A Great Start

It was the day that we all had been waiting for.  It was Opening Day.  It is finally BASEBALL SEASON!! 

I had worked the night before so I knew Monday would be a tough day.  Thank you Norma for letting me hitch a ride to Dodger Stadium.  It was already crowded when we got there.  I wanted to get Opening Day pins right away since they sell out very quickly.  My Dodgers Rewards/MVP card entitles me to a discount on merchandise.  Of course, the card wouldn’t work.  We put our items on hold until we could get the cards straightened out.  When I went upstairs to try to find out what to do, they told me that there was a problem and that I could get an adjustment later on.  I was not happy.  I decided to just pay for the things I wanted and try to get it straightened out later.  Unfortunately Norma went later in the game and they had put her pins and tee shirt back into the stock.  The pins were all sold out.  Very upsetting.

It was time to eat.  Food always cheers me up.  The fare was Churrasco ribeye which was tender and delicious; Diesel farms airline turkey, penne pasta with shrimp calamari; salads which included little gem salad, cranberry and honeydew salad and iceberg wedge salad.  It was a wonderful opening day meal.  I had missed baseline food.

Beautiful Alanna Rizzo was getting ready.

Yasmani made his way down the field to warm up and stretch.  He has to be the best catcher in baseball.  

They were practicing for the Opening Day ceremony.

Clayton Kershaw, our opening day pitcher, walked out on the field amid cheers and applause.  He has a stretching routine that he religiously carries out before every start.

It was nice to see my buddy Coco with her friend.  They wanted to get autographs on a very unusual ball.  Coco is one of my very favorite people.  I wish she could be a little girl forever.

It was also good to see her Dad, Robert.  I asked him what happened to his arm.  Now most people would say they just tripped and fell  but he told me he had fell over something while walking  through a stream in Brazil.  Wow!  He actually lives in Brazil and comes back for Dodger games.

My friends Donna and Norma.  They are the best.

Yes, it was a glorious day as Clayton continued to stretch.  The weather was perfect…in the 60’s.  God is good.  He knows how I hate hot weather.

They announced the opening day roster for the Padres.
And then they announced our Dodgers staff!

You could tell that everyone was excited.
Dave Roberts our manager
Andrew Toles
Corey Seager, Rookie of the Year
Justin Turner, everyone’s favorite redhead.
Adrian Gonzalez, the love of Norma’s life
Logan Forsythe, our new 2nd baseman
Joc Pederson, the MVP of the game (at least in my opinion)
Yasiel Puig, my heart and soul
Clayton and Yasmani were in the bullpen warming up.

My buddy Ascher…he makes me feel safe

Then the ceremonies began.  The excitement was building.  
Some of the guys came out to the field to stretch.
Tommy Lasorda and Wally Moon were discussing their first throw
Yasmani and Clayton made their way from the bullpen to the dugout.
They continued to stretch
It was indeed a gorgeous day!!!
Corey signed autographs as he does almost every game.
And the Dodgers took the field on Opening Day.  
First pitch by Clayton.  And the season really was in full swing.
The top of the inning was a bit scary.  Corey, who had been nursing a sore oblique, made a fielding area.  Oops.  With a Solarte single, Wil Meyers scored.  0-1.   Dodgers behind.

In the bottom of the second inning, Joc hit a sacrifice fly scoring Adrian, tying the score. 1-1.
And then it happened.  It was the highlight of Opening Day.

Joc hit a grand slam with Justin, Adrian and Logan on base. 5-1.  We were all on our feet.
To add to the Padres and Jhoulys Chacin’s agony, Grandal hit a homerun following the huge grand slam.  6-1.  The Dodgers never looked back.
What’s a Dodger game without at least one challenge by the opposing side?  Surprising enough, the challenge was overturned since the Dodgers never seem to win a challenge.  Justin doubled scoring Clayton. 7-1.
With lots of discussion by the pitcher and catcher,  an injury which turned out ok, play resumed with a wild pitch scoring Justin.
The score was then 9-1 but the Dodgers kept on playing their hearts out with no letup.

Can you tell that Clayton loves to bat as much as pitch?

With Yasiel and Clayton on base,  Corey hit a 3 run homerun making the score 12-1.
I went up to the club for cookies and ice cream and was surprised by an opening day cake.

The best opening day nails.

The best opening day grandparents.  Of course, Jackson’s.

Unfortunately the Padres were able to score in the 7th inning with a homerun by Schimpf.  12-2.

Chris Hatcher took the mound in relief to see if he could do some damage.  Margot doubled scoring Jankowski. 12-3. 
In the bottom of the eighth inning, our wonderful Yasmani hit a 2 run homerun scoring Logan.  14-3.    That would be the final score.
Everyone was happy.
Especially the Dodgers.

Justin made the last out and we all went home exhilarated that we had the best team in the whole world.

Hey gang, here I come!!!

Tuesdays game will feature Kenta Maeda on the mound with Clayton Richard starting for the Padres.  Too bad he didn’t pitch on Monday so we could have had two Claytons starting.  Just saying.

Hope to see you at Dodger Stadium.  Thanks everyone for stopping by!!  GO DODGERS!!!

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