able to score at least 3 runs, especially against the Padres.  Corey had another defense problem.  Chalk it up to all those days nursing his oblique.

Even Kike who can hit left handed pitchers had issues.

Corey couldn’t get a hit.  What?

Yaz who can hit from both sides of the plate was stumped.

Only Logan Forsythe was able to get on base but was left stranded every time.  Logan had been acquired to improve that stats against left handed pitching.  It didn’t help that no one else could hit.  Besides that there were 4 double plays against the Dodgers.

Even ice cream with chocolate sprinkles didn’t cheer me up.  It was actually a relief to leave the stadium and go home.  I have to say I left in the 9th inning.  I couldn’t take anymore.

Wednesday’s game will feature Rich Hill who opted to stay with the Dodgers.  The Padres pitcher will be Trevor Cahill.  He has had a 3.86 ERA previously against the Dodgers.  Maybe the Dodgers can score 3.86 runs. I’m hoping for a better outcome.  I was perplexed why Joc and Andrew sat during Tuesdays game.  Kike and Gutierrez substituted for them.  Joc had a huge opening day.  And then he sat the second day.  I don’t always get the lineup.  But really!!! 

 It is Fernando Valenzuela jersey day on Wednesday.  I hate giveaway days.  Too many people.  Too crowded.

Thanks for stopping by.  Thursday will be a day game.  It begins at 12:10.  Not happy.  It is supposed to be only 75 degrees but in direct sunlight it could feel like 95 degrees.  Plenty of sunscreen and a hat and crossed fingers!  Let me not start complaining already!   GO DODGERS!!!

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